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Old 12-19-2003, 03:08 AM
suzipiphi suzipiphi is offline
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I'm procrastinating, should be packing so I thought I would do this.

Alpha Chi Omega- Love the colors always reminded me of christmas, also met a few girls my senior year of HS when I toured SHSU and I just fell in love with them, hung out at their house for hours.

Alpha Delta Pi- My drama teacher in HS was one, she was awesome. All the girls at my hs wanted to be ADPis

Alpha Epsilon Phi- I love your open mottoe.

Alpha Gamma Delta- I love your colors and mascot, squirrels are so cute!

Alpha Omicron Pi- Knew an AOPi from work I really love the panda.

Alpha Phi- I like that is pronounced fee not fi

Alpha Sigma Alpha- Awesome organization, I really enjoyed everything of ASA. when we were going through extension ASA was one of my top choices

Alpha Sigma Tau- I like the flower, and your settlement school is a little bit like Pi Phis.

Alpha Xi Delta- the AXiD's on my campus are great girls, their our neighbors and one of my best friends is one.

Chi Omega- if I hadn't gone pi phi I would've gone chi-o. these girls on my campus are so strong, I have tons of them that are my friends.

Delta Delta Delta- I love that you have tri-psi for your mothers and that you have travel tri-delta

Delta Gamma- They're going to be expanding on NMSU campus in the fall and I always remember them on trading spaces.

Delta Phi Epsilon- I love your mascot.

Delta Zeta- I love that your pin was nominated by Tiffanys for prettiest badge.

Gamma Phi Beta- Your colors are interesting.

Kappa Alpha Theta- KAT, I love cats.

Kappa Delta- I love your philanthropy and Georgia O'Keffe is one and she is such an amazing woman.

Kappa Kappa Gamma- I love the way your name sounds, and always feel love for the monmouth duo. Your house at UNM is amazing!

Phi Mu- I love PINK!! My boss is a Phi Mu and she is an awesome lady.

Phi Sigma Sigma- I love your mascot, the sphinx is so cool.

Pi Beta Phi- My favorite! I love everything about Pi Phi that I am so glad I am part of it. It is amazing to me how much I care about it.

Sigma Delta Tau- Great philanthropy.

Sigma Kappa- Saw a girl at target today in these letters. Liked who they looked.(Just something I noticed)

Sigma Sigma Sigma- I'm always amazed at the triple letter sororities. I also think its interesting you don't go by tri-sig, although I understand why.

Theta Phi Alpha- Love the penguin.

Zeta Tau Alpha- I always thought I would go ZTA once I went to college, my roommate was one and I always loved strawberries since part of my last name is derived from what strawberries mean in french.
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Old 06-26-2004, 08:44 PM
erniegurl00 erniegurl00 is offline
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I thought this would be a fun one to read or comment in, especially with formal recruitment just around the corner.
Pi Beta Phi
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Old 06-26-2004, 10:01 PM
lyrica9 lyrica9 is offline
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Alpha Chi Omega: i love the lyre
Alpha Delta Pi: "i love the pin you let me wear"
Alpha Epsilon Phi: the crest is different than most.
Alpha Gamma Delta: i just like saying agd. i know i'm a dork.
Alpha Omicron Pi: i like the constant red
Alpha Phi: i love the 'lazy phi' pin presidents wear, and my grandmother is an active a-phi, so they're special to me
Alpha Sigma Alpha: like "aspire, seek, attain"
Alpha Sigma Tau: great philanthropy!
Alpha Xi Delta: Xi is my favorite greek letter!
Chi Omega: i think it's neat that they have uniform chapter websites
Delta Delta Delta: delta is my second favorite letter, and i've always known of tri-delta somehow, which is really cool.
Delta Gamma: i love the anchor.
Delta Phi Epsilon: i think its cool yall were founded at a law school
Delta Zeta: having chapters in the UK is really cool.
Gamma Phi Beta: the crescent is neat.
Kappa Alpha Theta: the kite is cool. so is the fact that yall go by your last letter, when most go by their first
Kappa Delta: i think its cool yall have a purpose, creed, object and mission statement, when most have just a creed, or just a creed and purpose.
Kappa Kappa Gamma: blue is my favorite color.
Phi Mu: wesleyan sisters!
Phi Sigma Sigma: the twin ideals are cool
Pi Beta Phi: i like the arrow, and arrowmont a lot.
Sigma Delta Tau: its cool that yall have a ritualist who's male.
Sigma Kappa: love the motto "one heart, one way"
Sigma Sigma Sigma: i like your crest.
Theta Phi Alpha: i too like the penguin
Zeta Tau Alpha: gotta love the crown.

