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Old 09-12-2004, 01:34 PM
twhrider13 twhrider13 is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2003
Location: Alabama
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My chapter uses most of these phrases that have already been mentioned, or some variations of them. There are a couple more, however.

"Turtle Time"--Particularly appropriate, because Turtle Time is always at least 30 minutes late; usually more like an hour to an hour and a half.

"Give me, like, 2 seconds."--Variation on the 2.2/2.5 second thing.

"...IN DOVER!"--This is one of those things that you probably had to be there for it to be funny, but we think it's hilarious, so I thought I'd mention it anyway. During rush, one of my sisters (who's a huge NASCAR fan--even more so than I am) said something about wanting to go to the race in Dover. Another sister of mine has grandparents who live in Dover, and they agreed to go together. It started out with them just yelling out "We're going to Dover!" at random times. It eventually evolved into using the word "Dover" in every single sentence, even when it doesn't make sense, i.e., "I'm going to wear that purple skirt tonight...IN DOVER!" "I've got to study tomorrow in the chapter room...IN DOVER!"

Those are the only ones I can think of right now.
Delta Zeta
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Old 09-12-2004, 09:57 PM
Posts: n/a
derty: i guess we replace the word damn with this word
get er done!: oh you know!

and that's about it...we'll use regular words, just pronounce them different, I guess
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Old 09-12-2004, 10:01 PM
starrynight starrynight is offline
GreekChat Member
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We run on Phi Mu time, too- usually 15 minutes late!

Our chapter also uses " it's my job", as in " I was painting signs like it's my job". To start out a crazy story, we'll use the phrase "So there I was...." and then launch into it, that way everyone knows they need to listen to this one!
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Old 09-12-2004, 10:36 PM
ADPiAkron ADPiAkron is offline
GreekChat Member
Join Date: Dec 2003
Posts: 1,654
Oh girls-- I have been an alum for 4 years now-- and for our alumnae board meetings we stilllllllll run on ADPi time!!
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Old 09-13-2004, 10:26 AM
AGDAlum AGDAlum is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2000
Location: North of Chicago, west of the lake
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"This is a learning experience that will contribute to your personal development." -- applied in all sorts of situations!

GMA -- gorgeous man alert

to scope -- to check out (our chapter house was directly behind a frat house and we couldn't help "scoping the Taus")

"Ladies," pronounced La-DEEZ! -- said to get the group's attention

and phrases from the Purpose, such as "let's go cultivate acquaintance at [name of bar]," or "that'll help you multiply your talent."

When first to the rose we pledged our faith, we pledged it with jollity.
Mem'ry has now hallowed the love we sacredly pledge to thee.
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Old 09-13-2004, 09:06 PM
SigPhiSunshine SigPhiSunshine is offline
GreekChat Member
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Ypsilanti, MI
Posts: 142
Originally posted by KSig1102
Yeah, you can't forget that. I never used wicked or sketchy until I came to school in Boston.
One our chapter has come up with: "Eat a bag..." Kinda telling someone to screw off.
yea eat a bag is one of the things me and a couple of my sisters use. its usually eat a bag of cock, but we change it up a bit. we usually only say it when were joking around though.
Sigma Nu Phi
Local and Loving it Since 1897
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Old 09-13-2004, 11:19 PM
MissEm MissEm is offline
GreekChat Member
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Georgia
Posts: 25
Some things I've heard from sisters that have caught on

Dating boys at _________ is like shopping at Big Lots there's lots of selection but you know there is a reason everything has been picked over. The frustration of dating at my school.

Composite Bingo when a girl has dated several guys from the same chapter we say that she is playing composite bingo.

One of my own... I'm just window shopping indicating that I am merely checking out the guy because he is hot but I am not interested at the moment, or he is taken.
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Old 09-14-2004, 10:26 AM
adpiucf adpiucf is offline
GreekChat Member
Join Date: Dec 2002
Location: I can't seem to keep track!
Posts: 5,820
Our chapter was acronym-crazy when I was in school---

Are you bf/gf yet?

You two are so MFEO!

HA to the SU, ASAP!

We also did the annoying "Hi-yeee!" and "Bye-yeeee!" which evolved into "Heeeyyyyyyy."

"Perrrrfect" and "LOVE her!" were also popular.

And yes, years later, my friends and I still catch each other saying these things.
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Old 09-17-2004, 03:28 PM
pHiSiG cHiCkAdE pHiSiG cHiCkAdE is offline
GreekChat Member
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: NYC always - born & raised :)
Posts: 38
Originally posted by Glitter650
Let's see... my chapter uses "tool" alot to describe dense, meatheaded fraternity men

we also like to jokingly say "disowned" to our littles

unacceptable is also a popluar one
What is this a universal Phi Sig language?? lol

Our chapter uses tool all the time- but usually we say it to each other when we make a silly/stupid mistake. Like, "no that's not right it's yada yada. You're such a tool!" Lovingly of course. hehe.

