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Old 07-06-2004, 12:30 PM
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I thought this is an interesting thread and it's a good way to learn about the other orgs. My school does not officially have a greek system but a lot of transfers are in greek orgs. I'll go study and be back!

OK, since there is so much info, I'm gonna fill in the blanks as I go along.

Alpha Chi Omega:
Alpha Delta Pi:
Alpha Epsilon Phi:
Alpha Gamma Delta:
Alpha Omicron Pi:
Alpha Phi:
Alpha Sigma Alpha:
Alpha Sigma Tau:
Alpha Xi Delta:
Chi Omega:
Delta Delta Delta:
Delta Gamma: In addition to supporting Gallaudet, local chapters of Delta Zeta support the deaf community through local organizations.

Delta Phi Epsilon:
Delta Zeta:
Gamma Phi Beta:
Kappa Alpha Theta:
Kappa Delta: I like that they're connected with the Girl Scouts.
Kappa Kappa Gamma: Has a article on dating on their website. Long Live the "Date"
A look at "Hooking Up" and "Hanging Out" on Today's College Campus
-By Kristen Richardson, Arizona State

Phi Mu:Their mothers pin is beautiful!
Phi Sigma Sigma: Beautiful jeweled badge. WOW!
Pi Beta Phi: I think the Arrowmont is a great idea. The arts get overlooked so often, its really nice to see something devoted specifically for encouraging artists.
Sigma Delta Tau:
Sigma Kappa:
Sigma Sigma Sigma:
Theta Phi Alpha:
Zeta Tau Alpha:
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. ** Greater Service, Greater Progress
Since 1922

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Old 07-07-2004, 06:25 PM
Diamond Delta Diamond Delta is offline
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I've added a few to the list in spirit of panhellenic even if they aren't panhellenic.

Theta Nu Xi-what an accomplished group of ladies. I love the founding monarchs thing and I admire anyone doing something new!

Delta Sigma Theta- I've met several delta's in my day and they were all amazing women.

Gamma Sigma Sigma- I love the fact you your focus is philanthropy but you have a good time too. That is amazing.

SAI and DO- I love music sororities. There weren't any when I went through (that I knew of) and I wish there had been. I would have loved being in a music sorority! What a special bond you all must have.

Beta Sigma Phi- I love your colors, the gateway to friendship and they way you give ladies a chance who may have not been able to be in a sorority before or who did not find a home. What a great group.

Pi Beta Phi - 1902-arrows and angels are cool

Kappa Alpha Theta - 1902-I think Theta is a classy classy organization

Kappa Kappa Gamma - 1902- The Key is awesome! I love its meaning and the spirit of the sorority in general.

Alpha Phi - 1902-I used to work with two girls and they were so sweet! I love IVY

Delta Gamma - 1902- The Anchor is an awesome symbol and your badge is the most beautiful.

Gamma Phi Beta - 1902-Loyalty to country is awesome

Alpha Chi Omega - 1903-I was a music major and I love your history, lyre, everything! If I'd known about Alpha Chi earlier, I may have gone to another school that had her!

Delta Delta Delta - 1902-great philanthropy

Alpha Xi Delta - 1904- their natiuonal seems like it has it's act together big time.

Chi Omega - 1903- owls are cute!

Sigma Kappa - 1905-One Heart, One Way-how wonderful! Orignial colors! I LOVE Violets

Alpha Omicron Pi - 1905 no crest is kinda cool

Zeta Tau Alpha - 1909 What is not to love about ZTA? All the ZTA's I ever met were real, down to earth girls. Awesome philanthropy.

Alpha Gamma Delta - 1909 founded to be national, ambitious!

Alpha Delta Pi - 1909-everyone knows I love diamonds! I like the way your colors have an open meaning and aren't secret.

Delta Zeta - 1910 I really admire the way this is not one of the oldest organizations, but they are the biggest. Must be doing something right for all those peolpe to get on board so quicky. Cute mascot

Phi Mu - 1911-I've never met a struggling chapter. Very strong nationally.