after doing this i felt like i needed a list of recruitment words, oy vey. i overused "cool" and "i like" waaaaaaaaaay too much.
Alpha Delta Pi Alumna

"We are who we pretend to be." - Kurt Vonnegut
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Old 06-27-2004, 01:04 AM
piphiarrow234 piphiarrow234 is offline
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I wanna play, i didnt do them all. sorry im tired!! but here mine!!

Alpha Chi Omega- liked their history
Alpha Delta Pi- oldest sorority from what i understand very impressive
Alpha Omicron Pi- the girls i know are ab. awesome! i love the rose
Alpha Phi - very nice girls, interestng that they pronounce Phi diffrently
Alpha Xi Delta - when i rushed i loved Xi, very awesome girls
Chi Omega - Down to earth awesome girls i have meet, i love the colors
Delta Delta Delta- my swim coach was a Tri delt and she was such an amazing woman, she was an inspriation to me to join a soroity
Delta Gamma - the DG's at my school have this chant (Delta Gamma, thats what i am a... ) and it just gets stuck in your head, i like it
Delta Phi Epsilon - girl from HS is one, very fun girl
Delta Zeta - interesting they were founded at miami(ohio) isnt this a part of the miami trio?
Gamma Phi Beta like their badge
Kappa Alpha Theta - wow mrs. bush is a member
Kappa Delta - roomates mom was a KD and she is a very sucessful strong woman i respect her so much
Kappa Kappa Gamma-gotta stay true to my monmouth roots, founded at the same school as pi phi they are amazing girls also
Phi Mu - interesting history awesome
Phi Sigma Sigma -girl i work with his a phi sig very amazing woman
Pi Beta Phi all i have to say is I <3 Pi Phi, it has been such an amazing aspect of my life
Sigma Kappa - love the colors
Sigma Sigma Sigma ilike the repeating letter also meet many awesome tri sigs
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Old 06-27-2004, 01:43 AM
ms_gwyn ms_gwyn is offline
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Boy am I glad that this thread was bumped, it gives me a chance to write what I admire about each organization and since I'm not a member (yet) of these organizations, I think I can be non-bias.

Alpha Chi Omega ACW - I've fallen in love with their Lyre Badge. Musical Background. Depauw Duo?

Alpha Delta Pi ADP - How can you not love the first secret society for women. Roommate and good friend to one of the Founders of Phi Mu. Macon Magnolia

Alpha Epsilon Phi AEF - my favorite color (green) and my favorite flower - lily of the valley, their pearl program

Alpha Gamma Delta AGD - one of my rush crushes in college and they still hold a place in my heart, this line of AGD's purpose give's me chills To hold truth inviolable, sincerity essential, kindness invaluable.. Syracuse Triad

Alpha Omicron Pi AOP - i truly love the fact that they do not have a crest, also about their monogram and how its only allowed in their badge and other I would assume ritual/jewelry items

Alpha Phi AF - Again their flower Lily of the Valley, but I have another chill moment with this part of APhi's Purpose We seek the highest ideal of womanhood, and we try to gain this ideal by cultivating not only the power and passion for seeking intellectual development but, also, the spirit of love and charity. And we who are thus united are under a solemn pledge to lend a helping hand to one another. Syracuse Triad

Alpha Sigma Alpha ASA - I love the fact that they came back from low numbers and have remain strong throughout the years. Your Scared items come in fours. Part of the Farmville Four

Alpha Sigma Tau AST - Again another chills moment in part of AST's creed - I believe in the fulfillment of self and will strive to contribute my share to the progress of mankind.

