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Old 11-29-2015, 10:58 PM
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An Edible Recruitment.

Recruitment was held on two consecutive weekends. The Saturday of the first weekend was Spirit Day, where we visited all nine of the chapters and learned a little about them. The Sunday was Philanthropy Day, where we could be invited back to a maximum of seven houses to do a craft and learn about their philanthropy.

In the middle of the two weekends, there was a five day break for classes, Monday to Friday, and then recruitment resumed, with the second Saturday being Sisterhood Day, the second Sunday being Pref Day, and the Monday, Labor Day, being Bid Day.

Before recruitment had started, I did a lot of research on it and the sororities themselves. In the broad sense, in that I looked up recruitment in general and talked to those who had gone through recruitment, as opposed to stalking the chapters (although I did do a bit of that too…). I was prepared for the outcome of not having a perfect recruitment and possibly not even joining a house at all, and I genuinely just wanted to go through the process and meet some awesome people, and if I realized that a sorority wasn’t for me, then there was no harm in trying.

I named the chapters in this story after foods that I was craving during recruitment, but was too nervous to eat!

The chapters were:
Ice Cream
Peanut Brittle
Rocky Road
Chocolate Chips
As well as Apple Pie, which is new to campus this year.
Apple Pie participated only in the first round, with an informational spiel.

The Thursday before recruitment started, we had an informational session, but, talking to other girls in my recruitment group, I left with more questions than I had come in with. One thing that was stressed to us was that we'd pick information up as that we went along, and that the whole week would feel like a blur. Reassuring.

The first two days of recruitment were held in the Student Union, and the chapters were all in different rooms.
Old 11-29-2015, 11:01 PM
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Ooh, we haven't had a recruitment story in a while! Excited to see where it goes!
Old 11-29-2015, 11:02 PM
altheafl altheafl is offline
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Day 1 - Spirit Day:

I went to WAFFLES first, incredibly nervous. At the door, we were reminded ‘teeth and teacards’, and to smile widely. We had a great conversation about musical theatre and the local area, but both I and my rusher were extremely nervous, and you could tell.

Leaving WAFFLES, I realized that the I really had no reason to be so nervous, and I decided to do the best that I could. At the next house, PANCAKES, conversation flowed comfortably. When she revealed that she had gone to Brussels the past summer, we had an in depth conversation about the Tulip museum there, which I had visited when I was seven or eight. Completely random, but it was incredibly fun. I genuinely didn’t want to leave this house.

Next, I headed upstairs to PEANUT BRITTLE. I had heard various rumors about this house, negative rumors, but I decided to put them behind me. So what it felt like everyone was talking about them? I could form my own opinion, thank you very much. As the doors flew open, I did just that, form my own opinion, and I was completely taken aback. Everything in the room was bright orange and pink, from the flowers, to their letters, to the girls’ deep tans and neon pink dresses. It was a mixture of Barbie and Elle Woods come to life. But who am I to judge these girls by their appearances? As I was picked up at the door and lead into the room, I struck up conversation. When the conversation turned to study abroad, my rusher mentioned that one of their sisters had studied abroad the year before. ‘Wait right here, I’ll go and get her.’ As she rushed off, I stood there, for what felt like five minutes, waiting for her to return. She finally did return, apologizing and saying that she couldn’t find her. This struck me as so strange, and almost laughable, but the party was over and I was being lead out the door. The girls seemed sweet though, I just was very confused.

Next us was ICE CREAM, and they were the first sorority to have an adorable theme, unless you count orange and pink as being a theme? Everything from their door stack to their letters to their drinks were themed, and it was so fun! I was handed a drink with a wedge of fruit on it, and my rusher whispered ‘You’ve got fruit. That’s usually a good sign’ and then winked at me. What? I was so confused. The conversation was slightly awkward, and my rusher seemed to run out of topics, so I stepped in and singlehandedly lead the conversation. I came out of this house with the impression that these girls were slightly awkward, but sweet. I liked them, but I had the feeling that they didn’t reciprocate, as my rusher seemed to be looking everywhere, but at me, her eyes flirting around the room.

