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Old 04-09-2014, 10:41 AM
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NPC Recruitment & Chapter Listing: Fall 2014-Spring 2015


Athens State University
Athens, AL

Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Zeta 1966-1982
Sigma Kappa Epsilon Iota 1966-1971
Phi Mu Kappa Delta 1966-2000

Auburn University
(Alabama Polytechnic University)
Auburn, AL
August 10-16, 2014
Registered PNMs=1,402
Campus Total=208
Quota last year=60
**Open: Delta Phi Epsilon and Sigma Sigma Sigma presenting**
Kappa Delta Sigma Lambda 1922 (72)
Chi Omega Alpha Beta 1923 (72)
Phi Omega Pi Psi 1927-1946 Auburn chapter absorbed by Alpha Omicron Pi
Pi Kappa Sigma Alpha Alpha 1927-1937
Theta Upsilon Iota Alpha 1935-1956

Alpha Gamma Delta Gamma Delta 1939 (72)
Delta Zeta Beta Xi 1940 (77)
Alpha Delta Pi Beta Omega 1942 (73)
Alpha Omicron Pi Delta Delta 1946 (73)
Phi Mu Alpha Mu 1946 (72)
Zeta Tau Alpha Gamma Rho 1952-1970/1976 (72)
Delta Delta Delta Phi Theta 1954 (75)
Kappa Alpha Theta Gamma Omega 1957-2000/2009 (93)
Pi Beta Phi Alabama Gamma 1957 (73)
Kappa Kappa Gamma Epsilon Eta 1963 (82)
Alpha Chi Omega Epsilon Zeta 1967 (73)
Gamma Phi Beta Gamma Phi 1968-1983/1995 (73)
Delta Gamma Delta Sigma 1972-1988/2003 (73)
Alpha Xi Delta Zeta Xi 1980 (75)
Sigma Kappa Theta Xi 1989 (81)

Auburn University Montgomery
Montgomery, AL
September 5-7, 2014
Campus Total=30
Quota last year=18
Delta Zeta Lambda Nu 1977 (14)
Zeta Tau Alpha Theta Nu 1978 (17)
Alpha Gamma Delta Theta Beta 1979 (17)

Birmingham-Southern College
Birmingham, AL
September 11-14, 2014
Campus Total=58
Quota last year=16?
Zeta Tau Alpha Alpha Nu 1922 (5)
Alpha Omicron Pi Tau Delta 1925 (20)
Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Omega 1926 (17)
Theta Upsilon Xi 1926-1962 National absorbed by Delta Zeta
Pi Beta Phi Alabama Alpha 1927-1989/? (19)
Gamma Phi Beta Alpha Rho 1930-1957
Kappa Delta Alpha Upsilon 1930 (17)
Delta Zeta Theta Beta 1963-1974
Chi Omega Omicron Lambda 1989 (20)

Huntingdon College
(Woman's College of Alabama)
Montgomery, AL
September 1-4, 2014
Campus Total=40
Quota last year=18?
Alpha Delta Pi Mu 1910-1913
Kappa Delta Kappa 1913-1913

Alpha Omicron Pi Sigma Delta 1975 (18)
Chi Omega Lambda Kappa 1976 (19)
Phi Mu Theta Kappa 2008 (19)

Jacksonville State University
Jacksonville, AL
August 13-18, 2014
Campus Total=102
Quota last year=28
Alpha Xi Delta Epsilon Pi 1968 (Fall 29/Spring 5)
Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Psi 1969 (32)
Phi Mu Kappa Sigma 1970 (Fall 36/Spring 2)
Delta Zeta Lambda Gamma 1978 (Fall 29?/Spring 10)
Alpha Omicron Pi Delta Epsilon 1990 (Fall 30/Spring 3)

Judson University
Marion, AL

Kappa Delta Rho Omega Phi 1904-1919
Zeta Tau Alpha Beta New 1905-1919
Alpha Delta Pi Kappa 1910-1919 Moved to Samford University
Delta Delta Delta Delta Theta 1913-1919

