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Old 05-30-2005, 02:59 AM
erincredible85 erincredible85 is offline
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Minimally Structured Recruitment

hey everyone! I am the VP of recruitment at my school, UNC Asheville. We just got changed to Minimal structure at SEPC this past April. If anyone has any stories, tips, suggestions, or words of wisdom post them! Also, we are looking for some new ways to reach out to girls on our campus...our total is at 35 right now and neither of our 2 sororities are at that. So we need a Greek Life makeover. We flier, chalk, sit tables, and we are holding a pancake brunch as well as a Greek Games for all of campus. Any ideas? We have to get our numbers way up!!! Thanks so much!!!
-not done, but soon it will be!!!
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Old 05-30-2005, 09:52 AM
CarolinaCutie CarolinaCutie is offline
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For starters, I think that the new minimally structured format will help you out a lot, so that's a plus.

But from what I know of UNCA, it's a very non-traditional campus, with lots of students who aren't necessarily the "sorority type". I would suggest doing some sort of PR where Greeks are involved with other campus activities (like helping present a campus program or maybe helping with an awareness day of some sort). You've got to show those girls who are anti-Greek "just because" that maybe sorority life could be for THEM. Do something that is helpful and shows that the Greeks care about what happens at UNCA. Participate in anything that showcases your diversity and sisterhood; break the mold and show the students at your school that sorority girls are just like them.

Maybe consider doing a flyer as a Panhellenic or as a Greek system that lists the benefits of being Greek? I just have a strong feeling that there's lots of girls at your school who either don't know what sorority life is about, or have a preconceived notion that's incorrect.

Finally, flyers and chalking don't recruit people. People recruit people. Each girl in your chapter should be responsible for adding potential members to a potential member file (an index card holder is ideal for this). Invite these girls to events that you're already having. Find those girls who you think would make perfect sisters and pursue them! Sometimes all it takes is individually showing a woman what she can gain from going Greek.
phi mu
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Old 05-31-2005, 12:12 AM
alphaalpha alphaalpha is offline
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warning, long post.

Of course i am not familar with your campus and my suggestions goes with the satement, do what works best for your campus.

Anyway, why not do sometime of welcome for women, like say a games night. I know it is cheesy, but my church did it and its a great way to meet people and talk to them.

Do some time of welcome ceremony at the start of the school year for freshmen women. I have heard of some really beautiful campus welcome stories that involved candlights.

Or maybe a event at the start of the years such as a series of learn college study skill sesions to help acclimate the new women to college.

don't push rush, but just act like hey we are doing this out of the goodness of our hearts to be nice and we are not doing this to recruit women. It s a matter of attitude that i think people respond to. It like saying (in action) we don't need anyone we are fine as we are, we are just doing nice things cause that is what we do. I hope that i am explaining this right.

This way, when rush comes around (if it is not before school starts) then the new women aready associate the sororities with being nice, having fun, ect. I really don't mean to be rude, but i think that when people, organizations try to hard as in too much poblicity it comes off as we are desperate and we are in dire need of people. doing some activities such as i suggested comes off as, hey we are great and like to have fun, we don't need anyone else, but if you want to join us that is great. Its a different perception based on my own experiences and since i do not know your school i can only make assumptions about what the climate of your school is.

good luck.

PS. if you search around the site there are has a lot of great advise about increase chapter size. look around and i bet you will find some great advise.
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Old 06-08-2005, 10:02 PM
jwright25 jwright25 is offline
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I am just over the mountain at East Tennessee State University.... I know that one of your sororities has a chapter here. Perhaps ask nearby chapters from the two organizations to come in for a big spirit weekend or something before you start recruiting. If you can double your numbers by bringing in sisters from neighboring universities, that's a start and will make you more noticeable on campus.

Another thought is to enist the help of boys. This is walking a fine line, as NPC expressly forbids the use of men during recruitment, but you can use them beforehand and work together to increase their numbers as well. Get a Greek system-wide tshirt that screams "GO GREEK" with everyone's letters that everyone, no matter their affiliation, will get. Have buttons made. Since you only have two sororities, you can afford to even get the buttons that say "I heart AZD" and "I heard GPhiB" and have boys stick both on their backpacks.

Order the exact same bumper sticker for every person in each chapter. I love those colorful round ones with polka dots and just the name of the chapter. When students see them over and over again, it just sticks with them and will perhaps induce curiosity. Like these....

Ask the coordinator for incoming freshman orientation if you can make a presentation at their sessions. Or at the very least if you can place an informational flyer in their packets. Our university's housing director will allow us to give flyers to the RAs of the freshman dorm and they leave them on the beds of the women.

We've tried a lot of things around here, tons have worked - a few haven't! I'm happy to continue with you via email or PM since I've created an awfully long post.
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