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Old 07-11-2001, 03:07 AM
SLOTheta SLOTheta is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2001
Location: San Luis Obispo
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Post What are the houses (Fraternities and Sororities) like on your campus?

I tried posting a similar topic earlier, but didn't really hear much back. I'd really like to know how all the houses are, not only just the 'popular' ones...the good girls, the good guys, the sweethearts??? The total HOTTIES!! It's fun to hear how everyone fairs!
Don't forget to give us a little background on your campus.

At Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, 17,000 students, 20 fraternities, 6 sororities, 8 Multicultural sororities and Fraternities:

Pikes are the largest, with 110 guys, they are the jocks that think they are fabulous. Athletic, partiers, good looking...we were paired with them for Greek Week and they didn't give a damn about us, only about winning, they won by a HUGE margin.

Sigma Chi (50+) used to be a strong, large house, but were kicked off because a pledge that was dropped filed a lawsuit, it was thrown out, but CP hates greeks and any excuse to kick them off, they will. They are the "Wonder Boys" beautiful, wealthy, athletic, leaders among men types...cocky, stuck up, they hang out with the Alpha Phi's and Gamma Phi's. I have to say they are one of the closest knit groups, you always see them out in packs boyfriend is a Sigma Chi

Lambda Chi (60+)- big, athletic group, they throw great parties, most of them are nice guys, my ex was a Lambda Chi

Kappa Sig (75+): They used be the nicest, most down to earth guys, not they are HUGE, they grew too fast and got cocky, too. Talented guys, usually they win Mr. Fraternity and lots of sporting events.

Theta Chi: new cute group of guys, they haven't been around long, but they have great looking, fun guys that we all want to hang with.

Smaller houses that arean't highly regarded:
TKE (20 guys), DU (maybe 15), Sigma Nu (20), even though the Nu's are small, super nice guys, we like hanging out with them because they aren't all caught up in themselves.

Alpha Phi: The coke heads...typical sorority girls, all blonde, beautiful, wealthy, but STUCK UP. They always win greek week.

Gamma Phi Beta: Cookie cutter girls, barbies, but brunette and blonde ones. Stuck up party girls who think they are the best at everything.

AChiO: Mixed group of girls, they are popular, and fun, a little snooty at times. They have notoriously bad rush policies...they promise and pull back bids, extend bids early and then take them the next quarter...sneaky girls when it comes to rush.

Sigma Kappa: Nice, down to earth girls, not super attractive, but few good looking girls, you don't hear very much about them. But all the fraternities like them because they are down to earth.

Kappa Alpha Theta:
We have had some bad rushes. 5 years ago, we were going for numbers and it killed us in terms of quality, we a few years we were known as the 'big' girls, these past two years, we have had kick butt rushes and are coming up...we now have some of the most beautiful and active girls on campus, one of our Thetas was Homecoming Queen, we have a couples professional models in the house, we are looking up! Our National reputation is definately helping us. But through it all, we have been known as the down to earth fun girls.

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Old 07-12-2001, 03:44 AM
Dreamerchick Dreamerchick is offline
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Location: Northern Cali
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This is from California State Northridge - about 9 fraternities and 6 sororities (this does not include the multicultural ones)

Phi Deltz- Really cool group of guys and very athletic. Most of the guys here are 21 yrs old and up and very much HOTTIES. fav fraternity...because even though their house is dry....THEY STILL KNOW HOW TO PARTY!!
Sigma Chi- BABYCUTE guys. Your typical white pretty boys. Has the finest and HOTTEST guys, but they all pretty much look alike... cute but cocky.
PIKE's- VERY athletic group of boys, couple of cute guys...won many times for all around fraternity sports league.
SAE's- These are your sweethearts, down to earth they have the nicest pad. SWEET GUYS is all I have to say about this group...SWEET and NICE.
ZBT and sig ep's throw really cool parties.. bouple of cute guys.
TKE'S- not really that known as well. Has a large amount of asians.
Fiji- not really that known...small group of guys...if anyone has heard of these guys... dorks.
Alpha Phi- The PARTY GIRLS of the campus. Very pretty girls with a lot of confidence. Liked by a lot of guys because they don't give a F*** what anyone thinks, but not too much liked by others because they are known as sluts.
AZD- The down to earth girls, cute but a majority of them are quiet, shy girls... they are known as the teasers. Really nice group of girls.
AOPI's- Nice group of girls... has a lot of asians...very athletic.
KKG- The rich girls of the campus... your typical blond hair blue eyed sorority.
Tri-delts- nice girls...known as a little weird from what I hear...
Sigma Kap- VERY small group of girls... kinda unknown...