Samford University
(Howard College)
Birmingham, AL
September 21-28, 2014
Campus Total=194
Quota last year=62?
**Open for Extension**
Alpha Delta Pi Kappa 1910 (70)
Delta Zeta Alpha Pi 1924-1983/1983-2004
Phi Mu Alpha Gamma 1924 (69)
Alpha Delta Theta Pi 1929-1939 National merger with Phi Mu
Beta Phi Alpha Sigma 1929-1937
Beta Sigma Omicron 1933-1964 Merged with Zeta Tau Alpha

Chi Omega Zeta Zeta 1963 (71)
Zeta Tau Alpha Delta Psi 1964 (67)
Kappa Delta Delta Theta 1968-1985
Alpha Omicron Pi Rho Delta 1995

Spring Hill College
Mobile, AL
January 15-19, 2015
Campus Total=
Quota last year=30?
Delta Delta Delta Gamma Delta 1985 (Spring 28)
Phi Mu Theta Delta 1987
Delta Gamma Eta Eta 2001
Sigma Kappa Lambda Alpha 2014 (Fall 9)

Troy University
Troy, AL
August 4-9, 2014
Campus Total=90
Quota last year=54
Kappa Delta Delta Delta 1966 (61)
Phi Mu Kappa Gamma 1966 (62)
Alpha Delta Pi Epsilon Kappa 1967 (57)
Alpha Gamma Delta Gamma Sigma 1971 (64)
Chi Omega Iota Kappa 1977 (67)

University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, AL
August 9-16, 2014
Campus Total=355
Quota last year=107+10=117
Registered PNMs=2,276
**Open for expansion**
Kappa Delta Zeta 1904 (124)
Alpha Delta Pi Eta 1907-1909/1931 (125)
Zeta Tau Alpha Nu 1910 (135)
Delta Delta Delta Delta Mu 1914 (115)
Alpha Gamma Delta Psi 1921 (115)
Delta Zeta Alpha Gamma 1922 (153)
Chi Omega Nu Beta 1922 (111)
Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Upsilon 1924 (119)
Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Tau 1927-1972/1981-1988
Delta Phi Epsilon Pi 1927-1932/1953-1973

Kappa Kappa Gamma Gamma Pi 1927 (119)
Phi Mu Alpha Zeta 1931 (124)
Alpha Phi Beta Mu 1932-1963/2008 (132)
Theta Upsilon Alpha Alpha 1932-1952
Sigma Kappa Alpha Omega 1932-1943/1988-1995

Sigma Delta Tau Rho 1935 (Does not participate in FR) (19)
Delta Gamma Beta Psi 1947-1978/2011 (127)
Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Rho 1948-1968
Pi Beta Phi Alabama Beta 1949 (120)
Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Delta 1967 (125)
Kappa Alpha Theta Delta Omicron 1967 (134)
Gamma Phi Beta Epsilon Lambda 1988 (176)

University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, AL
August 19-22, 2014
Campus Total=80
Quota last year=38
Alpha Sigma Tau Beta Zeta 1970-1994
Alpha Gamma Delta Gamma Omega 1978 (Fall 34/Spring 4)
Sigma Kappa Zeta Sigma 1980-1984/Colony Fall 2015
Alpha Omicron Pi Zeta Pi 1987 (Fall 33/Spring 7)
Delta Gamma Zeta Xi 1991 (Fall 41)
Alpha Xi Delta Theta Phi 1997 (Fall 40/Spring 8)
Kappa Delta Colony Fall 2017

University of Alabama at Huntsville
Huntsville, AL
August 28-30, 2014
Campus Total=65
Quota last year=16
Delta Zeta Lambda Kappa 1977 (17)
Kappa Delta Epsilon Lambda 1977 (19)
Chi Omega Kappa Kappa 1977-?
Alpha Omicron Pi Delta Tau 2011 (23)

University of Montevallo
Montevallo, AL
September 12-15, 2014
Campus Total=55
Quota last year=19
Alpha Delta Pi Zeta Delta 1971 (22)
Chi Omega Tau Kappa 1971 (22)
Alpha Gamma Delta Gamma Upsilon 1972 (19)
Phi Mu Kappa Chi 1972 (22)
Delta Gamma Zeta Nu 1991 (22)

