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Old 01-15-2015, 01:55 AM
gfsm gfsm is offline
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A Fashionable Recruitment

Marie Claire
Lou Lou

Background: I am a third year student and am really excited about hopefully joining a sorority. I have a 3.0 GPA. I know that my age will be a factor, because I am already so far into my education, but I feel why not try. I want to join a sorority, because I feel my schools lacks a community and I want to feel part of something that is just bigger than me, and finally to help the community.

Round 1:

My first house that I visited was Instyle. I could hear the girls cheering as I stood outside the door. They were that loud! The girl who picked me up reassured me that my age would not be a big deal during recruitment, because she too joined in her 3rd year. The next girl who switched was super fun and easily to talk to. We talked about school and different tv shows that we watched and ranked the likeness of characters. It did not feel forced at all. The last girl I talked to was a bit harder to talk to, but as I was leaving I felt that I had an amazing time and hoped to come back.

I had an amazing time at Elle, but was nervous for the fact that I knew a couple of the girls from classes that I took in first and second year. The girl who picked me up was super fun and interesting. We chatted about the blog that the Panhellenic set up to get PNMs get ready for recruitment. Their theme was amazing and really different than all the others. It was a memorable experience!

I was really excited to visit Nylon. I read their website and researched their philanthropy before coming and I felt really strongly about it, because it is so dear to my heart. The girl who picked me up was extremely hard to talk to. The conversation did not flow easily and it was interrupted with many awkward pauses. I felt that I carried most of the conservation and she kept asking me about the other themes that the other sororities were doing. I tried to change the conservation but she seemed more interested in the other sororities than me. I also would have liked to meet some more active members since they never rotated.

Lou Lou was also another house I was excited to visit. I really enjoyed their theme, because I horseback ride during my spare time. I spoke to the president, but found it extremely hard to hear her, because the small room was packed with 20 plus girls. I also spoke to another member, but again found it hard to follow the conservation, because of the noise. It was great getting look through their scrapbook and see the girls enjoying the socials, sisterhood and retreats.

I was extremely nervous to visit Vogue, because I knew a girl in it and we were not on the best terms. None the less I had a great time talking with the two girls about executive positions within the chapter and what a sorority and sisterhood means to them. While I was having a great time, I felt that my chances of joining this sorority were slim, because the girl I do not get along with is extremely active in the sorority and is respected by the members. I was not sure if she would want me to join her sorority,

I was not excited at all the visit Marie Claire, but boy was I wrong. Everything felt right. The people I met were fantastic and I really connected with the 2nd girl I spoke to. It really clicked. Their theme was super fun and everyone seemed super welcoming and excited to meet everyone. I felt that this was the house that I had the best experience in all day.

Lastly I went to W. I had not really heard much about this house. The girl who picked me up was friendly, but the conservation was dry on both ends. After a tiring day I did not talk and ask as many questions as I should have. The next girl was extremely fun and I felt that the conservation was not just about school, but my vacation and the best restaurants to go to in the city. It felt not like we were not strangers in an interview, but like I had known this girl for a while.

After a tiring day I ranked my choices

1. Marie Claire
1. Elle
1. Instyle
1. W
1. Vogue
2. Lou Lou
3. Nylon

That Night: Once I got home it was about 11 pm and after a long day of classes and visiting houses I was unsure what I wanted. Was recruitment the right thing for me? Would I be invited back to any? Was this a far fetch dream?

Round Two:

That morning I checked my schedule online.

Marie Claire
Lou Lou

I was a bit disappointed to find I had only be invited back to two houses out of the possible five, but not super shocked, because I was in my third year and I knew that not every girl could be invited back to all the houses that they saw. At least my top choice invited me back! After having breakfast with my mother ( who was against me going through recruitment) could see I was a bit sad told me to pick my head up and put a smile on my face, because she knew this was something I wanted to see through. With that little bit of encouragement I was ready to go.

I had another amazing time visiting Marie Claire. The house tour was so much fun getting to see the rooms, the old composites and the philanthropy video. This time I was paired up with two active members and another PNM. I found it a bit hard to talk with the actives, because the other girl would talk over me and not let me get a word edge wise. I should have made more of an effort being the first one to answer the questions, but I am a shy, reserved person. On my way out I met the girl from the day before who I clicked so well with. She told me she hoped to see me again tomorrow and I felt that same way.

Then was Lou Lou. I was happy to go back and learn more about their sorority. However, because of the bus that took us between houses was late I missed the first few minutes of their house tour. I hoped this would not look badly on me. I learnt about the different stages of their sorority and what being part of a sisterhood meant to them. I also met a girl who attended my high school and we bonded over it. However it was still so hard to hear them, because so many people were in the living room. Even though it was not my first choice I hoped that I would be invited back tomorrow for pref to see their ceremony and meet more actives to get a better feel of the chapter.


1. Marie Claire
1. Lou Lou

Round Three:

I woke up the next day to check my schedule and to my disappointment I had been dropped from both houses. I was a crushed, but hid my emotions from my parents. I questioned what I did wrong. Did I not say or wear the right thing? Did I not speak up enough? For the rest of the day I was a bit upset but that night when people I knew began to post bid day photos all over facebook it really hurt, because I was not there celebrating with any house. The next day I did get a call to COB Vogue, but I felt because it was not a guarantee of getting a bid I did not want to go through the process and get hurt again.

Reflections: A Semester After

While recruitment did not work out successfully for me I am not angry or upset with the system. It works for some, but not all. I did my best and tried to present myself in the best way possible. The experience however did help me work on my confidence and to not be so shy in public. I joined other clubs and even become a exec member on a club and have had an amazing time planning events for them. I wish I could have received a bid, gone through pledging and become an initiated member and belong to a sisterhood that was not just for 4 years but life, but I am sure there will be other fun and exciting opportunities for me as I graduate and grow up.
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Old 01-15-2015, 09:16 AM
etadrisophila etadrisophila is offline
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Thanks for sharing your story. Your wisdom and maturity will serve you well. Best wishes as you work toward graduation!

"I am often at my best when things look the worst." -Meb Keflezighi
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Old 01-15-2015, 01:09 PM
sigmagirl2000 sigmagirl2000 is offline
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Thank you for sharing your story. I'm sorry it didn't work out the way you had hoped.
ΣΚ one heart one way

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Old 01-15-2015, 02:36 PM
andthen andthen is offline
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I applaud you for putting yourself out there and going through recruitment even if you were a third year student. Granted things did work out as you had expected or hoped for. However, its good to see that you were able to move forward and find activities you could get involved with.

I wish you the best as you finish up school and I hope your ability to be resillient will pay off in other ways as you move ahead with your future.
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Old 01-15-2015, 04:22 PM
pinksequins pinksequins is offline
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I also like that you dusted yourself off, found other opportunities and developed the confidence that you desired. I am sorry that recruitment did not work out as hoped, but your maturity and good attitude portends good things in your future!
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Old 01-15-2015, 09:21 PM
hollyday hollyday is offline
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Thank you for sharing this! I'm a third year too with a similar gpa planning on going through recruitment. I realistically know my chances are slim but its better to at least try than to always wonder "what if". I'm glad you found other things to get involved in that you enjoy! That's my plan as well if the whole recruitment thing doesn't work out.
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