Kappa Delta - 1912-Olive Green and white are great colors, I love white roses!

Sigma Sigma Sigma - 1951 I never knew much about these girls until I started studying rituals. Impressive is all I will say.

Alpha Sigma Tau - 1951 What a great group of hardworking, intellegent ladies. I can't say enough good things!

Alpha Sigma Alpha - 1951 Lady bugs! I also love all the different colors, ceremonies, patrons and things involved with you. Your website is so informative.

Alpha Epsilon Phi - 1951 I just love these girls. Columns....

Theta Phi Alpha - 1951 The little engine that could. Keep up the good works girls!

Phi Sigma Sigma - 1951-Their members seem every dedicated to eacht other and very supportive of each other.

Delta Phi Epsilon - 1951 The girls I like to party with! Love this group!

Sigma Delta Tau - 1951 AWESOME website!
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Old 07-07-2004, 10:28 PM
blueGBI blueGBI is offline
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Alpha Chi Omega: I like the musical background.
Alpha Delta Pi: I love ADPi's creed and the shape of their badge
Alpha Epsilon Phi: Very simple but very elegant badge.
Alpha Gamma Delta: The alumnas I know have a love for AGD that is phenomenal.
Alpha Omicron Pi: One of my closest friends my sophomore year was an AOII
Alpha Phi: Jill is an Alpha Phee which is all good to me
Alpha Sigma Alpha: My brother 33girl is one so I know ASA has to be special.
Alpha Sigma Tau: I don't know much about AST except that they are colonizing a former local sorority at Altoona that some girls I know at work were members of who are awesome girls. If the chapter at Altoona is just as great as these girls I know, then AST is very lucky.
Alpha Xi Delta: i like the blue, gold, light blue combination.
Chi Omega: I like their badge.
Delta Delta Delta: If I didnt meet two special Tri-Delts as a freshman I would probably hate greeks.
Delta Gamma: The anchor is awesome
Delta Phi Epsilon: One of my best friends is a member.
Delta Zeta: I like their colors.
Gamma Phi Beta: I like the crescent moon symbol.
Kappa Alpha Theta: "Why walk when you can fly?"
Kappa Delta: I'm an Eagles fan so I'm very partial to green and white.
Kappa Kappa Gamma: blue is my favorite color.
Phi Mu: I know several members of their chapter at PSU and their love for Phi Mu is contagious.
Phi Sigma Sigma: Sphinx, its cool!
Pi Beta Phi: I like the angels and the arrows.
Sigma Delta Tau: The torch is cool.
Sigma Kappa: I still have "Sigma Kappa, Sigma K, we're the best, one heart one way!" in my head from rush.
Sigma Sigma Sigma: I like the pin.
Theta Phi Alpha: Penguins are cool.
Zeta Tau Alpha: I like the slogan only the best get crowned.
Is it football season yet?
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Old 07-08-2004, 12:50 AM
twhrider13 twhrider13 is offline
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Yay! Now that I have some time, I can post on this thread. *Disclaimer: Green is my favorite color, so if a sorority has green as one of its colors, I'm probably going to say that I like their colors!*

Alpha Chi Omega I like the way they have some of their songs posted on their website. I also like their colors.

Alpha Delta Pi I love the line in their creed "I BELIEVE that my sorority is more than a ritual or a symbol; that it is a way of life." I also like the idea of "prides."

Alpha Epsilon Phi I like their colors. The giraffe is also cool, and I love that their name was derived from the Greek for "May friendship be everlasting."

Alpha Gamma Delta I really like the way their crest looks. I also like all the information about their founders on the website. They have great colors, too.

Alpha Omicron Pi I love all the stories in the sisterhood section on their website. The panda is cute, and I also think the badge is really pretty.

Alpha Phi I love the last two lines of their creed "I believe in my fraternity/I believe in Alpha Phi." I also like how they have a Roman lamp on their crest.

Alpha Sigma Alpha I love the way that their founders chose to form their own sorority so they could be sisters. I also like their colors, and because Hindu lore has always fascinated me, I like the way the website says that the ruby's color was considered to be an inextinguishable flame in ancient Hindu legend.

