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Old 09-07-2017, 01:38 PM
Annabec Annabec is offline
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An ABC Greek Recruitment

Hi there! So I've been hanging around here for a while, but I finally joined so that I could post my recruitment story. Iím not going to name my school or the sororities we have here, for the purpose of remaining anonymous and all that jazz, but we have five sororities, which I will be calling by the names of sororities from the TV show Greek.

The five sororities we have here are*:
Zeta Beta Zeta
Pi Pi Pi
Gamma Psi Alpha
Iota Kappa Iota
Mu Gamma Sigma

There are three rounds: the first round is two nights, with each PNM going to one night for scheduling purposes. We go to every chapter with one break, with the parties lasting 35 minutes and a 15 minute reflection time between each chapter. Friday we can be invited back to up to four chapters. These parties will last for 45 minutes, and we will get one break (again). Saturday is Pref Day, and we can be invited back to up to two chapters. These rounds last about 55 minutes.

I am SO excited Ė the thing about my school is that really, there are no ďbadĒ chapters. I admit to doing my research and each chapter has women that are very involved on campus and are very intelligent, so really, it would be an honor to be invited back to any of them.

*If any fake sorority name has any correlation with the real sorority, it is unintentional and completely coincidental.
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Old 09-07-2017, 01:40 PM
Annabec Annabec is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2017
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Values Night

The first chapter we visited was Iota Kappa Iota. The minute I walked in I felt so comfortable in this house. It was so comfortable and cute, and felt less like it was dressed up to show off for the PNMs and more like they had cleaned it and were presenting themselves to us, which I thought was really nice. I talked to four sisters in this house, and I was excited to discover something in common with each of them. Two shared my major and one had my DREAM internship, so I really loved talking to her. Even though the other two women did not have as much in common with me, we were still able to find commonalities and I really loved talking to them. They brought around a snack and used it to lead in to talking about their philanthropy, which is something I care a lot about and really enjoyed learning about. It felt like we were in there for a really short time, and I didnít want to leave! This was my first chapter, so the details somewhat escape me, but they really made me feel at home and welcome and going back would be an honor.

Then we had a break, and our Rho Gammas had prepared all kinds of snacks for us, which was really nice.

Next up was Mu Gamma Sigma! Their house was a bit intimidating and confusing, because it has all these turns and I was really glad they were leading me out because otherwise I know I wouldíve gotten lost. The first girl I talked to was really sweet and really passionate about their philanthropy, so when I asked about it she got very excited and rambled a little, which I thought was nice. The next girl I talked to was very put together, which was somewhat intimidating. She kept asking if I had any questions, which at that point I didnít, and that made for a couple awkward pauses in the conversation. She was still very nice, and we talked about our families for a while, because she told me she had rushed to find sisterhood and a support system like the one she had at home, which I appreciated! The last girl was on the exec council, and she gave me more information about how their chapter is involved on campus and about the internships and things they have gotten through their chapter connections. She also told me that during her recruitment, her goal had been to find somewhere where she would be comfortable lying on the couch in sweats and no makeup. I liked this house and I wouldnít mind going back, but it didnít stick with me the way Iota Kappa Iota had.

After that we went to Gamma Psi Alpha. This was another one that, from the minute I walked in, I felt SO at home. I talked to three girls here, and each one would be an honor to call a sister. The first woman talked to me about why I was rushing, and when I mentioned being an introvert, she immediately agreed with me and told me that she was too. This was very inspiring to me, because this girl is on their executive council and this showed me that not only extroverts are valued here, but also people like me, who maybe arenít as loud and bubbly but still have things to bring to the table. The second girl actually does not live too far from me, and when I mentioned where I used to live she got excited because apparently thatís her hometown! We also talked about intermurals and how, although neither of us are athletic, itís a good way to have fun with your sisters and bond with them over being bad at sports. She told me a lot about their philanthropy, and although it did not resonate with me quite as much as the first two, the activities they do to support it sound very fun and I would love to take part in them. The last girl was also super sweet, and again we talked about intermurals, as well as the activities I signed up for at the activities fair. I mentioned signing up for Alpha Phi Omega, and she immediately got excited and talked about how Gamma Psi Alpha is involved in all kinds of service and how several of the sisters are also involved in APO and love it. Again, this was a house that I just did not want to leave.

Zeta Beta Zeta was our next house, and this one is a bit of a hike from the rest of Greek Street, as they are newer to campus and only recently got a house. The first girl I talked to in this chapter did not have a lot in common with me, and there were several awkward pauses. However, the next two girls were super sweet. I had a very random conversation with one about our high schools, and the other I was able to talk to about choir and other shared interests, one of which is a little more obscure so I was really excited to find someone who also enjoyed it! Although I had some more awkward conversations in this house, the three women I talked to were all very sweet and all seemed to love their chapter. They talked a lot about how joining Zeta Beta Zeta was like having a second family on campus, and the pride with which they talked about their chapter was honestly inspiring. They all seemed to truly love their chapter, and I would love to be invited back.

The last house we visited was Pi Pi Pi, and by this point I was tired and cold and ready to go to sleep. I definitely regretted not bringing a jacket at this point. However, I somehow mustered up energy and was very glad to see that the woman who picked me up at the door is also in choir with me, so we had quite a few things in common. She actually also shared my major, and so, not to say that the other conversations I had had were not equally as wonderful, but I honestly did not want to stop talking to her. Thankfully I had quite a bit in common with the next girl as well, and at one point her roommate came over and we had a fun time talking about what we were planning on dressing up as for Halloween. It was one of the more random conversations I had had that night, but it was so fun and felt very easy! Their house was very cozy, and I could definitely see myself being happy here.

When it came time to rank our preferences, I had an easy time of it. Because I had loved four houses and had liked one, I would be happy to go back and learn more about any of them. However, because I had to ďdropĒ one, ranking was easy.

My rankings:
1 Zeta Beta Zeta
1 Pi Pi Pi
1 Gamma Psi Alpha
1 Iota Kappa Iota
2 Mu Gamma Sigma

The next round is Friday and I canít wait!
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Old 09-07-2017, 03:09 PM
clemsongirl clemsongirl is offline
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Excited to see where you go next!
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Old 09-07-2017, 09:38 PM
GreekOne GreekOne is offline
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Originally Posted by clemsongirl View Post
Excited to see where you go next!
Me too! I love your enthusiasm and hope it goes really well!
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Old 09-08-2017, 11:22 AM
Annabec Annabec is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2017
Posts: 7
Thanks guys I'm really excited and honestly I don't care where I get invited back because all of the chapters are so unique and sweet so I'm looking forward to tonight!
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