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Old 01-27-2013, 08:14 PM
AOII Angel AOII Angel is offline
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Originally Posted by KitKat58 View Post
Do sororities really have parties during finals week?


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Old 01-27-2013, 08:24 PM
DeltaBetaBaby DeltaBetaBaby is offline
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Originally Posted by KitKat58 View Post
Do sororities really have parties during finals week?
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Old 01-27-2013, 09:00 PM
KitKat58 KitKat58 is offline
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OP: University of Alabama has an informative brochure
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Old 01-27-2013, 09:46 PM
IrishLake IrishLake is offline
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Originally Posted by DeltaBetaBaby View Post
Yeah, we did stuff like this all the time. It's not a "PARTY!!!!" it's a, "OMG if I don't pull my nose out of my notes I'm going to go crosseyed and crazy. Let's go get coffee!!!"
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Old 01-27-2013, 11:48 PM
adpiucf adpiucf is offline
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Nothing mandatory. It was more like study break ice cream socials or coffee and doughnuts from 7-9 pm at the house or a workout video for 30 minutes. It was a nice break if you chose to drag yourself away from your books for a few minutes to recharge.
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Old 01-28-2013, 12:23 AM
Old_Row Old_Row is offline
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If you are talking about Alabama which I think you might be since the out of state financial packages are so good then what everyone said about not being able to wing it and no do overs is true. She can research Alabama Greek life all she wants but there is really no way to completely understand what a huge part of life it is until you actually get here.

What can happen with girls from out of state who aren't prepared is they get really caught up in the excitement of recruitment once it starts and then they get dropped and it is devastating. You think you can take it but experiencing it in person is a really different thing. It will be very hard for her and you will feel horrible because she will be so far away and hurting.

It gets even worse if you end up having a hard time bonding with people in your activities like dance team or people in her dorm it is going to feel like everyone is in a sorority and that's the only way to have fun and she's going to feel very sad and left out. It can make for a very hard freshman year and make someone not want to come back.

So what I am saying is if there is any chance at all that she will want to join a sorority then she needs to put the work in before recruitment and start now. Sure a few out of state girls might get bids without any preparation but it sounds like your daughter is not the most socially smooth person and that will also work against her. It's not too late to work on that too.
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Old 01-28-2013, 12:04 PM
greekdee greekdee is offline
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Everything Old Row said is true. Even if Alabama is not the school your daughter will attend, what Old Row describes is factual at a lot of SEC schools. I know a ton of girls who have gone through recruitment at Alabama, Ole Miss, Auburn and UGA. (And others, but those are the main four). Most were out-of-state, and even though they were fully prepared, there were still disappointments as the week progressed. SEC recruitment is not for the faint-of-heart, but those who get their ducks in a row before rush, then approach with an open mind, do usually find their sorority home. I've only seen two PNMs try to execute the wing it plan. Neither outcome was good.

If your daughter only thinks she "might" want take part in recruitment, encourage her to prepare. Girls as diligent as what you describe usually take the bull by the horns and get their business done. Even though you said sorority life is something you would not pursue personally, I'm glad you support your daughter's possible interest. Sororities build strong women. Membership allows them to embrace something bigger than themselves and helps equip them for many of life's opportunities and challenges. While it's true that one can find that in other organizations, the lifelong sisterhood part is missing. I can't really explain that element of it to you, but whatever it is, it keeps a lot of alumnae interested and involved in the system decades after their undergrad years. And despite the stereotypes people have tried to saddle sororities with, the system has only gotten bigger and stronger. That speaks volumes IMHO.

Best wishes to your daughter!

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Old 01-28-2013, 10:48 PM
ree-Xi ree-Xi is offline
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Originally Posted by KitKat58 View Post
Do sororities really have parties during finals week?
Not a "party", but, yes, my pledge class had a midnight ice cream sundaes at a study session with the Sig Ep pledge class during mid-term exams.