Alpha Sigma Tau I love the beginning of their creed that says "As a member of Alpha Sigma Tau, I believe in the permanance and loveliness of its ideals." I also found the story about why they chose their colors (which I really like) rather amusing.

Alpha Xi Delta I like their symbol, the quill, because I enjoy writing from time to time. I also like how they don't have an "official" national philanthropy, but all the chapters do something to help children.

Chi Omega I find it interesting how a man wrote their first ritual and constitution and considered it his greatest accomplishment. I also really like the way their letters look.

Delta Delta Delta Once again--I'm fascinated by any Hindu lore (even though I don't know what it is!), so that makes them cool in my book. I also like the way they were founded because their founders believed that women should have a society that focused on their inner character. On a purely superficial note, I like dolphins.

Delta Gamma I really like their philanthropy--Sight Conservation and Aid to the Blind, because I think it's very similiar to our own, the Speech and Hearing Impaired. I also like that their anchor is a traditional symbol of hope.

Delta Phi Epsilon I like their colors, too, because purple is my second-favorite color! I love unicorns! The fact that they were founded at a professional school is really cool.

Delta Zeta Well, is there anything I don't love? Naturally, I adored our colors (or at least one of them), even before I pledged. I think my favorite thing about Delta Zeta, besides our wonderful sisterhood, is how beautiful our Roman lamp and what it symbolizes is. I get teary-eyed almost every time I think about it. (Yes, I realize this probably makes me a gigantic loser!)

Gamma Phi Beta I like how Camp Fire is a part of their philanthropy. I always wanted to be a Camp Fire girl when I was little! I also like the Roman lamp in their crest.

Kappa Alpha Theta I think their kite is a nice (and unusual, in a good way) symbol. They're also the first Greek letter organization for women!

Kappa Delta I like their colors, and I like that the Girl Scouts are part of their philanthropy (I wanted to be a Girl Scout, too!). The crest is really cool-looking.

Kappa Kappa Gamma I love the way the key looks. The fleur-de-lis is interesting, too.

Phi Mu The quatrefoil is another cool-looking symbol. I also like their open motto, "Les soeurs fideles," "the faithful sisters."

Phi Sigma Sigma I really like the way their letters look, too. The sphinx is an interesting symbol, and I think sapphires are really pretty.

Pi Beta Phi I collect angel figurines, so naturally, I really love their mascot! There's something about the arrow that I like, too, but I can't put my finger on it. I guess I just like the way it looks.

Sigma Delta Tau They have a beautiful crest! I also like the story on their website about "losing" then "finding" Nathan House.

Sigma Kappa Once again, I adore their colors, especially the purple. The dove is such a beautiful symbol as well.

Sigma Sigma Sigma I absolutely love the idea of the doll collection. Once more, I like their colors (purple!). The sailboat always moving forward toward its goal is an inspiring thought.

Theta Phi Alpha I love the way their letters look. Penguins are super-cool, and I like the fact that they were chosen because they are the symbol of friendship.

Zeta Tau Alpha I have nothing but good things to say about them. They are an extremely classy group of girls on my campus and have helped us a lot. I also like the way "Themis" looks when written in Greek letters!

Sorry this post was so long!
Delta Zeta
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Old 07-08-2004, 01:51 PM
seraphimsprite seraphimsprite is offline
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Its a slow day at work and this seems fun. . .

Alpha Chi Omega: I love their music background and the Hera Day tradition. I also really respect the fact that they lay out their membership criteria on their website.

Alpha Delta Pi: I love the idea of Prides and they share our flower, the violet. I love that they have a scholarship specifically for sisters with unexpected financial difficulties. Plus that Sisters coffee table book they sell looks amazing and I really wish we had one.

Alpha Epsilon Phi: I love their motto - Multa Corda, Una Causa because it reminds me of my own. And I think the Pearl Program is a great way of doing things. I also like that their philanthropy is the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

Alpha Gamma Delta: One of my good friends from high school joined AGD so they have to be fabulous. And the squirrel is such a cute mascot!

