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Old 08-09-2003, 01:06 AM
kddani kddani is offline
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NPC Sorority Challenge

In the spirit of fraternalism (must be all the greek love from the GC Pittsburgh gathering earlier this evening) and in total opposition to the "who's the best sorority" threads, I'm challenging Greekchatters (specifically the female NPCers) to say something good about EVERY NPC sorority. Not just yours, not just the ones on your campus. All of them.
If you don't know anything about a sorority- go to their website and find something you like or admire about them! It can be something as silly as loving their colors to something much deeper- like having a particularly touching experience with one of the groups.
I would've a done a fraternity version of this, but there's just way too many. At least by limiting it to NPCs there's only 26.
Just thought this would be something nice, and positive! Especially going into rush season we need to remember the values of fraternalism!
I'll do my list in the AM

Here's a handy list of all of them, for your cut and paste reference:
Alpha Chi Omega
Alpha Delta Pi
Alpha Epsilon Phi
Alpha Gamma Delta
Alpha Omicron Pi
Alpha Phi
Alpha Sigma Alpha
Alpha Sigma Tau
Alpha Xi Delta
Chi Omega
Delta Delta Delta
Delta Gamma
Delta Phi Epsilon
Delta Zeta
Gamma Phi Beta
Kappa Alpha Theta
Kappa Delta
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Phi Mu
Phi Sigma Sigma
Pi Beta Phi
Sigma Delta Tau
Sigma Kappa
Sigma Sigma Sigma
Theta Phi Alpha
Zeta Tau Alpha
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Old 08-09-2003, 02:17 AM
DZHBrown DZHBrown is offline
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Some sororities, I really didn't know much about (lack of exposure, etc.). I don't want anyone to feel like I couldn't come up with anything "meaningful" for some groups - I just don't have a lot of knowledge about the various sororities - though I'd love to learn! Sorry if it's short and repetitive. I'm tired!

Alpha Chi Omega - I love their musical heritage and I have a lot of respect for an Alpha Chi alumna, Condoleeza Rice. I also like their colors and their badge is beautiful.

Alpha Delta Pi - I like the motto, "We live for each other". I love the concept of "Prides".

Alpha Epsilon Phi - The giraffe is cute and unique. The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation is a great cause.

Alpha Gamma Delta - I love the roses and colors. Very respectable philanthropy.

Alpha Omicron Pi - I think it's cool how their one color represents their jewel (love rubies), their flower and color. And their HQ is near me I also hold their philanthropy close to my heart.

Alpha Phi - I've always heard great things about Alpha Phis. The colors are very classy and I like the flowers.

Alpha Sigma Alpha - I like how each color represents a value. The celebrations for Christmas, V-Day and Hermes Day are unique and refreshing.

Alpha Sigma Tau - Yellow roses are beautiful. Since I have worked a great deal with emotionally disturbed children, I'm quite partial to their philanthropy.

Alpha Xi Delta - Lovely pink roses, like our flower. Choose Children is wonderful, as are the colors

Chi Omega - I've met many wonderful Chi Omegas.

Delta Delta Delta - Tri-Delt always seems to have a great legacy. I like how the pearl, tree and pansy represent each phase of membership. The dolphin is very cool Great motto.

Delta Gamma - I like the anchor, founder's watch word, cream roses, "Do Good"

Delta Phi Epsilon - "Dedication, Pride Excellence". Very impressed with ANAD

Delta Zeta - I'm biased, I love it all

Gamma Phi Beta - Great reputation

Kappa Alpha Theta - Many respectable alumnae (Love Laura Bush) and I've always thought the kite was unique. I work a lot with CASA workers and find them amazing.

Kappa Delta - The KD's on my campus were always fun and wonderful women. I respect their philanthropy of preventing child abuse. I love that they came up with Women's Friendship Day.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Another strong, respected sorority.

Phi Mu - Love the colors and southern tradition.

Phi Sigma Sigma - Beautiful sapphire. I like the twin ideals. After reading about the sphinx, I thought that was pretty neat.

Pi Beta Phi - Strong group of women with strong history. I've always liked the arrow. Literacy is an awesome and worthy cause.

Sigma Delta Tau - Again, prevention of child abuse is a great philanthropy.

Sigma Kappa - I worked with a great SK. Beautiful colors. I think their badge is pretty, too.

Sigma Sigma Sigma - Symbolism of the sailboat

Theta Phi Alpha - The penguin is awesome! I can only speculate about the symbolism of the compass, but my speculation makes it pretty neat.

Zeta Tau Alpha - Great motto and I love strawberries I like what Themis stands for. Susan G. Komen is an awesome cause. They always do awesome work for that.

*sigh* I was hoping to be more reflective than I was, but I'm exhausted. Maybe I'll come up with something better tomorrow....

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Old 08-09-2003, 02:47 AM
phimugal09 phimugal09 is offline
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What a great idea! What a wonderful way for us to show some love for our fellow PHC Greeks. Also it gave me the opportunity to learn about the organizations I wasn’t familiar with.