The last house before lunch, I went to CHEESECAKE. This was the first house which I was double rushed at, and I talked to the girl I was being rushed with outside the door about what we’d done during high school. I talked about an inclusive theatre which I was a part of that accepted those of all physical and mental abilities, and how it was so great to be able to have children as young as five or six with autism or in wheelchairs be able to collaborate in the theatrical process. As we went in, we went to the corner of the room with our rusher. When she asked the two of us what we were involved with in high school, we both piped up that we did theatre. The other girl that I was rushed with started talking about the theatre that she was involved with, the only problem being that she was telling my exact story, almost word for word. I felt as if I was in a movie, but I nodded along with her story, trying not to let it show. When my rusher turned to me and asked about the theatre that I was involved in, I managed to splutter out ‘Umm, well it was pretty similar to hers, actually.’ Ouch. Not one of my finest moments. Leaving this house, I felt as if these girls were so incredibly genuine, but that they’d never want me back. I mean, not after that performance. Yikes.

We all headed to the tables for lunch. I genuinely couldn’t tell you for the life of me what I ate for lunch that day. It was a total blur.

After lunch, we took group pictures, and luckily had a presentation from the sorority which was colonizing on our campus, APPLE PIE, meaning that we could relax for a few minutes. The presentation was captivating, and genuinely made me want to join the colony, my only two reasons not to were that I really liked the idea of a sorority house being a hub of activity at which to meet, do activities and chill (the colonizing sorority wouldn’t have a house), and the fact that a large part of the sorority would be made up of your fellow sisters, and with a colony, I wasn’t sure that I’d really get to ‘choose’ my sisters in the way that I did during recruitment. They sound like stupid reasons typed out here, but they felt as if they made enough sense at the time.

We then all headed to ROCKY ROAD, where I was also double rushed. The weird thing about this house was that despite us being double rushed, there was a group of about 40 sisters standing at the opposite end of the room, just staring at us. Kinda creepy, but I figured that they were taking a break and alternating rounds rushing. We didn’t really get much of a chance to talk much past the basics (Name, Major, Hometown, Hobbies) as they had a five minute song interlude in which they clapped and sang songs in the middle of the party. This was fun and cute, but seemed a little excessive. The girls which I talked to seemed fun, and I couldn't wait to get to know them better by talking a little more. As I walked out of the party, my rusher grabbed my arm and told me that she really loved talking to me, and that she couldn’t wait to see me tomorrow and for us to be sisters. Woah. I smiled back at her, but I felt as if this was going a little too far, and compared it to saying ‘I love you’ on the first date.

The next chapter was in the room right next door, and I was excited as I had talked to a couple of girls in this chapter before and they were super sweet. The CHOCOLATE CHIP that picked me up at the door was funny at first, and I felt totally at home, but then she started going on a rant about how bitchy girls are, and about how all girls do is backstab and screw each other over. It was surreal, and I was thankful when the next girl in the bump group came to pick me up. Why exactly is talking about that meant to make me want to join your sorority? Yet, when she introduced me to the next girl, the prefaced it with ‘and we were talking about how bitchy girls can be.’ Awesome. Again, as I was leaving, the final girl that I was talking to told me that she couldn’t wait to see me tomorrow, just like the house before. Okay, I thought, maybe that’s just something that all of the sororities say.

Eight down, two to go. Again, DONUTS was another house that there were a lot of rumous about, both ones about them being promiscuous, which really didn’t bother me, as that’s nothing to judge people on, and another rumor which unsettled me a little more. Again, I pushed them aside, and made my own opinions. Walking in the door, I was double rushed with an awesome girl in my group. After going through the name and hometown questions, we started talking about hobbies. I mentioned that I was really into musical theatre, photography and art, as well as that I had really gotten into web design recently, as nerdy as that may sound. The girl in my group mentioned that she really liked to bake. Our rusher wouldn’t take this, and kept pushing her to mention someone else, claiming that baking wasn’t a real hobby, and that even mentioning it was pathetic. It got really uncomfortable, to the point that I felt as if she bas bulling my fellow rushee, and I was glad when we got out of there.

Onto the last house. BROWNIES. I was tired, losing my voice, and I really just wanted to be done, but I drank some water, took a deep breath, and brushed my hair. One more house, and then I could go home, I told myself. Maybe grab some tea on the way back to my dorm. Walking into the room and talking to my rusher, oh my gosh. I had the best conversations that I’d had all day. I genuinely laughed out loud, and I felt as if I had known these girls for months, years, not just a few minutes. One of my rushers kept apologizing that she was losing her voice, but it really didn’t make a difference, she was so captivating that it didn’t matter. As we were walking out, my rusher asked me a completely random question, prefacing it with a disclaimer that she’d asked everyone that she talked to today it. It was such a strange question, but it just confirmed to me, these are my people. Giving my answer, she paused for a second. Wait, did I say something stupid? Oh no, did I mess up my chances with these awesome girls? Uh oh. Luckily, I hadn't, and she told me that mine was the best answer that she’d heard all day, and she said it with such sincerity that I genuinely believed her. I loved these girls, and I really hoped that they invited me back.