Alpha Omicron Pi: I love that they only have one color and its also the color of their jewel and flower. I also like that a key part of their mission is promoting friendship.

Alpha Phi: I like their focus on "growth in character" and I really love their creed.

Alpha Sigma Alpha: I love the palm tree as a symbol and I really like the four exemplars and the way each of their colors represent an exemplar and a symbol or jewel.

Alpha Sigma Tau: I love the colors of green and gold because those were my school colors. I like that they seem to put a lot of emphasis on philanthropy and that their national service project is the Pine Mountain Settlement School.

Alpha Xi Delta: They have such a fabulous looking coat of arms and I love their open motto - The Pen is Mightier than the Sword.

Chi Omega: The Chi Omega house on my campus was such a beautiful house and I love their six purposes - Friendship, High Standards of Personnel, Sincere Learning and Creditable Scholarship, Participation in Campus Activities, Career Development, and Community Service

Delta Delta Delta: I love their life loyal program and that they have Poseiden as their patron Greek divinity. I also like that they use a trident as their chapter guard instead of their chapter letters.

Delta Gamma: DGs on my campus were always the classiest women and Anchor Splash was the best philanthropy of the year. Oh, and they have such a fabulous and comprehensive website.

Delta Phi Epsilon: I also really like their pearl program and I love their flower - the iris is my favorite flower. Oh and I just learned that Barbara Boxer and Susan Davis are both DPhiEs - I love that their list of famous members is all accomplished career women and politicians, not just a list of actresses and pageant winners.

Delta Zeta: I really love their creed, especially the line "That I may walk truly in the light of the Flame." I also like the lamp as the symbol

Gamma Phi Beta: It was a Gamma Phi that inspired me to go through rush in the first place. I also love their badge not only because its beautiful, but because it makes me really curious. . . Oh, and they were founded just two days after Sigma Kappa!

Kappa Alpha Theta: CASA is such a great philanthropy. And I love their purpose: "The intellectual ambition of the Fraternity shall be the attainment of highest scholarship. The social aim of the Fraternity shall be to exercise the widest influence for good. The moral aim of the Fraternity shall be the standard of love."

Kappa Delta: I love their open motto: "Ta Kala Diokomen
Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest." I also think its great that they have 487 alumnae chapters.

Kappa Kappa Gamma: I think it is absolutely amazing that they only have 26(?) closed chapters on their roster. I really respect that they are careful in their expansion choices and that they really work to keep chapters open. Oh, and I love their badge.

Phi Mu: They also have such a fabulous looking coat of arms. They also seem to have a great philanthropy program - I love the national philanthropy day and that they have a fund for collegians and alumnae who are affected by natural disasters.

Phi Sigma Sigma: I love that they have an official hymn and that its based on a song by one of my favorite composers - Liszt's Liebestraume. I also love their twin ideals: "The brotherhood of man and the alleviation of the world's pain."

Pi Beta Phi: Pi Phis had the top grades on my campus for like five years straight. They may still. . . I also love their badge, their colors and the Links to Literacy philanthropy.

Sigma Delta Tau: I love that lapis lazuli is their jewel. And I love their website, especially that they lay out all of the national fees and the national policy for any potential member to see.

Sigma Kappa: I'm biased, I love everything! When I first joined, I remember loving that the first woman elected to both houses of Cognress was a Sigma Kappa

Sigma Sigma Sigma: They share our flower - the violet and our magazines are both the Triangle. I love the doll collection tradition and the hanging of the shields tradition.

Theta Phi Alpha: Their pledge pin is so neat - I love the compass. And the penguin is so cute. I love that they have a special badge for their chapter president.

Zeta Tau Alpha: I love that they have an honor ring for alumnae volunteers. I love that Themis is their patron goddess and they use the violet as their flower too. Oh, and how can you not love the strawberries?