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Old 07-12-2001, 10:57 PM
idahovandal idahovandal is offline
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Location: Moscow
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These are just the reputations, I do not necessarily believe all of what I’m saying because I don’t know everything from first-hand experience. This is how the campus knows them, unless otherwise stated. We have a lot of fraternities so this should take a looooong time…


Alpha Gamma Delta: Known as being pretty down-to-earth, but a little on the slutty side.

Alpha Phi: Most of the guys just love them. Most girls hate them because they’re stereotypical in a lot of ways. They have a lot of cute girls, and are known as the ‘high class sluts.’ They have a pretty nice house—one of the bigger ones.

Delta Delta Delta: Known as the ‘big girls’ although there are only a few big girls in the house. Very stereotypical and catty. Drive a lot of people crazy. Their numbers are getting lower and lower every year.

Delta Gamma: A lot of fraternities and other sororities like them. They’re pretty well-rounded. No big complaints from anybody about them. Seem pretty cool.

Gamma Phi Beta: Don’t really hear a lot about them. Have a nice, new house.

Kappa Delta: Probably the ugliest sorority house. This tends to draw the less-superficial girls and so nobody dislikes them. They’re very down-to-earth and are fun to party with.

Kappa Kappa Gamma: Very difficult to get into if you aren’t rich or a legacy. Known as the ice queens, but I hear they’re very nice girls. Kinda secretive about stuff.

Pi Beta Phi: Referred to as the ‘low class sluts.’


Alpha Gamma Rho: Our ‘cowboy fraternity’ Very very low numbers, very small house.

Alpha Kappa Lambda: They’re dry, but they still know how to party. Gotta love those guys!

Alpha Tau Omega: Don’t hear too much about them, pretty nice house, pretty quiet/cool guys.

Beta Theta Pi: Good partiers, not the wildest bunch though.

Delta Chi: HOT HOT HOOOOOT boys, good parties, great group of guys. Gotta love the d-chis.

Delta Sigma Phi: They have an awesome house—it’s shaped like a castle and has secret passageways and stuff. They’re not really talked about a whole lot, I THINK they just became wet again, but I’m not sure.

Delta Tau Delta: Throw huge parties all the time, have a diverse group of guys. Pretty laid back guys.

Farmhouse: Dry house again. Have never partied with them, but I know a few.

Kappa Sigma: Throw good parties, have some HOT guys, and a few weird ones. Not the most well-liked guys (known to be assholes)

Phi Delta Theta: Phi Delts seem cool, but I hardly hear anything about them.

Phi Gamma Delta (fiji): Weird boys. They’re secretive. Just got in a bunch of trouble for hazing and now their dry.

Phi Kappa Tau: Have NEVER heard a thing about them. Pretty quiet, never party.

Pi Kappa Alpha: Crazy assholes. \ They have a shithole for a house and they’re not very cute, but they know how to have fun. Rivals with their neighbors the AKL’s (they usually start fights by throwing beer bottles at the AKL house…)

Sigma Alpha Epsilon: A few hotties, not very good parties. They’re house sorta resembles a barn on the outside.

Sigma Chi: Some HOTTIES. Damn. Their house is more like little apartments. I heard they were kinda girlie. I dunno, I just think they’re cute.

Sigma Nu: All fraternities HATE them. Sometimes called the “Abercrombie assholes.” I don’t know any personally.

Tau Kappa Epsilon: Known as the Teek Geeks. I had a few in my classes and I thought they were sweeties though. They don’t seem like fraternity guys at all. They have a weird looking house, too.

Theta Chi: Will be coming back next year. They shut down a few years ago because of low membership.

Gotta go, thunderstorm. Power’ll go out soon.

Idaho! Idaho!
Go!! Go!! Go!!
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