Alpha Xi Delta AXD - Their quill badge and what the open "meaning" of it the quill is mighter than the sword, I love the fact that they originally started as petitioner to KKG, but realized that they wanted to be their own national organization. Also their colony badge.

Chi Omega CW - I love their badge and that they just made Make A Wish Foundation their National Philanthropy

Delta Delta Delta DDD - Sarah Ida Shaw, and extraordinary women who help many greek organizations in so many ways. I love that they have a "formal" organization for mothers, Tri-Psi.

Delta Gamma DG - That they came back from low numbers with the help of George Banta, their motto - Do Good, they have a flower named after them. Anchor Splash

Delta Phi Epsilon DFE - Vision Statement - Setting the standard for sisterhood in an ever-changing world and their open motto - To be rather than to seem to be. Their partnership with ANAD

Delta Zeta DZ - The last stanza of their creed (chills)
To myself,
That I may walk truly
In the light of the Flame.

The refined dignity of their badge, beautiful in its simplicity.

Gamma Phi Beta GFB - The term sorority was coined just for them. Their crescent badge (and what I think it could possibly represent) and the dedication and support of Campfire USA. Syracuse Triad

Kappa Alpha Theta KAQ - There is a mysteriousness to theta to the eyes of non member that is intriguing in my opinion, I like that about them. A very powerful mission statement. Depauw Duo?

Kappa Delta KD - Their open motto is so special Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest. Having a Kaydid for a mascot... (if I can know, what is a Kaydid?) The fact that one of their founders and Tri Sigma Founders were roommates. The color green. Farmville Four.

Kappa Kappa Gamma KKG - The Key as a symbol, and the possible symbolism behind it, the colors, I like how their Coat-of-Arm has a fleur de lis like shape. Their great reputation and a very strong organization. I like the fact that each chapter can choose their own philanthropy. Monmouth Duo

Phi Mu FM - I love your creed its beautiful, your colors, the possible symbolism of the Quatrefoil. Macon Magnolia

Phi Sigma Sigma FSS - Your mission statement To inspire the personal development of each sister and perpetuate the advancement of womanhood., twin ideals and your open motto Aim High.

Pi Beta Phi PBF - There are so many things about Pi Phi that I like (the nickname), the arrow, your colors, silver blue and wine. The wine carnation has an uncommon beauty about it. The Arrowmont School, Links for Literacy. The fact that they used a familial coat-of-arms to base the organizations coat-of-arms. I could go on and on. Monmouth Duo

Sigma Delta Tau SDT - Their ritualist was gentle and the only male who has worn their badge. Their latin open motto One Hope of Many People

Sigma Kappa SK - I love their motto One Heart, One Way, the symbolism of the Dove, part of the purpose of SK unite its members in a bond of sincere friendship for the development of character and the promotion of social, literary, and intellectual culture

Sigma Sigma Sigma SSS - As is shows in their history as with the symbolism of the Sailboat, Tri Sigma has always moved Ever Forward and their open motto Faithful Unto Death. Mabel Lee Walton was such a great lady and very influential in many greek circles. To be the first NPC in Alaska and Germany. The indented badge. Farmville Four.

Theta Phi Alpha QFA - Your creed is beautiful and gave me chills as I read it. Your badge is gorgeous. That you are known at the "singing fraternity".

Zeta Tau Alpha ZTA - When you were first founded you were known as "???" The tradition of "A gold link inscribed "Alpha" begins Zeta Tau Alpha's chain of chapters. Silver links etched with the names of ZTA's 225 chartered chapters follow. Your motto Seek the Noblest. How strawberries became one of your symbols. Your badge. Farmville Four

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Old 06-27-2004, 11:14 PM
DGqueen17 DGqueen17 is offline
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I'm only going to do the ones that I've had experiences with.....hopefully soon I will get to meet ladies from all of them though!

Alpha Delta Pi-The ones who started it all

Alpha Gamma Delta-I love how people call them Alpha Gams. It makes me think they must have nice legs for some reason hehe.