Ranking the houses, we could go back to a maximum of 7 the next day, so we ranked our top 7 in alphabetical order, as our 7 number 1’s, and our bottom two as our number 2 and 3.

As number 2 I ranked PEANUT BRITTLE and as number 3 I ranked DONUTS. Honestly, I really didn’t mind which ones I was invited back to the next day, I had great conversations, and I met at least one girl which I liked at all of the houses, plus fifteen minute conversations with up to three people really aren’t representative of the whole chapter.

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Old 11-29-2015, 11:03 PM
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Just saying, I have this all typed up in a word document, so I'll try and post it as quickly as possible, without overwhelming you all.
How often would it be best to post this? One day of recruitment every day?
Happy reading!

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So the other PNM at Cheesecake basically plagiarized the story you'd told her outside? Some of your experiences could go in the "Weird Rush Stories" thread!

Post the rest over a day or two. That keeps readers happy!

Rooting for Brownies!
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Old 11-30-2015, 01:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Sciencewoman View Post
So the other PNM at Cheesecake basically plagiarized the story you'd told her outside? Some of your experiences could go in the "Weird Rush Stories" thread!

Post the rest over a day or two. That keeps readers happy!

Rooting for Brownies!
Pretty much, yes. She changed a couple of details, like the musical that she 'performed' but other than that, it was the exact same story that I had told her only minutes before. The whole process was slightly surreal. Sometimes I look back on the days and I'm mystified that it all actually happened. I'm heading to bed now, but I'll post another two days tomorrow.

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altheafl, your experience with Brownies sounds almost identical to my rush experience at Alpha Delta Pi (a thousand years ago)! Hope you have a great outcome!
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Old 11-30-2015, 08:05 PM
altheafl altheafl is offline
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Day 2:

I met with my group at 8am, and schedules were to be given out at 8.30am, with events starting at 10. I was so excited. I had had an awesome day the day before, talking to so many wonderful girls, and as I had volunteered a lot in high school, philanthropy day was the day which I was most excited about.

At 8.35, I was given my event schedule, and my heart dropped. I didn’t have seven chapters, or even five. I had four. I felt terrible. The two chapters from the day before, ROCKY ROAD and CHOCOLATE CHIP, which had told me that they couldn’t wait to talk to me tomorrow had dropped me. I felt awful, and immediately I doubted myself. Was it because of the way I looked? Was it because my makeup didn't look right, or was I not thin enough? All the girls in the chapters seemed so perfect, so put together and I just felt so insufficient in comparison.

I gave myself five minutes to wallow in my sadness, and then I pulled myself together. Looking at my schedule again, I still had BROWNIE, my favorite from the day before, as well as WAFFLES, PANCAKES and CHEESECAKE. They were all great houses, and I would be so lucky to join any one of them.

What was I even worried about? Numbers? I only needed one house in the end anyway. The chapters who didn’t invite me back obviously did so for a reason, and if it was a superficial one, then I wouldn’t want to be their sister anyway. If it was for a non-superficial reason, then they know their chapters better than mine, and they’re sure to know how good a fit I’d be with them. A smile on my face, I went off to my first event at 10am.

The one difference between this day and the first day was that I was no longer going around with my recruitment group, I was now on my own, having to find the rooms and line up outside the doors. I was terrified that I was going to get lost or be late and be dropped from a house. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

I went to WAFFLES first, and while I felt slightly iffy about them the day before, I was now absolutely in love. They had alumni handing out drinks, and there was something about that which just touched my heart. The fact that these women were WAFFLEs so many years ago, yet they held their organization in their heart these many years later and were willing to come back and support their organization just meant so much. I didn’t completely understand their philanthropy at first, but after watching a video about it, I was nearly in tears. We then went over to tables to do the craft, making little tutus out of tulle. I spent more time talking to the girl in the chapter than doing the craft, as I didn’t want to seem rude, as if I was more interested in the craft than I was in her. One thing that I noticed with my rusher was that she kept looking away, almost as if she was bored with me. I put this down to my paranoia, but as she walked me out, my heart soared. I was so happy, I loved this chapter!