OK, that was fun, but I'm so glad I'm done. That was tiring!
Sigma Kappa
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Old 07-09-2004, 04:27 AM
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I didn't know this existed! But I'm glad I came across it tonight! I've just recently gone alumnae and it's kind of weird, and with it being summer I haven't seen many of my sisters. It makes me feel all 'warm and fuzzy' inside to hear so many wonderful things about AOII and all the others! I will do some studying b/c some of the groups I know nothing about and I'll be back later today!
Alpha Omicron Pi
Oh, I have a sister who laughs when I'm happy.
I have a sister who cries when I'm blue.
I know that she'll be there if ever I need her.
I know that our friendship is true.
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Old 07-09-2004, 11:59 AM
Sahara27 Sahara27 is offline
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Alpha Chi Omega -- I love the fact that you started as a music sorority, and I think your badge is SO gorgeous!

Alpha Delta Pi -- I love the idea of Diamond Sisters and Prides. You have some beautiful symbols as well.

Alpha Epsilon Phi -- I love your colors and giraffes are too cute! Helping people with AIDS is very awesome as well.

Alpha Gamma Delta -- I love your website! You were the first to adopt an official philanthropy, which of course means so much.

Alpha Omicron Pi -- One of my best friends from college is a AOPi, and I always admired her chapter. They had some of the best service projects.

Alpha Phi -- The chapter at my school was so awesome! I never met an APhi I didn't like -- I had many friends in the chapter, and they always treated me just like a sister just because I was a fellow Greek. I love your crest and colors so much.

Alpha Sigma Alpha -- I love the motto: "Aspire, Seek, Attain"

Alpha Sigma Tau -- You have my high school colors! Of course, I have to like that. I also love your crest.

Alpha Xi Delta -- This might sound silly, but I just love how your Greek letters look together, and how it sounds when you say it. Also, I love that you have three colors, and I love your badge.

Chi Omega -- The Chi O house at my school was the most beautiful home I've ever seen. I had some good friends in the chapter who were always there for me.

Delta Delta Delta -- Our Tri-Delt chapter left campus right as I came to college, but their last action as a chapter was to hand over their chapter suite to our sorority! They always will be close to our sisters' hearts.

Delta Gamma -- We didn't have a DG chapter at my school, but I have heard from many friends about your Anchor Splash, and you girls definitely work hard for a great cause!

Delta Phi Epsilon -- I love purple and I love unicorns. Having eating disorders as a philanthropy is the coolest and bravest thing ever.

Delta Zeta -- On our campus they were some of the sweetest, most down to earth gals. Pink and green go so well together too!

Gamma Phi Beta -- I love your badge and the cresent moon.

Kappa Alpha Theta -- What a beautiful badge! I love that it's shaped like your symbol.

Kappa Delta -- I was a Girl Scout for 12 years, so the idea that you are helping them out means so much to me.

Kappa Kappa Gamma -- I've always seen you as a strong national group, and I love your badge and crest.

Phi Mu -- The chapter at my school was small, but they were the sweetest, tightest group of women you'll ever see. I love your open motto as well (The Faithful Sisters). Oh! And my wedding colors are pink and white!

Phi Sigma Sigma -- We should all have such a cool and unique symbol like the Sphinx!

Pi Beta Phi -- I love your badge, colors, and crest. I also love that you support the arts. And angels? What's cooler than that?!

Sigma Delta Tau -- Cafe au Lait is a beautiful color. I love your badge, and that you help fight child abuse.

Sigma Kappa -- You were founded at my local college! I love the saying "One Heart, One Way".

Sigma Sigma Sigma -- I love the motto "Ever Forward". I'm from an island as well, so having sailboats as a symbol is very cool.

Theta Phi Alpha -- It's really cool that your symbol is the compass, so unique and it means so much!

Zeta Tau Alpha -- Having a crown as a symbol is the greatest idea ever, we should all be princesses!

Gamma Sigma Sigma -- I love that our sorority was started by a merging of a bunch of sororities from all across the country. I love that our Founders wanted to create a sorority that was different from all the others. I love that we get so much done for our community, and still have a fun time!
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Old 07-12-2004, 05:07 PM
AOII*Azra-elle AOII*Azra-elle is offline
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Okay, so I'm waiting to meet with some kind of advisor..yay. Thought I'd fill this out!