Alpha Omicron Pi-How cute are pandas?? Really sweet girls on campus

Alpha Phi-What can I say??? I LOVEEEE the Phi's @ WVU

Alpha Xi Delta-Ohh the Xi's are awesome I can always count on a good time with the Xi's at Chateau

Chi Omega-Worked with a Chi O last summer and she was the best girl ever, as are the girls on campus

Delta Gamma-The absolute best sisters in the world of course!

Delta Zeta- KR is a DZ so they are cool in my book cuz I love her!

Kappa Delta-Love the green and white

Kappa Kappa Gamma -Mad love to the Kappas and my mommys sisters

Phi Mu-Beautiful colors and beautiful girls inside and out

Pi Beta Phi-Cute girls, had spanish with one and LOVED her!!

Sigma Kappa-Always a good time at the SK house

Sigma Sigma Sigma-Lots of cool girls that are a blast

Zeta Tau Alpha- Who doesn't wanna be crowned??
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Old 07-01-2004, 11:44 AM
oldfaithfulgphi oldfaithfulgphi is offline
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Alpha Chi Omega - I like how AChiO picked their name. (For those that don't know, they were the first to form an org in the school of music (hence, the Alpha) and they thought it would be the last organization of its kind to be formed (there's your Omega). As for Chi, it was changed from "Kai" which means "and".
Alpha Delta Pi - I like that they refer to their members as "Alphas", "Deltas" and "Pis" (NM, Active, Alum) and bonus to them for being the FIRST secret society for women.
Alpha Epsilon Phi - I think this is the only org to have a giraffe as an antional mascot. How very cool! I wonder why this animal was chosen?
Alpha Gamma Delta - SYRACUSE TRIAD! Another great mascot (Skiouros the squirrel).
Alpha Omicron Pi - it is interesting that they are the only woman's org that does not have a crest, they use the red rose instead. Very admirable!
Alpha Phi - SYRACUSE TRIAD! I like that the Phi Bear was anemd after the constellation Ursa Major. ANd they called together the first meeting of NPC in 1902.
Alpha Sigma Alpha - I like that they wear different a combination of different colored ribbons under their badge for special days throughout the year (like Founder's Day and Christmas, etc).
Alpha Sigma Tau - I never knew that AST is an educational sorority (and by the third oldest of it's kind)
Alpha Xi Delta - I like that they have two forms of a NM pin (one for NMs, and another for colony NMs). It shows their apprecition for those girls that colonize a new chapter.
Chi Omega - Very cool that they have a male as one of their official founders
Delta Delta Delta - I thought the crescent moon was only recognized with G-Phi, but I guess you learn something new everyday! Totally proud to share the beautiful crescent moon with you ladies!
Delta Gamma - I like that DG has a nationwide philanthropy event (AnchorSplash OR AnchorSlam) that chapters hold every year. It's very cool to see that each chapters holds their own special version of this event to benefit their national philanthropy.
Delta Phi Epsilon - I like that DPhiE focuses on the internal growth of their org, rather than the external growth by numbers. It shows that each memeber takes an active role in both chapter and alum life
Delta Zeta - I like the creed, the way each member pormises to the world all teh way down to themselves what they will do to uphold the ideals of their org.
Gamma Phi Beta - 'Nuf said!
Kappa Alpha Theta - the FIRST national sorority founded with a Greek letter name, awesome!
Kappa Delta - I like that KD is partnered with the Girl Scouts. (I was a GS from age 5 to 18).
Kappa Kappa Gamma - The fleur-de-lis is absolutely beatiful! And what a fun fact to know Mrs. Campbell was a Kappa!
Phi Mu - The ROSE carnation! The quatrafoil is a very unique symbol, adn it's wonderful that one of your sisters had a play and movie written based on her life. AND you can see a Phi Mu composite in the movie, but you have to look carefully
Phi Sigma Sigma - first nonsectarian sorority, this gives all women of diverse backgrounds the chance to feel welcomed into an org not founded on scripture
Pi Beta Phi - another carnation! It's cool that the angel has become an unoffical symbol b/c of it's popularity among Pi Phis.
Sigma Delta Tau - I like that the rituals were written keeping in mind the different personalities of the founders.
Sigma Kappa - how very cool that SK was founded TWO DAYS before G-Phi. You also have a very unique combination of colors, which allows you to stand out.
Sigma Sigma Sigma - I like that they have a doll collection for every chapter founded and each doll is dressed in period fashions (when the chapter was founded).
Theta Phi Alpha - while some orgs have a petron god or goddess, I think it is unoque that TPA has a ptron saint, St. Catherine of Sienna
Zeta Tau Alpha - who wouldn't want to be a princess and wear a crown! I also like that ZTA adpoted the strawberry in honor of one of their founders who received a basket of them as a gift.
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Old 07-03-2004, 12:33 PM
KSUViolet06 KSUViolet06 is offline
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*Alpha Chi Omega- I love how your membership criteria (character,financial responsibility,etc.) are clearly outlined. You want girls to know what you look for in PNM's.