In between WAFFLES and my second chapter, CHEESECAKE, I had a two hour break. Sitting with five or six of my friends, it was SO HARD not to talk about recruitment. We were told that if we talked about the houses which we went to or our conversations, we could be released from recruitment. Obviously, I didn’t want that, so we got to know each other, talking about where we were from and a little about ourselves. Not to be a tattletale, but all around us, everyone was finding it awfully hard to not to talk about their chapters. So hard, in fact, that they hadn’t resisted the urge, and were talking openly about the chapters which they did and didn’t like. Oh.

One of my close friends was feeling really down because people seemed to widely be putting down the chapter which she loved so much. I reminded her that different chapters are for different people, and as long as she likes the chapter and they like her back, that’s all that really matters, as cheesy as that sounds.

When the two hours were up, I went off to CHEESECAKE, a spring in my step. This was another house which I had not been sure about the day before, especially as it had felt like a total disaster the day before, but after how much I had loved WAFFLES, I really wanted to give this house a chance. This was the one house which I felt was being their true selves, and not putting on a front for recruitment. Obviously every house wants to appear to be their best during recruitment, but this house was just felt so original, down to the fact that they all did their own little dances to their songs, as opposed to all doing movements in unison.

I was walked in by my rusher, and we sat down together at a table in front of a large projector screen. I talked to the girl for a few minutes, and she confessed to me that this hadn’t been her first choice, but she had learned to love it as she went. I thought this to be a rather strange admission, but just put it down to their whole honestly policy. She explained the sorority’s philanthropies, one of which directly affected my mom a few years ago. I talked about how I’d volunteered in high school, and she noted that one of the activities which I’d volunteered with in high school was one which she had applied for, and they had offered her a job. Small world, huh? Their craft took about five seconds to do, but I liked the fact that it wasn’t a distraction from our conversation like it had been in other chapters. I left this chapter again, feeling pretty good.

I then had my last two events in a row. I rushed off to PANCAKE. This was another case of not really being sure about the sorority the first day, but falling in love the second. The girl who I talked to was so passionate about their philanthropy, and even though she was a senior and had a heavy workload, she was still super involved with her philanthropy as it meant so much to her. I noted in my rush booklet that I it seemed like a great chapter, but I wasn’t sure if it was a right fit for me.

I went to BROWNIE last. Last two days in a row. You would have thought this would have been my least favorite house, but instead they were my favorite. The only thing which wasn’t great about this house was the video which they showed, a slideshow of pictures set to music, but I’m looking for sisterhood, not video production skills!! These girls seemed so passionate about their philanthropy, and I felt it too. They gave us a cute little drink with sugar crystals around the rim. Did I drop those crystals all down my dress as well as managing to pour some of the drink on me too? Of course I did! Just my luck. Luckily, this was my last house of the day, and my rusher seemed to laugh it off. As she was walking me out, she talked about how her big had graduated, but they were so close, and their families treated them like one of them, going to each others’ school plays and thanksgiving dinners. I loved this house so much, but was so desperately terrified that they might not see the same in me, and not invite me back.

I wasn’t able to rank, as we were going back to five the next day, and I only had four, so I wrote the four in in alphabetical order, as told. I loved all four of them, but there was just something about BROWNIE that I wanted so much to be one of them.

After turning in my ranking, it hit me. How was I ever going to wait a week to find out?

The week break in between was awful! I worried myself sick, unsure if the houses that I loved would want me back, or even if I would be dropped from recruitment altogether.
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that week in between is a drag. great story. good luck with brownie!
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Can't wait to hear the rest!
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You have such a great attitude and kudos to you for giving that great advice to your friend. It's about finding the right group for YOU (or her in this case). What clicks with one person isn't going to work for another. Cheering for Brownies and really liked Waffles this round.
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Day 3, Sisterhood:
When Saturday came around, I was a bundle of nerves. As this weekend was talking place in Greek Village, I headed over there, my knees shaking and my heart thumping. What if I was dropped from the process altogether?

When I got to Greek Village, I was told that I had at least one house (Yes!) and that we would be given our schedules out in alphabetical order.
Our group’s meeting space in Greek Village was right in front of BROWNIE’s house and I remember that my worst fear was of being dropped from BROWNIE right in front of their house.

We could go to a maximum of five events today, and in the breaks between events, we would be waiting in one of the fraternity chapter rooms.
After what felt like forever, I was called up and given my schedule. I had gotten back CHEESECAKE, WAFFLES and BROWNIE. I wasn’t too devastated about being dropped from PANCAKE, as I felt as if it wasn’t the greatest fit for me, but it was still a wonderful house, and it sucked that they didn’t want me back. I also knew that one of my group leaders was a disaffiliated PANCAKE, as she had accidentally let it slip during the week.