Alpha Chi Omega: Beautiful colors…. Two of my favorites. And I think the lyre is cool.
Alpha Delta Pi: My sister sorority. Our founders were friends from the start and I’m so happy that ADPi and Phi Mu were founded at the same college. Lions forever!
Alpha Epsilon Phi: Think that the giraffe is a cool mascot!
Alpha Gamma Delta: You have a great philanthropy. Diabetes effects sooo many people. I look forward to the day a cure is found and love that ya’ll are helping that effort. Plus I just love the way alpha gam sounds!
Alpha Omicron Pi: I think it is so cool that the founders formed their own sorority out of the bonds of friendship they had for each other, regardless of what society thought.
Alpha Phi: I love the fact that it is pronounced fee instead of fi… J
Alpha Sigma Alpha: ASA, red and white, awesome!
Alpha Sigma Tau: Love the flower, the yellow rose is beautiful.
Alpha Xi Delta…. Beautiful colors and I love Fuzi (or is it Fuxi?) the bear.
Chi Omega… amazing how huge this organization is! There are chapters EVERYWHERE, wow!
Delta Delta Delta: Tri Delt, love the dolphin and the way Tri Delt sounds! So Greek!
Delta Gamma: DG! LOVE the motto, DO GOOD. Simple but straight to the point.
Delta Phi Epsilon: Dedication, Pride and Excellence, what great principles!
Delta Zeta: Beautiful creed! And pink and green? My favorite colors!
Gamma Phi Beta: Another carnation! YAY! Also I think its cool, that the term “sorority” was made for Gamma Phi Beta.
Kappa Alpha Theta: KAT! Love that! Cats are cool.
Kappa Delta: Love the idea of National Women’s Friends Day. What a fabulous idea to celebrate one of the greatest gifts of sorority life- friendship!
Kappa Kappa Gamma: Again another strong organization, I’m in awe of how strong Kappa is.
Phi Mu: MY BABY! Phi Mu I love you! I am SO proud of this organization and the ideals it was founded on… LOVE, HONOR, TRUTH. Can’t have one without the others. And our creed, what a wonderful guide for life.
Phi Sigma Sigma: The Sphinx is a cool symbol! I like what it stands for.
Pi Beta Phi: I like the fact that literacy is your philanthropy, what a great cause! Education is key!
Sigma Delta Tau: Your philanthropy, preventing child abuse. That is awesome! Child abuse is such a HORRIBLE tragedy.
Sigma Kappa: Think the symbol of the dove is beautiful.
Sigma Sigma Sigma: Love how the sailboat represents the motto ever forward.
Theta Phi Alpha: Beautiful badge! Such a unique design.
Zeta Tau Alpha: ZTA, the largest in my home state of Texas, and that is super cool. I love the crown, and what it stands for (not that I know the secret stuff!)
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Old 08-09-2003, 02:47 AM
CardinalSM CardinalSM is offline
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SO, I can't sleep, so here goes!

Here's a handy list of all of them, for your cut and paste reference:
Alpha Chi Omega
One of my best friends is an AXO at Univ of Richmond, and my mentor is an AXO from Stetson.
Alpha Delta Pi
On my campus ADPi always shines with their grades. I think it is great! Plus, I am living with 4 ADPis next year!
Alpha Epsilon Phi
What an awesome open motto! Multa Corda Una Causa, Many Hearts, One Purpose
Alpha Gamma Delta
I am living with 2 AGDs next year who are just wonderful girls!
Alpha Omicron Pi
My Great Grandmother as well as my grandmom were AOPis
Alpha Phi
I hung out with an Alpha Phi from Northwestern at Gasparilla in Tampa and had an awesome time, really sweet girl
Alpha Sigma Alpha
I think that having the 4 Exemplars is really awesome. I never knew that until I looked on the website. Wow
Alpha Sigma Tau
One of my best friends from highschool is an AST at Lycoming, and always tells me great things about her sisters and chapter.
Alpha Xi Delta
Yay for colonizing at Idaho State!
Chi Omega
Well, I love everything! My favorite aspect of Chi O is our symphony.
Delta Delta Delta
My friend is a Tri Delt at Texas A&M, and I really love the dolphin
Delta Gamma
I really think that the anchor is one of the coolest symbols, and I really love the colors.
Delta Phi Epsilon
Only sorority founded at a professional school. . .very unique!
Delta Zeta
The values in the creed are very much similar to ones that I hold myself too. I think it is beautiful.
Gamma Phi Beta
My manager this summer at the science center I worked at is a GPhiB from FSU
Kappa Alpha Theta
The black and gold pansy is a very gorgeous flower.
Kappa Delta
The National website is AWESOME, I love that Kay D pop up to help you navigate, and all the pictures on the homepage!
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Their badge is awesome! I saw it at the Smithsonian the other day, I thought that was cool to have a badge in the smithsonian.
Phi Mu
My suitemate in the fall is a Phi Mu and so are some of my closest friends at school. They are such classy ladies!
Phi Sigma Sigma
I never knew that there was an official hymn. Good stuff. . .
Pi Beta Phi
Faye Dunaway is a great actress in my opinion and that is neat that she is a Pi Phi
Sigma Delta Tau
Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful jewel!
Sigma Kappa
I love the colors!
Sigma Sigma Sigma
Fun fact: first NPC group with a chapter in Alaska!
Theta Phi Alpha
I really like the compass on the pledge pin.
Zeta Tau Alpha
My mom is a ZTA from a chapter close to where we live so I spent a lot of time at the ZTA house as a kid b/c she was an advisor. I have lots of good memories of playing games with the sisters when I was a kid and singing along with the cheers! I also think that the work that ZTA does for Breast Cancer Awareness is awesome!
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Old 08-09-2003, 03:06 AM
polarpi polarpi is offline
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Thanks for starting this thread! After examining the different sororities national websites, I realized that I really didn't know much of anything about most of the NPC sororities (besides the ones that were on my campus). This is what I've come to learn about the sororities:

Alpha Chi Omega-Having a special day (Hera Day) to do service projects and help others is a wonderful idea!

Alpha Delta Pi- As this is my sorority, I won't comment on everything I love about it!

Alpha Epsilon Phi- I love their open motto: Many hearts, one purpose

Alpha Gamma Delta- I love the idea of rose sisters (alumnae in areas with no organized Alpha Gamma Delta chapter or club)

Alpha Omicron Pi- I love the tradition of the draping of the badge for sisters who have passed away as a sign of mourning.

Alpha Phi- The first organization to use traveling delegates (consultants for other sororities)...thank you so much for starting this!!!

Alpha Sigma Alpha- I love the four exemplars whose lives personify the ideals of the sorority

Alpha Sigma Tau- I love the philanthropy of Pine Mountain Settlement School...not something that is known by everyone, but such an important place!

Alpha Xi Delta- I love how each chapter has the flexibility to look in their community and decide how they can best benefit kids

Chi Omega- I think it is so awesome that they had a male founder! It's not something I would have ever thought happened

Delta Delta Delta- I love the program they sponsor (along with Alpha Chi Omega) called Kristin's important topic that needs to be addressed with collegians

Delta Gamma- I love that during World War I they helped fund a Belgian orphanage and opened the Delta Gamma House for Children in Holland

Delta Phi Epsilon- I love the idea behind the PEARL program, where they have experiences in five areas: sisterhood, scholarship, service, social, and self

Delta Zeta- I love the fact that they have so much pride in their badge, that nationals has said (on their website) that if a bbadge is found on ebay or anywhere like that, if the member buys it and sends the badge with the receipt they will be reimbursed (not that I care about the money, but I think it would be wonderful if other sororities did the same thing)

Gamma Phi Beta- The chapter at my university was so proud to be Gamma Phi Beta's that they would go out regularly and "chalk" the campus with spirited messages, so EVERYONE saw them when walking to class

Kappa Alpha Theta- I love how their mission statement includes yesterday, today, and tomorrow...a true vision of involvement within a sorority

Kappa Delta- The KD's at my university were the sweetest women on one had a problem with them and they were proud to wear their letters around campus and eat together as a large group

Kappa Kappa Gamma- The KKG's at my campus were very involved in many organizations such as student government and other student organizations.

Phi Mu- I love that they were founded at the same university as ADPi...those Georgian girls sure knew how to start some wonderful groups!

Phi Sigma Sigma- I love that they were the first to be open to diverse membership with no biases.

Pi Beta Phi- These were the most enthusiastic and energetic group on my campus! They were the first to volunteer for other organizations philanthropies, and were usually the loudest cheerers when getting ready for recruitment rounds to begin

Sigma Delta Tau- I love that their philanthropy is Prevent Child Abuse America...a very important issue and one that deserves recognition

Sigma Kappa - I love that we share our official flower...the violet!

Sigma Sigma Sigma- I love the tradition of the doll collection, where a new chapter at installation will dress a doll in the fashion of the year that it was installed.

Theta Phi Alpha - I love how their symbol is the compass...a true representation of the paths we take after college.

Zeta Tau Alpha- I love how there is a chain link of all the chapters...what a neat tradition!

This is something that I want to remember admire the other organizations that are a part of the NPC....each sorority is important and has much to offer to the world of sororities on college campuses.
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Old 08-09-2003, 03:11 AM
erniegurl00 erniegurl00 is offline
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I've always had interests in all of the sororities. What a fun activity!
*Sorry if I'm mistaken on anything I've typed!*

Alpha Chi Omega- I've always been fond of Alpha Chi. I have some very close friends who's A-Chi-O's. Plus, I love their badge! (Oh, and Alpha Chi was also founded at DePauw!)

Alpha Delta Pi- I love their motto! "We live for each other."

Alpha Epsilon Phi- I never knew the giraffe was chosen as the mascot because it had the largest heart!

Alpha Gamma Delta- I love the idea of Junior Circles. This is a program "designed to help make the transition from collegiate life to lifelong alumnae involvement."

Alpha Omicron Pi- I love red roses! (Jacqueminot Rose) I was also impressed that over 1 million dollars has been raised since '67 for the Arthritis Foundation and Canadian Arthritis Society.