*Alpha Delta Pi- I like the 'prides' idea. You guys are the first and that's an awesome thing.

*Alpha Epsilon Phi-I love your open motto. "Many Hearts, one Cause"

*Alpha Gamma Delta- I like your purposes.

*Alpha Omicron Pi- You have a very unique mascot.

*Alpha Phi- I like that your philanthropy is women's issues which gives you different areas (heart health, eating disorders) to focus on.

*Alpha Sigma Alpha- "Aspire.Seek.Attain" is a very ambitious motto.

*Alpha Sigma Tau- From your creed: " I believe in the permanence and loveliness of it's ideals..."

*Alpha Xi Delta- The girls from the Kent State chapter are truly awesome. It proves that AXiD really does inspire women to reach their potential like the motto says.

*Chi Omega- The Kent State chapter is #1 in grades. They are all so smart. Chi-O is very large nationally, and I admire that.

*Delta Delta Delta- St. Jude is a wonderful philanthropy to have.

*Delta Gamma- I love how they have their own signature philanthropy events (Anchor Splash/Slam). I love the whole Hannah thing too. Not to mention the chapter here @ Kent is full of very intelligent,classy women.

*Delta Phi Epsilon- Dedication, Pride, Excellence.- that's an awesome motto.

*Delta Zeta - Your creed is really beautiful.

Gamma Phi Beta- "Founded upon a Rock"- makes the sorority sound very solid and established, as it is.

*Kappa Alpha Theta- I love the kite shaped badge and the idea of twin stars.

*Kappa Delta- you started National Women's Friendship Day, that's very cool.

*Kappa Kappa Gamma - I envy your badge protection initiative "Keepers of the Key".

*Phi Mu- "To think of God as a protector"- from your creed, is beautiful. Phi Mu idealizes the whole Southern gentility idea.

*Phi Sigma Sigma- I love how you were founded to be inclusive to women of all religions, races, etc. at a time when many were not.

*Pi Beta Phi- I love angels! One of your purposes is to develop women into strong leaders, and I admire that alot.

*Sigma Delta Tau- The tremendous growth of this org has been amazing.

*Sigma Kappa - I love "One Heart, One way"

*Sigma Sigma Sigma- I could go on and on...I love my Sigma!

*Theta Phi Alpha - "Truth to God and truth to self"-from your creed.

*Zeta Tau Alpha- I love how the strawberry became your symbol.
"Remember that apathy has no place in our Sorority." - Kelly Jo Karnes, Pi

Lakers Nation.

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Old 07-03-2004, 02:22 PM
aephi alum aephi alum is offline
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Originally posted by oldfaithfulgphi
Alpha Epsilon Phi - I think this is the only org to have a giraffe as an antional mascot. How very cool! I wonder why this animal was chosen?
Mini-hijack: The giraffe was chosen because it has a large heart and stands above the crowd. It's a relatively recent development, having been selected in the 1970's.
AEΦ ... Multa Corda, Una Causa ... Celebrating Over 100 Years of Sisterhood
Have no place I can be since I found Serenity, but you can't take the sky from me...
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Old 07-03-2004, 03:11 PM
winneythepooh7 winneythepooh7 is offline
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WOW! is all I can say! What a great great GREAT thread, so different and uplifting then a lot of the stuff I have been reading lately on GC. It has inspired me to learn more about the other organizations, something I wish we could have gotten more exposure to in undergrad and not so much the *negative* aspects and *competitiveness* if y'all know what I am saying. I think that had a lot to do with the fact that I went to a small school though where at the time Greek life wasn't too popular.