My first chapter of the day was BROWNIE, and I lined up outside of the house in the heat. At the five minute knock, we did a cute little chant that went ‘HEY, WE WANT OUR XYZs. HEY, WE WANT OUR XYZs. HEY, WE WANT OUR XYZs.’ To which the girls inside the house would respond ‘HEY, WE WANT OUR PNMs. HEY, WE WANT OUR PNMs. HEY, WE WANT OUR PNMs.’ It was a cute way to get everyone’s minds off the intense heat. I remember the disaffiliated sorority members lining us up outside the chapter noting that one of the alumnae members who was helping out BROWNIES had been incredibly sweet, giving out hugs and cold water to these girls who were missing their sororities. There’s something about this intense alumni support that just gives me the warm fuzzies.

The doors flew open and the door chant began, and we were picked up at the door one by one. I was lead into their chapter room where they had round tables set up and I sat down with my rusher. After making small talk, she asked what exactly I wanted from a sorority. Honestly, I was taken aback by that question, and it took me a couple seconds to answer. I’d thought about it a lot, but I’d never had to verbalise my thoughts. I talked about how I’d love to have a support system of girls, who I could not only be supported by, but also be their to support in times of need. I talked about how I had an older sister who’s now quite far away, and how I missed her, as well as talking about my passion for volunteering, and interest in a leadership position.

When I had finished, I suddenly felt worried that I would be perceived as inarticulate, or that she would feel that I was rambling on too much, and cut me. Fun fact? I worry a LOT about the most ridiculous scenarios.

When we were sitting and talking, one of the sisters came round and handed us all chocolate milkshakes. To call them heavenly would be an understatement. After standing out in the heat, these creamy delights were an extremely welcomed addition.

We were ushered into the living room to watch a sisterhood video. Mostly consisting of clips of the girls laughing and hugging each other, it didn’t really tell me much about their sisterhood that I didn’t already know, except that they all looked super cute in flower crowns. Y’all know that’s very important to me in the choosing of a lifelong organization.

At the conclusion of the video, three of the sisters performed, with one playing the guitar and two harmonizing in song. They sang a song that I’d heard a couple of times before, but I’m assuming was chosen due to the line ‘Know you’re not alone, we’re going to make this place your home.’ Tears welled up in my eyes as I was struck by this sweet sentiment. I WASN’T alone, because these sweet ladies had chosen to invite me back twice, and so hopefully would want me in their sisterhood.

I didn’t drink the wonderful milkshake during the video out of a fear of looking rude, so when I left the house with only having drank about half of the milkshake, I was more than a little disappointed in myself.

Once the doors had closed after they finished clapping and singing, my heart sunk. I loved these girls so much, but what if they didn’t like me? Or what if they just liked other girls better? I reassured myself that I had three wonderful houses, and I’d be lucky to join any one of them.

I then had a three hour break in my schedule. If our breaks were three hours or longer, we could ‘Check Out’ of recruitment, hand in our nametag and booklet as long as we came back at a certain time.

I opted to ‘Check Out’ because as much fun as a farternity chapter room is, one’s dorm is just so much more fun.
After walking 15 minutes to my dorm in a pair of awfully uncomfortable shoes, I changed into a tshirt and shorts, set my alarm, and fell asleep.

Waking up two hours later, I headed back to Greek Village for my next event.

Checking in, I was notified that because my next event was quite far away, I could take the golf cart to get there and was I interested in doing that? Was I interested in doing that? Heck yes I was! Sitting in the golf cart with the wind whipping through my hair and laughing with two other girls, I surmised that THIS was the best moment of recruitment so far, milkshake be damned.

After thanking the girl for dropping us off in the gold cart, I went to go line up. After checking my breath, minty fresh, thanks to a POLO, and my hair, slightly flat, but doable, I saw two girls who I knew from other days going to WAFFLES too. I LOVED these girls, and I’d absolutely love to have them as sisters.

After a sweet conversation except for an awkward moment in which the response to my question ‘Do you have any stories which exemplify your sisterhood? (Which, come on, it’s sisterhood day!) was ‘Uhh, like, we go and get lunch together sometimes.’ I was lead into an adjacent room where we watched a video. As we were filing into our chairs to watch the video, the words to the song which they were singing about their values really touched me. While the other sororities largely sang about how ‘our sorority is the best’ or how they hoped we’d have a great time in the house, this chapter was singing about their treasured values.