Alpha Phi- Again, I have so many friends who are Phi's. Every Phi I've met, even from different campuses, have been so genuine and sweet. Plus I love their teddy bears and ivy!

Alpha Sigma Alpha- I found it interesting that ASA has different days that their members celebrate. These are Founder's Day, Christmas Celebration, St. Valentine's Day, and Herme's Day. Each of these four days has different colored ribbons that are to be worn under the badge.

Alpha Sigma Tau- I love the AST shield. It's very dignified!

Alpha Xi Delta- During the previous recruitment I was a recruitment counselor. Right before we handed out bids we had a huge group meeting with everyone who participated. During this time an Alpha Xi Delta alum came and talked to us, and it really inspired me!

Chi Omega- I was surprised to find out one of their founders was a man. Plus I really do like the badge as well.

Delta Delta Delta- My counsin is a Tri-Delt. She helped inspire me to rush in the first place. Besides, I think their badge is so unique and beautiful!

Delta Gamma- I knew this before, but I always thought it was interesting how earlier DG members wore an "H" before the anchor was adopted! I also wanted to add that one of my fellow DG rho chi friends helped open my eyes about greek unity.

Delta Phi Epsilon- I've never seen a crest like theirs! It's so unique!

Delta Zeta- I never knew there were DZ chapters in the United Kingdom!

Gamma Phi Beta- I really admire their vision statement, especially when it supports cultural diversity!

Kappa Alpha Theta- Theta was founded at DePauw, which is not far from where I live! Plus, one of my favorite profs is a Theta. She's inspired me so much in my chosen career.

Kappa Delta- KD sponsers National Women's Friendship Day, which falls on Sept. 21 this year!

Kappa Kappa Gamma- Yeah for the Monmouth Duo! It's silly, but blue is my favorite color. Therefore, you know I love that Kappa uses two shades of blue for their colors.

Phi Mu- The Children's Miracle Network is their philanthropy, and they try to raise $500,000 each year.

Phi Sigma Sigma- I've always loved the Phi Sig badge. It's very unique compared to the other badges of NPC.

Pi Beta Phi- I'm a Pi Phi! Pi Phi has influenced me so much over these past few years. Besides, I love how my birthday falls on founder's day!

Sigma Delta Tau- I like their jewel, which is the Lapis Lazuli. I've never heard of it before, but it looked very pretty on the website!

Sigma Kappa- I love that their philanthropy is to help the eldery and aging people.

Sigma Sigma Sigma- Every installed chapter must dress a doll in the fashion of the time it was created. The doll collection is located in the Mabel Lee Walton House. How cute is this idea??

Theta Phi Alpha- I think it's so unique that the compass is their chosen mascot!

Zeta Tau Alpha- Strawberries were chosen as the mascot (?)because someone sent a pack of strawberries to the ZTA founders. I also noticed that the "Zeta" prayer is sung before meals. I found this particularly interesting because before now I've never heard of any other orgs doing this besides Pi Phi.
Pi Beta Phi

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Old 08-09-2003, 04:42 AM
Glitter650 Glitter650 is offline
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Alpha Chi Omega- LOVE the badge and the musical theme plus I just think being able to say "I'm an A Chi O sounds really good"

Alpha Delta Pi- They were first =) they opened the door for our other organizations to have ideas and get started... and I spent a week on the A D PI wing of Mtn. View hall at Northern AZ U with my friend and had a great time so the org is close to my heart

Alpha Epsilon Phi- I love their open motto: Many hearts, one purpose

Alpha Gamma Delta- I must say I think yoru purpose is BEAUTIFUL ! Very jealous of that as my org. doesn't have a poetic "creed or symphony or Purpose" I love the idea of rose sisters

Alpha Omicron Pi- Interesting that they don't have a crest and I think using red for everything really makes a statement and helps people to remember them I'm sure during recruitment

Alpha Phi- At least around here Alpha Phi has a chapter EVERYWHERE very impressive very classy colors and cute teddy bear mascot !!

Alpha Sigma Alpha- I think the 4 exemplars is a very cool thing...

Alpha Sigma Tau- Neat that they have a pin to commerate when you have been a member for 25 and 50 years

Alpha Xi Delta- First I just have to say gotta love they are the only NPC to use the letter Xi which I think is one of the coolest looking letters

Chi Omega- They seem to really emphasize scholarship and the owl is a nifty mascot

Delta Delta Delta- Their Life loyal program seems a great way to keep alum involved.. instead of just traditional alum chapters. (If I understand what it is completely) and HOW COOL is the travel thing where national sets up trips for sisters ???!! SOOOOO very jealous of that !!!!!!!!!!!! If any of you Tri Delts are going on the California waterways trip HAVE fun all of those places are GREAT !

Delta Gamma- I met THE coolest DGs at a greek event at UC Berkely and they were super nice to the few of us that were there and treated us like visiting sisters even though we were just "NPC sisters"

Delta Phi Epsilon- Pearl program seems really neat

Delta Zeta- Their badge is SOOO pretty !!!! I also like the creed and all the senioritis presentation on the site.... SOO helpful because I know A LOT of chapters have absent senior syndrome.

