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Old 05-25-2013, 10:46 PM
dukedg dukedg is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Oakland, CA
Posts: 1,102
I have added information about Delta Upsilon-Indiana/Purdue at Fort Wayne from data in this ANCHORA, page 26:

I will try to research other chapter histories from old ANCHORAs from time to time and update this list.
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Old 05-27-2013, 10:20 PM
dukedg dukedg is offline
GreekChat Member
Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Oakland, CA
Posts: 1,102
Kent State information updated based on page 20 of this ANCHORA:
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Old 04-25-2014, 08:53 PM
dukedg dukedg is offline
GreekChat Member
Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Oakland, CA
Posts: 1,102
Based on the latest ANCHORA, Zeta Omicron-Wilfrid Laurier closed on April 6, 2014. I have updated the master list to reflect the closure as well as the total chapter count. (page 18)
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Old 11-17-2014, 02:29 PM
dukedg dukedg is offline
GreekChat Member
Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Oakland, CA
Posts: 1,102
Congrats to the ladies of the Eta Tau chapter at Christopher Newport -- I have updated our list with the basic information. If anyone has details about installation, etc., please share!
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Old 06-29-2015, 05:38 PM
Cheerio Cheerio is offline
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Sorority Recruitment: Where happiness and family tradition sometimes meet!
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Old 10-02-2015, 08:49 AM
dukedg dukedg is offline
GreekChat Member
Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Oakland, CA
Posts: 1,102
I've updated the list to reflect the closure of Beta Rho-GW. I remember hanging out with them several times when I was a collegian and we'd go to DC for the weekend.

Hopefully, we'll have better news next with the Drexel colonization!
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Old 01-12-2016, 01:56 PM
dukedg dukedg is offline
GreekChat Member
Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Oakland, CA
Posts: 1,102
Welcome Eta Upsilon! (Sorry, I cannot update the list because the edit button is not currently available, but here it is.)

Originally Posted by dukedg View Post
Currently active: 146 Chapters

I wanted to keep this list going and accurate because we have gathered so much great information thus far. Please help me keep this list current! Here's what we have so far:

The additional information 'L' represents that a local petitioned DG, followed by the date the local was founded. The last, single number indicates DG's entry to the campus. (i.e., /2 means DG second NPC on campus. If no local petitioned, there will be a date to indicate when NPC came to the campus.

Psi (I)-Lewis School, MS (1873-1889)
Theta (I)-Fairmont College, TN (1877-1880)
Chi (I)-Water Valley Seminary, MS (1877-1880)
Upsilon (I)-Bolivar College, TN (1878-1881)
Phi(I)/Phi Alpha-Franklin College, IN (1878-1885)(1995-2009)
Eta-Akron, OH (1879)~1877/2

Delta (I)-Trinity College, TX (1880-1881)
Delta (II)-Hanover College, IN (1881-1887)
Omega-Wisconsin (1881)~1875/2
Sigma-Northwestern, IL (1882)~1881/2

Pi (I)-Fulton Synodical College, MO (1882-1885)
Alpha-Mount Union, OH (1882-1908)
Theta Beta-Case Western Reserve (2004/4) (formerly Theta II, Adelbert College 1883-1888)
Lambda-Minnesota (1883)~1880/2
Zeta-Albion, MI (1883)~1

Upsilon (II)-St Lawrence, NY (1884-1887)
Chi-Cornell, NY (1885)~1881/3
Xi-Michigan (1885)~1879/2
Phi-Colorado (1886)~1884/2
Tau-Iowa (1886) L: unnamed (1882/3)

Alpha Nu-Southern California (1922) L: BF (1902/1) (formerly Delta III, Southern California 1887-1897)
Kappa-Nebraska (1888) L: unnamed (3)
Psi (II)-Goucher, MD (1891-1950)
Upsilon(III)-Stanford (1897-1944) (1979-1999)
Theta-Indiana (1898) L: unnamed (1898/4)
Rho-Syracuse (1901) L: DSF(1899/7)
Beta-Washington (1903) L:DA (1900/1)
Iota-Illinois (1906) L: ZN (1905/8)
Gamma-California, Berkeley (1907) L: Pie Del Monte (1900/8)
Omicron-Adelphi, NY (1908) L:FDF (1903/1)
Mu-Missouri(1909) L: unnamed (1908/4)
Epsilon-Ohio State (1911) L: unnamed (1909/5)
Pi-Montana (1911) L:STG (1908/3)
Nu-Idaho (1911) L:BS (1900/2)

Alpha Beta-Swarthmore, PA (1912-1934)
Alpha Gamma-Toronto (1913-1976) L-SBP (1907/5)
Alpha Delta-Oregon (1913) L:LR (1908/9)
Alpha Epsilon-Washington University (1914-1973) (1990)
Alpha Zeta-Lawrence, WI (1915) L:QG and UXD Club (1903/3)
Alpha Eta-Whitman, WA (1916) L:GK and Girls Ministerial Assoc. (1903/1)
Alpha Theta-North Dakota (1916) L:BGY (1911/3)
Alpha Iota-Oklahoma (1918) L:FX (1915/7)
Alpha Kappa-Washburn, KS (1920) L: KKX (1910/3)
Alpha Lambda-Drake, IA (1921) L:IAW (1906/2)