University of North Alabama
Florence, AL
August 28-September 1, 2014
Campus Total=90
Quota last year=
Alpha Delta Pi Zeta Eta 1973 (35)
Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Kappa 1973-1983
Zeta Tau Alpha Eta Rho 1973 (37)
Phi Mu Theta Alpha 1973 (36)
Alpha Gamma Delta Gamma Psi 1977 (38)

University of South Alabama
Mobile, AL
August 21-25, 2014
Campus Total=65
Quota last year=35
Registered PNMs=
Alpha Omicron Pi Gamma Delta 1969 (40)
Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Phi 1969-1994
Kappa Delta Delta Sigma 1969
Phi Mu Kappa Omega 1969
Chi Omega Beta Theta 1969
Alpha Gamma Delta Theta Epsilon 1984 (39)

University of West Alabama
(Livingston University)
Livingston, AL
August 21-?, 2014
Campus Total=30
Quota Last Year=
Phi Mu Kappa Xi 1969
Delta Zeta Kappa Lambda 1971-1983
Zeta Tau Alpha Eta Delta 1971-1978
Alpha Sigma Tau Gamma Gamma 1987 (9)
Alpha Sigma Alpha Zeta Rho 1996 (6)

Alpha Gamma Delta
University of Alabama Psi 1921
Auburn University Gamma Delta 1939
Troy University Gamma Sigma 1971
University of Montevallo Gamma Upsilon 1972
University of North Alabama Gamma Psi 1977
University of Alabama Birmingham Gamma Omega 1978
Auburn University Montgomery Theta Beta 1979
University of South Alabama Theta Epsilon 1984

Alpha Delta Theta
Samford University Pi 1929-1939

Alpha Delta Pi
University of Alabama Eta 1907-1909/1931
Judson College Kappa 1910-1919 (Moved to Samford)
Samford University Kappa 1910
Women's College of Alabama Mu 1910-1913
Auburn University Beta Omega 1942
Troy University Epsilon Kappa 1967
University of Montevallo Zeta Delta 1971
University of North Alabama Zeta Eta 1973

Alpha Epsilon Phi
University of Alabama Alpha Rho 1945-1967

Alpha Xi Delta
University of Alabama Alpha Tau 1927-1972/1981-1988
Jacksonville State University Epsilon Pi 1968
Auburn University Zeta Xi 1980
University of Alabama Birmingham Theta Phi 1997

Alpha Omicron Pi
Birmingham-Southern College Tau Delta 1925
Auburn University Delta Delta 1946
University of Alabama Alpha Delta 1967
University of South Alabama Gamma Delta 1969
University of North Alabama Alpha Kappa 1973-1983
Huntingdon College Sigma Delta 1975
University of Alabama-Birmingham Zeta Pi 1987
Jacksonville State University Delta Epsilon 1990
Samford University Rho Delta 1995
University of Alabama - Huntsville Delta Tau 2011

Alpha Sigma Alpha
University of West Alabama Zeta Rho 1996

Alpha Sigma Tau
University of Alabama-Birmingham Beta Zeta 1970-1994
University of West Alabama Gamma Gamma 1987

Alpha Phi
University of Alabama Beta Mu 1932-1963/2008

Alpha Chi Omega
University of Alabama Alpha Upsilon 1924
Birmingham-Southern College Alpha Omega 1926
Auburn University Epsilon Zeta 1967

Beta Sigma Omicron
Samford University 1933-1964

Beta Phi Alpha
Samford University Sigma 1929-1937

Gamma Phi Beta
Birmingham-Southern College Alpha Rho 1930-1957
Auburn University Gamma Phi 1968-1983/1995
University of Alabama Epsilon Lambda 1988

Delta Gamma
University of Alabama Beta Psi 1947-1978/2011
Auburn University Delta Sigma 1972-1988/2003
University of Montevallo Zeta Nu 1991
University of Alabama-Birmingham Zeta Xi 1991
Spring Hill College Eta Eta 2001