Gamma Phi Beta- Cool that they are one of the few NPCs that are incorperated as a "sorority"

Kappa Alpha Theta- Their colors/ flower/badge all the girls I've met just SCREAM class and elegance...

Kappa Delta-
Kappa Kappa Gamma- I am in awe of KKGs national recognition/reputation outside of the greek system... I mean 9 times out of ten if there is a Sorority mentioned on TV or in a movie it's gonna be Kappa...

Phi Mu- quadrafoils are neat !!

Phi Sigma Sigma- The thing that makes me proudest to be a Phi Sig is that we were the first organization to be FOUNDED with the idea that ANY woman could join.

Pi Beta Phi- The leading with values program seems VERY cool and their whole website is very well put together and gives TONS of information.

Sigma Delta Tau- Interesting how the founders kind of represent the things that the members try to attain scholastic, social philanthropy... etc...

Sigma Kappa - the snake makes me curious and I LOVE purple

Sigma Sigma Sigma- The sailor theme intrigues me, I also have a soft spot in my heart for them because we used to have a chapter on our campus but it closed about 3 years ago.

Theta Phi Alpha - I like the way their philanthropy works very good to have it specialized.. but yet able for the chapter to work within their own community as well.

Zeta Tau Alpha- What girl wouldn't be proud and to be wear a crown !!


Wow that took me longer than I thought.. since we only have three NPCs on my campus I had to visit most of the websites to find out more than what the badge and colors were .. (which I actually have memorized hehe I'm the BIGGEST DORK !! ) but it's great to see ohters' ideas and what they offer !
SUCH A GREAT THREAD IDEA it's like a snap cup for the whole org. instead of individual people hehe !!
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Old 08-09-2003, 11:47 AM
kddani kddani is offline
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Now that i've had a good night's sleep I can actually answer my own thread. I'm glad you all like the idea.

Alpha Chi Omega - i love the "fact of the day" on their website. I think it's neat that the group formed around a mutual love-music, but has grown so much.
Alpha Delta Pi - I like the way "prides" work.
Alpha Epsilon Phi - I like the pearl system. I think that accomplishing certain things and meeting goals on your way to becoming a sister is really important.
Alpha Gamma Delta - all the AGDs that i've ever met or talked to have been really sweet and great women.
Alpha Omicron Pi- whenever I was a newer member of the greek community, I would see their letters and think that the letters were KD related because they kind of spelled out "AOT". Hehe, i was sorta wrong. Their website is really pretty and classy.
Alpha Phi- their online community appears to be a really detailed, great resource for alumnae. It's always nice to see a group embrace technology when so many are semi-resistant to it.
Alpha Sigma Alpha- I like that it's open knowledge that one of ASA's meanings is "Aspire, Seek, Attain". Simple and powerful.
Alpha Sigma Tau - I like how they seem to have a lot of national awards surrounding academics- like recognizing members who receive a 4.0, and an award for academics for 1 person from each chapter.
Alpha Xi Delta - the pink rose is so pretty. Also, I thought it was kind of cool that there's a separate colony pin that they use instead of the normal new member pin when establishing a colony.
Chi Omega- I admire how strong and large they are, especially because they're not one of the oldest groups.
Delta Delta Delta- I love their colors. Their name-familiarity is awesome- everyone's heard of Delta Delta Delta
Delta Gamma - Anchor Splash is such a well known event!
Delta Phi Epsilon- their work with eating disorders is a really important philanthropy, especially for college students and also sorority women.
Delta Zeta - they have such a strong alumnae support system at our school, it's amazing. They've been around and been a strong chapter for a long time.
Gamma Phi Beta- they work with Camp Fire Girls much like KD works with Girl Scouts.
Kappa Alpha Theta- they have such accomplished alumnae. I wish they would come back to Pitt.
Kappa Delta- hehe, i'm sorta biased on this one. I love our new programming that's going to be coming out, and I love all of our philanthropies, especially Prevent Child Abuse America and Girl Scouts. But i'm especially proud of the tons of scholarship money we give out to our sisters. Our national organization as a whole seems to put together and stable.
Kappa Kappa Gamma - I LOVE their colors. They've always been a really strong and admired group on my campus.
Phi Mu- they have a lot of great membership education programming
Phi Sigma Sigma - their pin is much different that any other GLO that i've seen. Although whenthe eyes are jeweled the sphinx sorta scares me! The Vision program sounds great!
Pi Beta Phi - over 1200 members attended their convention this year! That's awesome!
Sigma Delta Tau- their chapter on my campus has always gotten along quite well with my chapter, despite how different we are. Which is good, because you don't want to hate the group that has the floor above you!
Sigma Kappa - i like the one star, two star, three star chapter recognition
Sigma Sigma Sigma - gotta have love for the Farmville 4. The doll collection is really neat!
Theta Phi Alpha - their national convention next year is at the Omni William Penn in Pittsburgh!!!!!!!!! see what you learn when you visit webpages!
Zeta Tau Alpha- i love the crown symbol. Even outside whatever it's official meaning is, having a 5 point symbol could be so useful in so many activities.