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Old 02-09-2013, 03:58 PM
GeekyPenguin GeekyPenguin is offline
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If you are really from a "very conservative republican suburb" you should be able to find loads of recs. Between parents of my friends and girls who graduated a year or two ahead of me, I knew women from five different sororities. We're all frequently asked to write a rec for a girl going to an SEC school or help her find one from another chapter. If she wants to go Greek, it'll take just a little time to help her get recs which are essential to her success at an SEC school and couldn't hurt her at a Big10 school.
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Old 02-09-2013, 10:41 PM
honeychile honeychile is offline
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^^Good to see you, GP!! Hope life is treating you well!
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Old 09-29-2017, 09:07 PM
JLCo JLCo is offline
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Re. rushing at SEC university
Thanks so much to everyone who provided words of advice about rushing at an SEC university. Taking into account your suggestions, as well as discussing the culture, the cost of going Greek at these universities, the requisite letters of recommendation and all the other preparation that go into Greek life at a SEC, my daughter decided to go to a Big Ten university instead. Distance from home as well as an incredibly generous scholarship offer from the Big Ten university also played into her choice.

My daughter did sorority rush this year as a sophomore. Her initial plan was to do dance team and sorority her freshman year and then hopefully add a research position her sophomore year. However, her scholarship package included a paid research position starting when she was a freshman, so she delayed rushing sorority to ensure she could keep up her grades.

I got a lot of grief over using the term "unique" for my daughter in this thread. She is highly gifted and those familiar with social, emotional, and personality traits of highly gifted individuals frequently discuss the unique challenges they face because they are different. People do not always like different and sometimes it can lead to being ostracized, as it seems people took offense to me calling her unique in this thread- even though it is commonly accepted highly gifted people are unique = different. I deliberately posted the wrong class rank in this thread to maintain a degree of anonymity until college apps, scholarship apps, dance team auditions, and sorority rush were completed. I think that when I posted this, she was still having some difficulties maturing and overcoming any of what some see as the more negative traits of being gifted.

She did continue to mature, as high school students do. She made NMF and US Presidential Scholar and had many full-ride and full-tuition+ scholarship offers. She accepted a full-ride scholarship offer from a Big Ten school that included tuition, room & board, study abroad scholarship, stipend for books, paid research position, and an additional small NMF scholarship for misc. expenses. They offer 6-8 of these scholarship packages to an incoming class of approx. 8,000 freshman. So, apparently the universities also felt that my daughter was unique. She completed her freshman year in pre-medical studies with a 4.0 GPA, Captain of dance team that competes at the collegiate level, and paid research job. This year she added sorority to her list of activities.

Of note is that my daughter did not obtain any letters of recommendation prior to rushing at this university as the Panhellenic Council advised it was not necessary. She faced the challenge of rushing as an out-of-state student and one who is rushing as a sophomore. However, I think her academic achievements, extra-curricular activities, physical fitness & looks balanced those negatives. She ended up with the maximum number of chapters on her list the third day of Rush and narrowed that down to her favorite two chapters for Preference Day and received a bid from one of her favorite chapters. BTW- she loves her sorority and really enjoys being busy ALL the time!

For those that expressed exasperation that my descriptions "did not add up":
Dance is the most important thing to my daughter as an extra-curricular. That is why she was not interested in doing all the work required of SEC Greek life involvement. Most recently, we discussed she might have to drop either dance or her sorority if the sorority she joined would not excuse for from meetings when she had dance practice. She told me she would drop the sorority if she had to chose between the two. She also told me that being physically fit was more important to her than sorority. Also something to keep in mind- dance offers some of the same social aspects that a sorority offers, although not to the same extent.

My daughter currently has five older dance friends in sororities at UA, Mississippi and South Carolina. I am sure there will be more, given the large size of her dance studio and all the people she knows in the dance world. If any of her younger dance friends plan to go to school in the south, I will be sure to refer them to this site for the wonderful advice you provide to PNMs. Again, thanks to those of you who showed true concern and well-meaning advice regarding the SEC sorority recruitment process. She realized that that environment was probably not a good fit for her. Thanks to your advice, my daughter made college choices that she is very happy with. ��

Last edited by JLCo; 09-29-2017 at 09:45 PM.
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