Alpha Chi Omega -I like the fact that they were a music society. Their name is just unique itself! I also like what they donate to, it's always good to see different things. Their fact of the day is neat too.

Alpha Delta Pi -That's awesome that they are the oldest and paved the way for the rest of us! I like the idea of Prides based on the lions. I never knew that, and it's a great way to bond with sisters!

Alpha Epsilon Phi- I like their flower, my name means lily of the valley so that is special, and their mascot. A giraffe and why, that's different and different is awesome! I like the fact that they donate money to the Pedatric Aids Foundation.

Alpha Gamma Delta- I like that they have a pearl for their jewel. There are so many spiritual meanings behind that particular item. I like that they were the first to adopt a philanthropy!

Alpha Omicron Pi- What can I say?! I'm just a tad biased! There are so many reasons why I love AOII!

Alpha Phi- We have a chapter here, and I've had class with some of those women. They are amazing in their own right and contribute so much to their chapter. Again, I love the lily of the valley, and ivy. I like that they were the first to use greek letters for their name.

Alpha Sigma Alpha- I like their exemplars and insignia that they use. The phoenix is very unusual and magical, and it's great that they incorporate that. I like their motto: Aspire, Seek, Attain. Their women on my campus are extrodinary, we get along great with them!

Alpha Sigma Tau- They seem to put alot of emphasis on their philanthropies and their national service projects. I also like their colors *they were my high school colors too*.

Alpha Xi Delta- I think it's great that one of their members wrote our Panhellenic creed! I also like their mascot and their flag and what each symbol on the flag stands for! The house our chapter is in at UNC is the old AXID house!

Chi Omega- I worked with an older chi omega. Her sisters were there for her when her husband died a few years ago. I admire that. That showed the good side of greek life for me--before I had even decided to join a house. She's an amazing woman. *l* She told me her daughters went tri-delt! Your orgs have awesome women in them (okay okay, we all do!!!)

Delta Delta Delta- An older lady I worked with years ago was a TriDelt. She would always tell me about things that they did, and it got me into wondering if I should do recruitment when I transferred schools. I like their jewel, their mascot, and their patron. I like how they all kind of go together. Their stars and crescent badge is amazing!

Delta Gamma-I liked their original badge and what it stood for!

Delta Phi Epsilon- I love purple! I also like their flower *cause it's one of my favs* and their Pearl Program!

Delta Zeta - I like their colors, and their women, that I've met, are down to earth, and sweet.

Gamma Phi Beta- I love your badge and that you guys donate to many different charities and organizations!

Kappa Alpha Theta- I like that they were the first greek letter sorority. Their symbol is unique like themselves!

Kappa Delta- One of my friends is a legacy and her mom used to tell us stories about her chapter. It's great to hear of the things that they did. I also like that they use a dagger *maybe I'm just morbid* and a nautilus shell. I also like their colors and that they donate to the Girl Scouts!!

Kappa Kappa Gamma- One of my good friends is a KKG at U of Wyoming. They've really helped her out the last couple of years since she's been really sick and the docs can't figure out what's wrong with her. They are amazing women and I can't say thank you enough!

Phi Mu- I like their open motto and their mascot. I like that they organized the National Philanthropy Day in October and that they donate to the Cancer fund with their Roses are Red and Scarf idea. That's wonderful work you are doing!!

Phi Sigma Sigma- I like why they chose the Sphinx, and that they were founded during very turbulent social times.

Pi Beta Phi- I like the idea of the angel as their mascot, and their pledge pin. I also like their philanthropies.

Sigma Delta Tau- I like that their philanthropy is to the Prevent Child Abuse campaign! And, their badge is just awesome!

Sigma Kappa -I love that their mascot is the dove and their colors. I also appreciate their many different philanthropies.

Sigma Sigma Sigma- I like what they promote in their vision and mission statements. Again, me like PURKLE!

Theta Phi Alpha - Their mascot is cute! I love that they use the compass, and why they were founded.