Whew, this took a little longer than i thought it would
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Old 08-09-2003, 12:49 PM
FAUNikki FAUNikki is offline
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I am not too farmilliar with many sororities, I have only been involved in greek life since March. But I will visit all the pages and give great comments.

Alpha Chi Omega- I was reading about how their came to the name Alpha Chi Omega and thought that it was really cool.

Alpha Delta Pi- I like the Prides concept. A good way to keep girls more closely bonded.

Alpha Epsilon Phi- The website was somewhat underconstruction, but I think their values are great.

Alpha Gamma Delta- They were founded May 30, the day befoer my b-day! OK that doesnt count!!! I think it is cool that they were founded on a recommendation for MORE organizations on campus. Not a very common thing for a college.

Alpha Omicron Pi- I like how all of their symbols are red; ruby, cardinal, the rose, etc.

Alpha Phi- I like that their badge is simple. Its pretty and different.

Alpha Sigma Alpha- I think it is pretty cool how they received help from TriDelt's past president to help them rebuild their org. I also think it is cute that they limited their chapters to teaching colleges at one time.

Alpha Sigma Tau- I love their philanthropy, I am going to be a teacher, so when I see philanthropies involving children I am happy.

Alpha Xi Delta- I like their bear mascot, its so cute! AXiD is at my school, but I dont know any of them as of yet! I looked into them when I was beginning to become interested in GLOs.

Chi Omega- Cool looking badge. Their mascot is my school's mascot!

Delta Delta Delta- Life Loyal is a cool program. I like the dolphin mascot. I have always liked the TriDelt name, to me it seems to flow well.

Delta Gamma- They have some beautiful houses!! Alot of TV/Movie personalities!

Delta Phi Epsilon- My best friend is a DPhiE at Emory University. They are also one of the sororities at my school. I think they have beautiful colors and wonderful girls!

Delta Zeta- They have a DZ museum! Thats so great!

Kappa Alpha Theta- The kite is pretty.

Kappa Delta- Another great philanthropy, children

Kappa Kappa Gamma- I have met a couple Kappas and they were all such sweet girls. I dont know too much about their org though.

Phi Mu- Pink, my favorite color! I know one Phi Mu and she is so nice.

Phi Sigma Sigma- My favorite. My sorority. I love it ALL!

Pi Beta Phi- I know one of them but I dont think that she is a good representation of the org. I know they they have many wonderful girls and I think their colors are beautiful.

Sigma Delta Tau- Really cool badge and pretty flower!

Sigma Kappa- More pretty colors!!

Sigma Sigma Sigma- First NPC with a chapter in Alaska, thats awsome! Awsome new member pin.

Theta Phi Alpha- Another one of the sororities at my school. Cute penguin, I kknow one of them from HS.

Zeta Tau Alpha- The crown is so pretty. I think its cool how the founder of Hallmark used a crown because his wife was a ZTA.

I really enjoyed this because it caused me to check out all these orgs pages. Now I know more about each one!
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Alpha Chi Omega - they're our partners with Kristen's Story, date rape and depression is very serious and everyone should be aware.

Alpha Delta Pi - I like that New Members are Alphas, Collegiates are Deltas and Alums are Pis

Alpha Epsilon Phi - pediactric AIDS is such a worthy cause

Alpha Gamma Delta - they have a chapter in Hawaii, so cool! Hawaii is such a beautiful state

Alpha Omicron Pi - I love how elegant their website is

Alpha Phi - I've met a lot of Alpha Phis on the internet and I am so impressed on how much they love their organization

Alpha Sigma Alpha - Your celebrations tradition with the ribbions

Alpha Sigma Tau - we share a bond with Sarah Ida Shaw! And I love your colors

Alpha Xi Delta - I like the idea of the colony pin too

Chi Omega - I am so impressed on how big Chi-O is

Delta Delta Delta - I love everything about Tri Delt! But what I love most is how much we give to the kids at St. Jude's

Delta Gamma - they have their own flower - the Delta Gamma rose

Delta Phi Epsilon - one of my best freinds is a D Phi E at CW Post and she tells me such wonderful things about D Phi E "Dedication Pride Excellence"

Delta Zeta - the senioritis presentation is amazing

Gamma Phi Beta - the crescent moon!

Kappa Alpha Theta - the new Greek Advisor at Adelphi is a Theta from Maryland and she turned the whole Greek system around, and of course - Pansies!

Kappa Delta - they work with Girl Scouts which is so cool, I loved being a GS way back when!

Kappa Kappa Gamma - I just noticed that Kappa changed their webpage, I like it! And I love blue too.

Phi Mu - Phi Mu just seems like a classy organization, every Phi Mu I've met has so much sisterhood

Phi Sigma Sigma - I know they're big in NY, they closed at Adelphi just before I got there and the Sphinx as a mascot is so original

Pi Beta Phi - the angel mascot is so cute

Sigma Delta Tau - the SDT chapter at my school turned did a 180 in my four years at Adelphi and that is so inspiring

Simga Kappa - I just love the peacefulness of the dove

Sigma Sigma Simga - they have a chapter in Germany, I work with a lot of Germans and they are so nice, plus they're the other triple letter NPC organization.