Alpha Mu-Beloit (1922-1963)
Alpha Xi-West Virginia (1922) L: DSD (1919/5)
Alpha Omicron-Miami University, OH (1923) L: BFS (1920/5)
Alpha Pi-Arizona (1923) L: AG
Alpha Rho-Ohio Wesleyan (1924) L: FWF (1903/6)
Alpha Sigma-California, Los Angeles (1925)DF (1919/12)
Alpha Tau-Butler, IN (1925) L: SD (1922/6)
Alpha Upsilon-Southern Methodist, TX (1926) L:LR (1916/7)
Alpha Psi-Mississippi (1927)~1899/5
Alpha Phi-British Columbia (1928) L:QE (1919)
Alpha Chi-Penn State (1930) L: La Camaraderie (1922/5)

Alpha Omega-Arkansas (1930-1992) L: DB (1925/6)

Beta Alpha-McGill, Quebec (1931-1973)
Beta Beta-Alberta (1931) L: FG (1928/1)
Beta Gamma-Utah (1932) L: GS (1920/7)
Beta Delta-Colorado College (1932) L: Minerva Club (1891/1)
Beta Epsilon-American, DC (1936) L: EK (1929/2)
Beta Zeta-Denison, OH (1938)~1928/7
Beta Eta-Texas (1939)~1902/15
Beta Theta-Duke, NC (1939-1974)(1986) L: DX (1938/12)
Beta Iota-Purdue, IN (1940) L: Pedallion (1936/8)
Beta Kappa-Kansas (1941)~(1873/10)
Beta Lambda-Gettysburg, PA (1939) L: BL (1916/2)
Beta Mu-Bowling Green, OH (1943) L: Skol (1923/4)
Beta Nu-Carnegie Mellon, PA (1944) L: GFS (1934/2)
Beta Xi-Michigan State (1945)~1921/15
Beta Pi-Willamette, OR (1945) L: DF (1920/4)
Beta Rho-George Washington, DC (1945-2015) L: Themian (1943/11)
Beta Sigma-Maryland (1945)~1924/12
Beta Tau-University of Miami, FL (1946)~1936/8

Beta Phi-Pennsylvania (1946-1958)
Beta Upsilon-Oregon State (1946)~1915/14
Beta Chi-Denver, CO (1946)~1885/10
Beta Omega-Washington State (1946)~1912/13

Beta Psi-Alabama (1947-1978)(2011)~1904/15

Gamma Alpha-Tennessee (1947)~1900/10
Gamma Beta-Tulsa, OK (1947)~1929/6
Gamma Epsilon-Kent State, OH (1947) L:SDS (1924/4)

Gamma Delta-Montana State (1948-?)~1917/6
Gamma Eta-San Jose State, CA (1948)
Gamma Gamma-Texas Western (1948-1959) (now UT-El Paso)
Gamma Zeta-Louisiana State (1948)~1909/15
Gamma Theta-Florida (1949)~1948/11
Gamma Iota-DePauw University, IN (1949)~1870/10
Gamma Kappa-Santa Barbara, CA (1950)
Gamma Lambda-California State, Fresno (1951)
Gamma Mu-Florida State (1951)~1904/16
Gamma Nu-North Texas (1953-?) (2007)
Gamma Xi-Texas Tech (1954)~1953/6
Gamma Omicron-Indiana State (1954)
Gamma Pi-Roanoke, VA (1955)
Gamma Sigma-Houston, TX (1956)
Gamma Rho-Wittenberg, OH (1956)~1904/7
Gamma Tau-Texas Christian (1956)~1954/9
Gamma Upsilon-Wichita State, KS (1958) L:
Gamma Phi-Arizona State (1958)~1949/9
Gamma Chi-California State, Long Beach (1959)~1954/6

Gamma Psi-Emory, GA (1958-1969)(1988-1994) L:Anchor Club
Gamma Omega-St. Lawrence, NY (1960-1970)

Delta Alpha-New Mexico (1961-1973)
Delta Beta-Kentucky (1962)~1908/12
Delta Epsilon-University of the Pacific, CA (1959)
Delta Zeta-Memphis (1965)~1947/5
Delta Eta-California State, Sacramento (1966)

Delta Theta-Georgia State (1967-?)
Delta Iota-Georgia (1968)~1921/18
Delta Kappa-South Florida (1968)
Delta Lambda-Mississippi State (1969)~1936/5

Delta Mu-Florida Atlantic (1969)
Delta Nu-Northern Illinois University (1969)