Speaking of their video, that was great too. While chapters often film perfect videos of them blowing glitter or ‘throwing what they know’ while in a human pyramid, the video had ‘behind the scenes clips’ interspersed throughout the video of sisters getting glitter up their nose or struggling to get into the pyramid. This self awareness really made me like them that little bit more.

While most girls who I had been with at WAFFLES went off to rank, I had my last house of the day, CHEESECAKE in the last party of the day. Despite not being able to see this day’s video, it honestly didn’t matter. I had a meaningful conversations with all four of the girls which I talked to, and I was genuinely convinced me that I would fit in perfectly as a CHEESECAKE. I also loved the fact that they had weekly chapter wide nights in which the whole chapter would watch a movie or go on an outing, as this seemed like a great way to bond with my future sisters. As I left the house, I told the girl who I was talking to ‘I really hope I see you again tomorrow.’ And I meant it, with all of my heart.
The one big problem when you have a great time at all of the houses is that it then becomes awfully hard to pick your top two. The next day was preference day, and I could honestly see myself in any of the three houses, but I could only pick one.

I spent about 45 minutes sitting on a bench, trying to decide rankings. By this point, it was near 11pm, and I was tired, bitten up, and confused.

I ranked:


Honestly, to this day I couldn't tell you why I ranked Waffles third, or Brownies and Cheesecake first, but something about it just felt so right.

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I'm loving your story! Can't wait to find out where you end up! But you let two names slip in this last post so you may want to edit that
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Originally Posted by mizdove View Post
I'm loving your story! Can't wait to find out where you end up! But you let two names slip in this last post so you may want to edit that
Whoops! Thanks for pointing that out. Strangely enough, only one of the houses that I accidentally left the names in for was the right one, the other one I put the name of another house by accident. I blame it on the end of the semester tiredness.
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Day 4, Pref:
I came into Preference Day a bundle of nerves, worrying if the house ranking the night before had been the right thing to do. Should I have ranked WAFFLES as one of my top two instead of CHEESECAKE? Would WAFFLES have dropped me were I to do that? So many doubting questions buzzed around my head. This process was so important to me, and I really wanted to get it right.

Getting my schedule for the day, I saw on it BROWNIE and CHEESECAKE. I wanted to scream. Yes! They both wanted me back, BROWNIE especially.

I don’t want to say too much about the pref ceremonies, especially as I’m not sure how much is ritual, and how much is just added touches. Either way, both ceremonies were absolutely beautiful, and both made me cry.

I had CHEESECAKE first, and coming out of the preference ceremony, I felt strangely light. This was the house that I wanted. The former, non ritual part of the party had us sitting at candlelit tables, talking in hushed tones. The girls were perfect, the ceremony touching, and I knew that I didn't even have to make a choice. They were it.

In-between our two preference ceremonies, we sat in one of the fraternity houses. Obviously this was the day that the air conditioning in the house stopped working, so to say that we were hot would have been a understatement.

Two hours later, I got up from my place on the floor and made my way over to my second preference ceremony. I wasn't nervous. Why should I be? I knew that I had found my home at CHEESECAKE, so the ceremony at BROWNIE wasn't anything to be worried about, just a nice added extra.

Oh my gosh. I'm glad that I came in relaxed, because I loved BROWNIE to pieces. In the part of the party that wasn't the ritual ceremony, we sat on little tables and I talked to my FAVORITE girls that I had met in BROWNIE during recruitment. The sisters not talking then brought around little plates with an assortment of desserts on them. I was looking for a sisterhood, not a patisserie, but holy heck! There was a chocolate covered strawberry, a mini brownie (very fitting!) a fruit pastry, and a cookie with my name and the sorority's letters iced on it. I almost wanted to run outside and grab my phone, just to Instagram it. I never wanted to forget this moment. Talking to the final girl at the house, I laughed so hard that I snorted. Embarrassing? Maybe. But I loved it. Stepping out of the house one final time, just as the door closed, I burst into tears. I was so tired, but so happy, and I finally knew what my choice should be.

After a long speech about ranking and FERPAS (or some other acronym) we had to line up in a huge snaking line in order of our last name. Finally, I picked up my ranking sheet and a bid day tee.

I ranked:
1. Brownie
2. Cheesecake

For the first time, I ranked without a doubt in my mind. While I would be happy in either, Brownie was home.
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