Theta Phi Alpha - silver, gold and blue! our colors too. And your letters have a special significance for Tri Deltas

Zeta Tau Alpha - turquosie is my favorite color and the link tradition is so cool
Alpha Alpha Chapter of Delta Delta Delta
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Life Loyal
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ok, let's see how this goes

Alpha Chi Omega~a friend of mine from high school is an Alpha

Chi Omega and she is one of the most caring people i know

Alpha Delta Pi~the ADPis i've met have so much spirit and enthusiasm, plus they were founded at Weslyan College one year before us

Alpha Epsilon Phi~ pediatric aids is such a wonderful cause

Alpha Gamma Delta~ i love the colors red green and buff....just the idea makes me think of my favorite time of year, plus alpha gams seem so close. they have a great sisterhood

Alpha Omicron Pi~one of my favorite people outside of Phi Mu at OU is an AOII, she's just great!

Alpha Phi~ i like the way Phi is pronounced fee...and i love how their sisterhood is so close. your flowers are beautiful too

Alpha Sigma Alpha~Apire Seek Attain...what a great motto

Alpha Sigma Tau~i love your creed! i also really like how accessible your website is

Alpha Xi Delta~Alpha Xi holds my favorite philanthropy event of all time on my campus, Fuzzie Football. it's so much fun!

Chi Omega~i've almost never heard of a campus that has NPC chapters without hearing about guys are huge!

Delta Delta Delta~i like how the pine tree represents the collegiate member, that's really cool

Delta Gamma~i love the anchors!

Delta Phi Epsilon~i love the description of the colors, royal purple and pure gold sound so much more sincere

Delta Zeta~turtles are so cute! i have a lot of friends in DZ at a couple different campuses

Gamma Phi Beta~some of the best women i know are Gamma Phi Betas

Kappa Alpha Theta~the mission statement is a great example of what a sorority should be

Kappa Delta~it seems like half the women i graduated high school with went KD...KD is everywhere!

Kappa Kappa Gamma~the coat of arms reminds me of a character from a disney movie. i love the idea of the key being a symbol.

Phi Mu~i love Phi Mu my sisters true...i love everything Phi Mu stands for, and on most campuses i've heard that Phi Mus are just very down to earth women. i have loved meeting all my sisters on GC because we all have such a love for our organization

Phi Sigma Sigma~your twin ideals are wonderful. i really love the sphinx too

Pi Beta Phi~the arrow is such a cute symbol. i lovethe Pi Phi angels too

Sigma Delta Tau~i love your open motto

Sigma Kappa~violets and doves, it's just so pretty sounding, and so peaceful.

Sigma Sigma Sigma~the doll collection is the most unusual tradition i've ever herad of, but so cool!

Theta Phi Alpha~i don't know much about Theta Phi Alpha, but one of my friends joined this past year and i never would have thought she would have been in a sorority. it would take some truly amazing women to make her join, and that's what she found.

Zeta Tau Alpha~the chain of chapters is really neat!
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Smile my turn

I'm not an NPC woman myself, but I thought this looked fun. I was surprised that I actually knew quite a bit about these groups, and I really enjoyed browsing the websites of the ones I didn't know. So here goes...

Alpha Chi Omega: The only one of my high school friends to join a Greek org went AChiO. She was a fun gal, and a good tennis player. When I decided to rush, she helped me gain enough confidence.

Alpha Delta Pi: I love stories of "ground breaking" women. Three cheers for Alpha Delta Pi's founders.

Alpha Epsilon Phi: The lily of the valley is the most delicate flower. I love it!

Alpha Gamma Delta: I love the way the website presents its "Accomplished" sisters rather than its famous ones.

Alpha Omicron Pi: Who doesn't love a deep red rose?

Alpha Phi: I think it is great that Alpha Phi's website has an entire page dedicated to Women and Heart Disease. All women should take a look! This is an important issue.

Alpha Sigma Alpha: The following line of their creed really speaks to me: " know the peace and serenity of a divine faith..."

Alpha Sigma Tau: The badge is lovely--simple yet dignified

Alpha Xi Delta: The open motto, "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword," means a lot to me as a writer.

Chi Omega: They didn't hang their flyers over mine when I was trying to establish my Beta Sigma Phi chapter. Other campus sororities did, but the respectful ladies of ChiO hung their signs neatly next to ours. Thank you!

Delta Delta Delta: A Tri-Delta sister transferred to my college and joined our choir and the campus newspaper staff. She wore her letters with pride even though we didn't have a chapter on campus, and she was always pleasant and eager to help me out on the paper.

Delta Gamma: When I rushed, Delta Gamma was the first party I went to. When I saw all of the women in their cute sailor hats singing and guiding us around the room, I got really excited about possibly being part of a sorority! They made rush so much fun!