Besides D*Phi*E we had 2 other nationals, AEPhi & SDT.

I rushed AEPhi my first semester and the girls were always very nice to me even after I decided this wasn't the organization for me. I will always remember them being respectful of my decision and my having eventually chosen D*Phi*E.

I always admired the members of SDT at New Paltz because they were extremely talented musically. Those girls had beautiful voices.

I was also very proud of all 3 nationals having gone back several years later as an alum to see that they were able to have worked out their differences.
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Old 07-04-2004, 01:33 AM
PureGoldF2K1 PureGoldF2K1 is offline
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my turn...

Wow, this was actually a lot of work, but I learned a lot! Now if only I would spend this much time researching school work, I'd be all set!

Alpha Chi Omega - i have a friend who's an AXO at Northwestern and she is THE funniest, most down to earth, motivated person I know, so if she joined this organization, it must be doing something right!

Alpha Delta Pi- I went to an ADPi preference party and felt so unbelievably welcome there and continued to hear years later how much they liked me (even though I went to a different house) this goes to show that they truly only extend bids to girls they REALLY want and don't play games

Alpha Epsilon Phi - I love their motto "Multa Corda Una Causa" (I'm sorry if i butchered that, but its from memory) Also, the AEPhi suite at my school is the most beautiful deep green color with giraffes everywhere! its so fun

Alpha Gamma Delta - didn't know anything about AGD before, but I was really interested in the "Strategic plan" on their website. its a really intelligent way to plan out a mission statement and I think it would impress a lot of people who are anti-Greek and say sorority girls don't have any brains in their heads

Alpha Omicron Pi- This website is so beautiful! Just from reading about their founders and their magazine, I can tell that this is a really sophisticated organization. Everything is worded so nicely and gives off a really good vibe! You can tell that the story of their founders is so important and it really is told nicely.

Alpha Phi - Alpha Fee! I just learned all about the pronounciation thanks to the nice girls over on the Alpha Phi message boards! I also met a few girls when i was visiting a friend at a certain university who were all so excited to rush and were all hoping to be Alpha Phi new members in the fall. its great to have girls looking so forward to going Greek and that they have one in mind!

Alpha Sigma Alpha - It's very cool that they were founded at the first college to ever admit women. It's also a little history lesson. Some of their ideals remind me of the ideals of my house, and even though I don't know any ASA sisters, I'm sure I'd like them very much!

Alpha Sigma Tau - This seems like an organization which would value girls who are well-grounded, goal-oriented, and smart. I like that they seem pretty no-frills but fun at the same time!

Alpha Xi Delta- This sorority seems very professional and one of their members wrote the Panhellenic Creed so they obviously have a sense of the larger Greek picture!

Chi Omega- I am constantly impressed by the Chi O's, not just their HUGE National organization (is it true that they are only 2nd to the girl scouts?) but the ChiO chapter on my campus is also terrific. They are all intelligent, motivated, beautiful girls who really love their house.

Delta Delta Delta - The name recognition of Tri-Delta is always impressive. The girls are always so willing to spread their name and they are possibly the most social girls (in a good way!) that I've met. Got to love the dolphin also!!

Delta Gamma - omg i LOVE the personal growth and development area. Its so thorough! I'm a sucker for really being well-rounded and improvement in all areas (thats part of what I like about my house so much) so this was interesting to me

Delta Phi Epsilon - Yay, my house!! I love DPhiE for so many reasons, one being our PEARL program & the Five S's (you know, being well-rounded!!), I love having Cystic Fibrosis as one of our philanthropies, its such a great cause, i absolutely love our motto Esse Quam Videri (To Be, Rather than To Seem To be), i love our flower, the Lovely Purple Iris, and above all, I love my sisters so much!! Haha, I guess that's all I'll write, but there's so much more.