Delta Delta Delta
Judson College Delta Theta 1913-1919
University of Alabama Delta Mu 1914
Auburn University Phi Theta 1954
Spring Hill College Gamma Delta 1985

Delta Zeta
University of Alabama Alpha Gamma 1922
Samford University Alpha Pi 1924-1983/1983-2004
Auburn University Beta Xi 1940
Birmingham-Southern College Theta Beta 1963-1974
University of West Alabama Kappa Lambda 1971-1983

University of Alabama Huntsville Lambda Kappa 1977
Auburn University Montgomery Lambda Nu 1977
Jacksonville State University Lambda Gamma 1978

Delta Phi Epsilon
University of Alabama Pi 1927-1932/1953-1973

Zeta Tau Alpha
Judson College Beta (New) 1905-1919
University of Alabama Nu 1910
Birmingham-Southern College Alpha Nu 1922
Auburn University Gamma Rho 1952-1970/1976
Samford University Delta Psi 1964
Athens State University Zeta Zeta 1966-1982
University of South Alabama Zeta Phi 1969-1994
Jacksonville State University Zeta Psi 1969
University of West Alabama Eta Delta 1971-1978
University of North Alabama Eta Rho 1973
Auburn University Montgomery Theta Nu 1978

Theta Upsilon
Birmingham-Southern College Xi 1926-1962
University of Alabama Alpha Alpha 1932-1952
Auburn University Iota Alpha 1935-1956

Kappa Alpha Theta
Auburn University Gamma Omega 1957-2000/2009
University of Alabama Delta Omicron 1967

Kappa Delta
University of Alabama Zeta 1904
Judson College Rho Omega Phi 1904-1919
Women's College of Alabama Kappa 1913-1913

Auburn University Sigma Lambda 1922
Birmingham-Southern College Alpha Upsilon 1930
Troy University Delta Delta 1966
Samford University Delta Theta 1968-1985
University of South Alabama Delta Sigma 1969
University of Alabama Huntsville Epsilon Lambda 1977
University of Alabama - Birmingham Colony Fall 2017

Kappa Kappa Gamma
University of Alabama Gamma Pi 1927
Auburn University Epsilon Eta 1963

Pi Beta Phi
Birmingham-Southern College Alabama Alpha 1927-1989/?
University of Alabama Alabama Beta 1949
Auburn University Alabama Gamma 1957

Pi Kappa Sigma
Auburn University Alpha Alpha 1927-1937

Sigma Delta Tau
University of Alabama Rho 1935

Sigma Kappa
University of Alabama Alpha Omega 1932-1943/1988-1995
Athens State University Epsilon Iota 1966-1971
University of Alabama Birmingham Zeta Sigma 1980-1984/Colony Fall 2015

Auburn University Theta Xi 1989
Spring Hill College Lambda Alpha 2014

Phi Mu
Samford University Alpha Gamma 1924
University of Alabama Alpha Zeta 1931
Auburn University Alpha Mu 1946
Troy University Kappa Gamma 1966
Athens State University Kappa Delta 1966-2000
University of West Alabama Kappa Xi 1969
University of South Alabama Kappa Omega 1969
Jacksonville State University Kappa Sigma 1970
University of Montevallo Kappa Chi 1972
University of North Alabama Theta Alpha 1973
Spring Hill College Theta Delta 1987
Huntingdon College Theta Kappa 2008

Phi Omega Pi
Auburn University Psi 1924-1946

Chi Omega
University of Alabama Nu Beta 1922
Auburn University Alpha Beta 1923
Samford University Zeta Zeta 1963
University of South Alabama Beta Theta 1969
University of Montevallo Tau Kappa 1971
Huntingdon College Lambda Kappa 1976
Troy University Iota Kappa 1977
University of Alabama Huntsville Kappa Kappa 1977-?
Birmingham-Southern College Omicron Lambda 1989
Adding 's does not make a word, not even an acronym, plural

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