Delta Phi Epsilon: I was thrilled to learn that DPhiE was established by women at NYU Law School, making it the first sorority established at a professional school. As a woman who became Greek after college, I appreciate this fact very much!

Delta Zeta: I used to have a pet turtle named Oliver. What a great mascot!!

Gamma Phi Beta: "GeekyPenguin" has the best screen name on Greek Chat!

Kappa Alpha Theta: The Thetas on my college campus were a great bunch of ladies. I adore the Kite!

Kappa Delta: I really enjoyed being a Girl Scout, and I love the strong bond between the women of Kappa Delta and Girl Scouts of America.

Kappa Kappa Gamma: I remember their "hill billy" theme from rush. The Kappas were so cute in their braids and overalls. Almost everyone on my campus wanted to be a Kappa!

Phi Mu: One word: PINK!!!

Phi Sigma Sigma: "AngelPhiSig" is also a Beta Sigma Phi, so of course I love Phi Sigma Sigma.

Pi Beta Phi: They offered me a bid!! I deeply, deeply regret that I had to turn it down I have made a career and a life fighting to promote literacy, and I wish I had the chance to pursue this quest through the avenues of Pi Beta Phi. I have a great respect and a deep admiration for this organization.

Sigma Delta Tau: The SDTs rent a room to my Beta Sigma Phi sister. Their house is lovely here, and my sister truly appreciates the chance to live there.

Sigma Kappa: DigitalAngel126 is a PNM of Beta Sigma Phi, so I have a great respect for Sigma Kappa. Also, the student aid in my office is a Sigma Kappa, and she is always very helpful. One of my students last semester went Sigma Kappa, too. She was a sweetie.

Sigma Sigma Sigma: "Ever Forward" is a great way to live!

Theta Phi Alpha: The compass is a perfect symbol. Makes me think of that wonderful scene in Mr. Holland's Opus when the principal gives him a compass. So touching!

Zeta Tau Alpha: One of Beta Sigma Phi's symbols is also the strawberry. I am proud to share something with ZTA.

**edited for lots and lots of typos**
Beta Sigma Phi
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Alpha Phi Omega

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Alpha Chi Omega -- I love your badge!

Alpha Delta Pi -- Without you, we all may not be here now. I thank your founders for their vision, and I thank ADPi for keeping their dreams alive!

Alpha Epsilon Phi -- Like AOII, you were also founded at Barnard College (and I didn't know that until now, either.)

Alpha Gamma Delta -- It just rocks that you have a collegiate chapter in Hawaii!

Alpha Omicron Pi -- AOII means more than the world to me.

Alpha Phi -- Your sorority is so forward thinking with alumnae initiation, and I think that's great.

Alpha Sigma Alpha -- One of your jewels is the same as ours, the ruby!

Alpha Sigma Tau -- I like that you can have local chapter mascots as well as your national symbol, the anchor.

Alpha Xi Delta -- I collect teddy bears, so I love that your mascot is BetXi Bear!

Chi Omega -- Two of my best friends in college were Chi Omegas. Honestly, if I hadn't been an AOII, I would have wanted to be a Chi Omega.

Delta Delta Delta -- I also think your Life Loyal program is great.

Delta Gamma -- Wow, there's so much info on your website, it's just amazing (and really interesting to read!) One of my all-time favorite Trading Spaces episodes is the DG one!

Delta Phi Epsilon -- Your website has fantastic resources for your alumnae, it's quite impressive!

Delta Zeta -- Okay, this may sound silly but it's true--I've always liked pink and green together

Gamma Phi Beta -- I love your international website, and your GC sisters are just wonderful.

Kappa Alpha Theta -- Gosh, I love so much about Theta, and your symbols have always touched my heart.

Kappa Delta -- I knew many wonderful KDs in college, and they always were so Panhellenically minded, quite impressive! I also like that you have your new member info available on your website. That's definitely forward-thinking!

Kappa Kappa Gamma -- Your sorority's name recognition is amazing!

Phi Mu -- My cousin is a Phi Mu and always spoke highly of her sisters and sorority experience.

Phi Sigma Sigma -- Your Vision program sounds quite interesting!

Pi Beta Phi -- All of the Pi Phis I knew in college were scholars and athletes as well as just super fun women to be with. Another cousin is a Pi Phi!

Sigma Delta Tau -- Cool website overhaul, the last time I'd looked at it I think it was being revised.

Sigma Kappa -- DH always thought highly of your chapter at his alma mater, which is impressive coming from a non-Greek!

Sigma Sigma Sigma -- I think your doll collection sounds really interesting!

Theta Phi Alpha -- Penguins are cool mascots!

Zeta Tau Alpha -- I like your "chain of chapters" tradition.
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bumping because it's a nice thread!
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FAUNIKKI -- hey girl -- you forgot to mention my fave -- Gamma Phi Beta!

I am too tired to do them all right now -- first day of school is tomorrow here - ack!

But one thing I have not seen mentioned is about Theta Phi Alpha -- I truly admire their heritage! Did you know they were essentially "founded" by a Catholic priest, Father Kelly? I think that is so neat!

Gamma Phi Beta
USC Trojans -- #1!
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