Delta Zeta- The pink and green is awesome. They are two of my favorite colors put together and I have all these pink/green bracelets...I always feel like I'm a wanna-be DZ when I wear them, haha, but I actually did have them before I went to college. The DZ's at Pitt are all so talented too.

Gamma Phi Beta - It looks like Gamma Phi Beta was founded by some pretty active women at a time when women weren't supposed to be so active! Thats a great way to be started, by women who are such forward thinkers.

Kappa Alpha Theta- I've never heard anything but good things about Thetas! I've never met any, as we used to have them on our campus, but don't anymore (their letters are still on the house they used to share with Kappa Kappa Gamma though!) and their pin is beautiful! And how impressive is the fact that their philanthropy is one that contributes over $300,000 in scholarships a year? I like that they are supporters of education, considering we are all in college when we join our houses!! (well, most of us!)

Kappa Delta - The KD's at Pitt are amazing! They are so loyal to each other and are so proud to be Kappa Delta's. I always think of them as the girls my mom wished I was haha, studious, outgoing, etc

Kappa Kappa Gamma - I love KKG's colors and also they have the only off-campus house at Pitt...what's cooler than that? All the Kappas that I have ever met have been so funny and smart.

Phi Mu - I think the Rose & White are beautiful colors and their symbol is pretty puzzling! Any Phi Mu's care to explain its meaning? (if its public??) They also have some pretty impressive alumnae

Phi Sigma Sigma - I couldn't help but notice that both DPhiE and Phi Sigma Sigma claim to be the first non-sectarian sorority, but it really doesn't matter which one it is because its a great ideal of acceptance of all people, no matter the religion. And great, clear motto: Diokete Hupsala Aim High

Pi Beta Phi - I love Pi Beta Phi's philanthropies! Literacy is such a great cause and you know its not a charity that is supported "just because"

Sigma Delta Tau - These are very sweet girls at Pitt, they know so much about greek life and always put so much effort into everything they do. it's so admirable how hard they work and how much they love their chapter!!

Sigma Kappa - I have a friend who joined Sigma Kappa at GW, and once again, if she joined SK, there must be something very good about the sorority! The violet and the dove are such great symbols, anyone would love to be represented by something so pretty and also something that symbolizes peace

Sigma Sigma Sigma - I love the sailboat and also the fact that I know about 6 or 7 girls from my high school who all went Tri-Sigma in college, and they all went to different schools. I like the focus on friendship as well.

Theta Phi Alpha - I remember going through recruitment thinking that Theta Phi Alpha had the most beautiful name of all of the sorority's. It rolls very nicely off the tongue and looks really pretty written in script!!

Zeta Tau Alpha - ZTA's website is great, it looks so elegant and different from most sorority's light colored pages. The founders were only 14/15 years old which is very interesting, and it shows in the creed which is very full of heart and hopefulness which would come from such young women at that time. I absolutely love this: "...striving ever to make our lives a symphony of high ideals, devotion to the right , the good, and the true, without a discordant note"
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Old 07-04-2004, 01:34 AM
PureGoldF2K1 PureGoldF2K1 is offline
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Oh my god, I didn't realize how much I wrote until I saw how long that is when its posted!
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Okay, now months later, I have finally looked at all the sororities websites. Pretty damn impressive. So here goes:

Alpha Chi Omega: I absolutely love how AChiO was founded as a music society. As someone who was in choir from 5th grade to sophmore in college, I find this AWESOME!!!

Alpha Delta Pi: I love everything about ADPi. The girls made me feel so incredibly welcome when I was away from home for the first time in my life. I love our concept of Prides and our Alpha program. I love our philanthropy of Ronald McDonald House. I could go on and on about what I love about ADPi.

Alpha Epsilon Phi: I love how the name AEPhi was derived from the Greek phrase "Aei Esto Philio" which translates to "may friendship be everlasting". I love it!

Alpha Gamma Delta: First, I love that their philanthropy is diabetes (I have a grandfather who is diabetic). Second, I met an AGD in college and she was the sweetest, most down to earth girl I had ever met. Loved her to peices.