Zeta Tau Alpha-I love their crown and their colors. I find it amazing that their founders were so young in age!
Alpha Omicron Pi
Oh, I have a sister who laughs when I'm happy.
I have a sister who cries when I'm blue.
I know that she'll be there if ever I need her.
I know that our friendship is true.

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Old 07-12-2004, 05:12 PM
erica812 erica812 is offline
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I'm glad this thread came back!! Love those warm 'n fuzzies

Beta Sigma Phi
Online Kappa chapter
Preceptor Degree

Alpha Phi Omega
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Old 07-17-2004, 03:56 PM
SSmith15 SSmith15 is offline
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Alpha Chi Omega: love the symbol-the lyre
Alpha Delta Pi: Diamonds ARE a girls bes friend!
Alpha Epsilon Phi: their open motto-"Many hearts one purpose"
Alpha Gamma Delta: they have the same jewel that we do-pearl!
Alpha Omnicron Pi: Their new member badge is unique
Alpha Phi: Silver and bordeaux-GORGEOUS colors
Alpha Sigma Alpha: Love that Raggedy Ann is their mascot
Alpha Sigma Tau: Also pearl girls
Alpha Xi Delta: As an English major I love the quills/writing theme
Chi Omega: Largest NPC Sorority-an accomplishment
Delta Delta Delta: I'm biased Love eveything about Tri Delta
Delta Gamma: I'm a big fan of pink and of roses
Delta Phi: I love unicorns, also pearl girls
Delta Zeta: Gorgeous colors, love turtles
Gamma Phi Beta: We share the crescent moon and stars
Kappa Alpha Theta: Kites are cool
Kappa Delta: everyone loves teddy bears
Kappa Kappa Gamma: LOVE the badge
Phi Mu: gorgeous sentiments, symbols and colors
Phi Sigma Sigma: every girl loves roses
Pi Beta Phi: Love the badges and th arrow theme
Sigma Delta Tau: Prevent child abuse is a great cause
Sigma Kappa: The snake incorporated into their pledge pin is cool
Sigma Sigma Sigma: Gotta love those "tri" sororities
Theta Phi Alphaenguin mascot
Zeta Tau Alpha: Seek the noblest, thewhite violet, and badge

It was neat to realize what I knew about other orgs and made me feel very Panhellenic
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Old 07-19-2004, 02:00 PM
CougADPi CougADPi is offline
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Alpha Chi Omega: I love your colors. It is a unique combination that is really quite striking and beautiful

Alpha Delta Pi: I could go on for days...first, finest, forever

Alpha Epsilon Phi: The Pediatric AIDS Foundation is such a noble philanthropy!

Alpha Gamma Delta: Squirrels rock!

Alpha Omicron Pi: This may be silly, but their house on my campus is the reason I started to think about going Greek.

Alpha Phi: Your colors are my schools colors! Plus I'm a legacy, so APhi will always have a special place in my heart!

Alpha Sigma Alpha: One of my good friends is an ASA and is a total sweetheart. I also really like the idea of the examplars.

Alpha Sigma Tau: I love your badge! Its beautiful and the shape is so unique!

Alpha Xi Delta: I like the idea of Choose Children. Its very cool!

Chi Omega: I like that you have your mascot on your badge!

Delta Delta Delta: I have never met a Tri Delt that I didn't like!

Delta Gamma: I love the nautical theme and your songs (ADPi and DG are neighbors here and we could hear song practice!)

Delta Phi Epsilon: The iris is one of my favorite flowers!

Delta Zeta: My two cousins are DZs and are super intelligent and sweet. I can only guess that their sisters are the same!

Gamma Phi Beta: I love the crescent and your colors!

Kappa Alpha Theta: Thetas have the highest GPA on my campus and have been that way for several years! Gotta appreciate that!

Kappa Delta: Girl Scouts is a very honorable philanthropy!

Kappa Kappa Gamma: The fleur-de-lis is a very elegant symbol

Phi Mu: The quatrafoil is awesome, and you gotta love the Macon Magnolias!