Delta Xi-Ball State, IN (1970-?)
Delta Omicron-Morehead State, KY (1970)
Delta Pi-Southern Mississippi (1971)~1937/9
Delta Rho-Virginia Tech (1971)
Delta Sigma-Auburn, AL (1972-1988, Re2003)~1922/14

Delta Tau-Missouri Southern (1972-?)
Delta Upsilon-Indiana/Purdue, Fort Wayne (1973-?) L:AYW (1966/1)
Delta Phi-California, Irvine (1974)
Delta Chi-California, Davis (1975)

Delta Psi-Baylor (1978-1986?) L: music club-name unknown~1974
Delta Omega-William Woods

Epsilon Alpha-Union (1978-2000)
Epsilon Beta-Bucknell ((1978)
Epsilon Gamma-Virginia (1978) L: GX
Epsilon Delta-Washington and Jefferson
Epsilon Epsilon-Tennessee Tech
Epsilon Zeta-Loyola Marymount (1981) L: GD (3)
Epsilon Eta-Indiana University of Pennsylvania (1981)
Epsilon Theta-Tampa (1980)
Epsilon Iota-California, San Diego

Epsilon Kappa-Clemson (1982-2003)
Epsilon Lambda-Lehigh (?-2013)
Epsilon Mu-William and Mary
Epsilon Nu-James Madison
Epsilon Xi-Lafayette

Epsilon Omicron-Wyoming
Epsilon Pi-Connecticut (1983) L: PDT
Epsilon Phi-Loyola (1984)

Epsilon Rho-Western Michigan (1984) L:TXD
Epsilon Tau-Central Florida (1984-2006)
Epsilon Sigma-San Diego State (1986)
Epsilon Upsilon-Bradley
Epsilon Chi-South Carolina (?-2003)
Epsilon Psi-Rutgers
Epsilon Omega-Louisiana Tech (?-2003)

Zeta Alpha-Villanova (1986) L: TKD
Zeta Beta-Dartmouth (?-1997)
Zeta Gamma-Richmond
Zeta Delta-Rochester
Zeta Epsilon-Santa Clara (1987)
Zeta Zeta-Boston University (1988) L: Interest Group A (10)
Zeta Eta-Texas State University, San Marcos (1987) L: DKP (1985)
Zeta Theta-Columbia University (1988)
Zeta Iota-Chapman (1989)

Zeta Kappa-Johns Hopkins (?-1995)
Zeta Lambda-California, Riverside
Zeta Nu-Montevallo (1991)
Zeta Xi-Alabama, Birmingham (1991)
Zeta Omicron-Wilfrid Laurier (1991-2014) L:DWF
Zeta Pi-Indiana/Purdue, Indianapolis (?-1999)
Zeta Rho-Ohio University (1993)
Zeta Sigma-Northern Kentucky

Zeta Tau-Wake Forest (?-1998)
Zeta Upsilon-Furman (1994) L: Neseda
Zeta Phi-Harvard (1994)
Zeta Chi-Delaware (1994)
Zeta Psi-Salisbury State (1996) L:'Women's Interest Group' (4)

Zeta Omega-Kenyon College (1996-1998) (now local 'Philia' or QDF)

Eta Alpha-Pepperdine (1996) L: Anchor Club
Eta Beta-Hartford (1996) L: DBO
Eta Gamma-Texas A&M (1997)
Eta Delta-North Florida (1999) L: SIG (1997/3)
Eta Epsilon-Vanderbilt (2000-2011/10)
Eta Zeta-University of Chicago (2001), L: CAPPA (3)
Eta Eta-Spring Hill College (2001) L:BX
Eta Theta-Saint Louis (2001)
Eta Iota-Nevada, Reno (2002)
Eta Kappa-North Carolina State (2002/8)
Eta Lambda-New Mexico State (2004)
Eta Mu-Lake Forest College (2004) L: GFW (1988)
Eta Nu-Hofstra University (2005) L: KDA (1992)
Eta Xi- UT-Tyler (2006)
Eta Omicron-University of Arkansas, Fort Smith (2007)
Eta Pi-DePaul (2007)
Eta Rho-UC - Merced (2009)
Eta Sigma-College of Charleston (2010)
Eta Tau-Christopher Newport (2014/7)
Eta Upsilon-Drexel University (2015/7)
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Old 01-17-2016, 11:01 PM
AnchorAlumna AnchorAlumna is offline
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Location: Old South
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DG is colonizing at Georgia College this weekend, I believe!

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Old 01-28-2016, 10:44 PM
DiWantstoTravel DiWantstoTravel is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2014
Location: Texas
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Gamma Upsilon at Wichita State University came out of local sorority Alpha Tau Sigma, founded in 1908.
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Old 05-11-2016, 11:50 AM
TLLK TLLK is offline
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Join Date: May 2016
Location: SoCal
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Excited to see that DG is colonizing at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.
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