Alpha Omicron Pi: I love the meaning behind their pledge pin.

Alpha Phi: I'm a dork but I love the "fee" not "fye". LOL. I love the "Phi bear". Plus, I went to high school with a "Famous Phi".

Alpha Sigma Alpha: I love how the founders were friends and all received bids from other sororities but because they wouldn't be sisters they formed their own. I also like their Exemplars.

Alpha Sigma Tau: Love their flower of the yellow rose, which if I remember correctly means friendship.

Alpha Xi Delta: Xi is a cool Greek letter . Plus, I think it is awesome that an AXiD wrote the Panhellenic Creed which is still used today.

Chi Omega: Totally impressed that they have 240,000 initiated women. AWESOME! I love how a man helped to found Chi-O. Go him.

Delta Delta Delta: I love their motto "let us steadfastly love one another".

Delta Gamma: I love their original badge and how they kept the symbolism of it in their official badge.

Delta Phi Epsilon: I love how DPhiE was founded by law students. How cool is that?

Delta Zeta: Love the official colors and the philanthropy

Gamma Phi Beta: I knew a lot of girls from high school who went Gamma Phi. The Gamma Phi's I've met have been a wonderful set of girls. Extremely nice. I also really like the symbol of the crescent moon.

Kappa Alpha Theta: How awesome that Theta was the first "fraternity" for women (not a society).

Kappa Delta: Love their philanthropy (probably 'cause I was a girl scout). I really like their mission statement, especially the line "Kappa Delta looks to the past for its convictions, the present for its oppurtunties and the future for its dreams". Love it. I also love that the rappin' grandma from The Wedding Singer is a KD alumnae.

Kappa Kappa Gamma: I love how incredibly informative their magazine, The Key, is. Their current issue can be read online and I actually read two articles that would pertain to me just by being Greek. (One was about MTV's Sorority Life the other about NPC promotes excellence...).

Phi Mu: What can I say? My Macon sisters!!! I love your creed, I love your pin. I also love your lion. Maybe Alphie and Sir Fidel are friends.

Phi Sigma Sigma: Love that their official stone is the sapphire. One of my personal faves (aside from the diamond).

Pi Beta Phi: I found it interesting to learn that Pi Phi was one of the founding members of NPC. Plus, Jennifer Garner is an alumna. (Major Alias fan here).

Sigma Delta Tau: Their badge is extremely unique and I love their philanthropy of prevent child abuse america. What a great cause!

Sigma Kappa: Their badge is gorgeous and their pledge pin is really unique. I also love their flower, the violet (I wonder why ).

Sigma Sigma Sigma: Love the sailboat as a symbol and the symbolism it implies. Again, love the violet as the official flower. Again I wonder why .

Theta Phi Alpha: I like the history of how Theta Phi Alpha was formed. I also love the mascot of a penguin. So cute.

Zeta Tau Alpha: Love the flower, violet (LOL). Love the sororities history with strawberries. . Also love that the goddess, Themis, is a symbol.
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This thread helps me to realize why i joined a sorority they are all such great groups!!!!
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Being from a small school, we only have 3 NPC GLO. It's been awesome to read these posts and learn more about all of the other GLO. The Greek system is amazing. I'm so glad this thread was started! I'm only going to include my thoughts about the chapters I know personally.

Alpha Chi Omega -- What can I say? I love being an Alpha Chi. As a violinist, I love our association with music. I also love all of the history, ritual, and tradition. I am proud to wear the golden lyre.

Delta Delta Delta -- The Tridelts at my school are some of the most dedicated, loyal, and hard working women on our campus. Being premed, I love their philanthropy! Their drive and committment to their sorority is unmatched.

Pi Beta Phi -- The Pi Phis are extremely sweet, smart, and genteel. Their philanthropies support excellent causes. I love the badge and the unofficial symbol of the angel.

I have looked at some of the websites of the other NPC chapters. Wow. After reading these responses and looking at the websites of the other GLO, it just confirms that I'm so proud to be Greek!
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