Phi Sigma Sigma: Aspire, Act, Acheive...a motto we should all live by

Pi Beta Phi: Wine and silver blue are just beautiful together!

Sigma Delta Tau: Your badge is beautiful. I love the torch!

Sigma Kappa: Yay for violet girls! The SK house here has violets everywhere and is just beautiful

Sigma Sigma Sigma Growing up on the coast I love anything water related. The sailboat is such a cool symbol!

Theta Phi Alpha: Penguins are my all time favorite animal!

Zeta Tau Alpha: I love that you have strawberries as one of your symbols. The turquoise and steel blue are very pretty togther!
We live for each other and Alpha Delta Pi
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I just love this idea for a thread!!

Alpha Chi Omega-The lyre is a wonderful reminder of their musical background. Our campus also happened to have many strong singers in AChiO.
Alpha Delta Pi-Red is a prominent, powerful, memorable color. Great decision!
Alpha Epsilon Phi-friendly, fantastic women with TONS of energy, athletic, and giraffes have such large hearts.
Alpha Gamma Delta-I love how they do so much with “threes”, three leaves on the rose, three greek letters, three jewels on their recognition pins, etc. It’s just so nice that they have that continuity through everything.
Alpha Omicron Pi-I love their pledge pin of a golden sheaf of wheat! It is my favorite pledge pin besides my own.
Alpha Phi-The Ivy is such a remarkable symbol-the way it grows and spreads and creates a mesh of leaves. Just beautiful!
Alpha Sigma Alpha-"Aspire, Seek, Attain" Great life lesson for all of us.
Alpha Sigma Tau-There seems to be great chapter pride in addition to national pride. It’s neat that each chapter can choose its own mascot.
Alpha Xi Delta-Very panhellic organization, which we need.
Chi Omega-Such a large organization with so many chapters-growing and growing!
Delta Delta Delta-Having 3 Delta’s leads to such beautiful designs in jewelry-both formal and casual. They have great items.
Delta Gamma-Lovely ladies that are so genuine, love their anchor as “hope”
Delta Phi Epsilon-Very intelligent women as far as I’ve known.
Delta Zeta-I’ve always loved the name, Delta Zeta. It just sounds like an amazing sorority!
Gamma Phi Beta-I’ve seen some very culturally diverse chapters, which I adore!
Kappa Alpha Theta-Every theta I’ve ever met had SUCH a sweet, sincere spirit.
Kappa Delta-I think that working with girl scouts is a great way to expose young girls to the possibility of joining a sorority when they are older.
Kappa Kappa Gamma-Definitely the most desired on my campus, always got the maximum number of possible pledges allowed every semester every semester I was there.
Phi Mu-Southern Belles with southern hospitality
Phi Sigma Sigma-Welcomes all religious backgrounds. PC before it was PC!
Pi Beta Phi-These were very fashion-forward ladies at my school, always ahead of their time.
Sigma Delta Tau-I think it is so cute that no man is allowed to wear their badge because of a man who helped found them, Brother Nat.
Sigma Kappa –Their symbols of dove and heart are so peaceful.
Sigma Sigma Sigma-I’ve heard sigma’s say, “It’s all the greek you need to know” which is such a clever slogan.
Theta Phi Alpha-I love the compass as their symbol because it can mean so very much throughout life.
Zeta Tau Alpha-a ZTA family member shared the “code of behavior” with me as printed in their history book. WOW!!! We could all learn a thing or two…

Really, I’ve been impressed with all these groups. Makes me proud to be in a sorority!
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Originally posted by kappa2
Alpha Delta Pi- Red is a prominent, powerful, memorable color. Great decision!
I love reading all of these and I am finishing up what I want to say about each and every sorority. This is such a positive thread. I love it.....

My only question on this quote is what you meant on this? I am not trying to be mean at all, but I dont know of anything red that has to do with my chapter. Maybe Im missing something
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I was confused by that too...
We live for each other and Alpha Delta Pi
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Red? For ADPi?

:::::::::::::scratching head::::::::::::::
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