We also use disowned a lot (jokingly) when littles do something wrong.

I've heard unacceptable used many a times in my chapter.

We also hear "Wicked" a lot because we have many sisters from the Boston area. I personally can't bring myself to say it. haha.

We also use "Shady" a lot. And of course "Phi Sig time" since we are always late. I CAN'T STAND BEING LATE EVER!!! We always say things along the lines of "Be there at 4:30 and that's not Phi Sig time 4:30!!"
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Old 09-17-2004, 10:04 PM
tld221 tld221 is offline
GreekChat Member
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: only the best city in the world
Posts: 6,273
jank---thats what my friend from SC says all the time.

my friends from hs always use office space phrases:
"damn it feels good to be a gangsta" (usually after an awkward silence)
"uhhuhyeahsure" (as one word, to shut some1 up)
"O-D!" "or "beast mode" if some one is overdoing something, ex. with makeup, or in your personal space, or being greedy. if someone is the worst of the worst in ODing, theyre the "beast master"

what else: "yeppers" gets thrown around alot, but i dont use it.

on my residence hall staff (most of these things came from our training week)-
"just imagine a donut..."
"i dont wanna sexually harass you or anything, but..." (if wanting to flirt or talk dirty to someone on staff)
"can we get linda mills to come with her microphone?"
"oh that's water, huh? then why is it brown and smells like beer?
"smells like team building in that what that smell is?"
my best friend and I have what we call teh handlebar mustache move, where anytime we go somewhere to get free stuff more than once, we use handlebar mustache motions, as if we were disguising ourselves... it was a freshman year thing, but we use it once in a while just to make ourselves laugh.

"tee-hee!" what ppl i know say after being sarcastic (usually in effect to mock a teenybopper trying to be cute)

"obviously!" (followed by repeating what was just said) goes in front of every sentence, like "basically." but to be sarcastic
eg. (if i have to leave, but someone asks me to wait for them) "obviously, i have time to wait for you, with all this free time on my hands"

last my calc class, the male math nerds determine a girl's hotness based on how many decimals of pi she could recite. so randomly, a guy would yell out "pi" and all the participating girls (and the guys caught on as well as a game) would recite "3.14159286..." it was the funniest during lecture, because my prof was a real tightwad and didnt like anyone to talk.
Do you know people? Have you interacted with them? Because this is pretty standard no-brainer stuff. -33girl
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Old 09-22-2004, 02:38 AM
breathesgelatin breathesgelatin is offline
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I *heart*.....

srat (and its many variations, including "srat house" , "sratty" and "srat lord").

sketch (no one at W&L says sketchy anymore, it's so 2002)


"frat cup"


still cognizant (as a term for a buzz)

belligerant (as a term for drunken craziness)




Last edited by breathesgelatin; 09-22-2004 at 02:43 AM.
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Old 09-22-2004, 10:10 AM
33girl 33girl is offline
Join Date: Sep 2000
Location: Hotel Oceanview
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Don't know how I forgot this one.

"SF encounter" = SF =suck face. We thought saying making out was too juvenile, LOL.
It is all 33girl's fault. ~DrPhil
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Old 09-22-2004, 04:25 PM
krystle krystle is offline
GreekChat Member
Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: Bwaaaater
Posts: 233
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I agree with a lot of the things the Phi Sigs said...But I got some more to add I think:

- phi sig time ( like, it gets to the point where we have to announce it at chapter not to run on phi sig time, OR we just tell people an earlier time KNOWING they're going to want to stop at dunks, or be late, or have to use the bathroom )

- wicked ( 40 minutes from boston, what can you expect? )

- not for nothing but... ( one of my sisters from Revere says this ALLLL the time. )

- "I need a dose of the Chi." ( when we wanna head over to the Sigma Chi house )

- secret squirrels ( you know, when you're in a huge group of people and two girls end up whispering to each other and NOT involving the rest of the group )

- "You're dropped!" ( totally joking, like...when someone does something riduculous, or dont do something you want them to do. I get dropped on a daily basis I swear and I treaten one of the other sisters that I'm going to drop her if she doesnt ask a certain guy to our ball. AGAIN ITS USED IN A HUMOROUS FORM. haha )

- QT ( quality time...gotta love it )

- being a superfan ( this one is just for me. haha. we have this road like, directly off campus that has a whole bunch of houses and i'm ALWAYS at atleast one of them visiting. so I am a Burrill Ave Superfan )

I'm sure there's more-- I just cant think of them. lol
phi sigma sigma.
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Old 09-22-2004, 04:36 PM
PhoenixAzul PhoenixAzul is offline
GreekChat Member
Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: Da 'burgh. My heart is in Glasgow
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w00t w00! - a general greeting for other girls in my house. If you see someone across campus, it is traditional to w00t w00. Other variations include w00ty effin' w00! w00ty w00, or woot. woo (mellow like). Oddly enough we tend to spot people across campus like MILES away, so there is a lot of w00ting going on.

In conjunction with a couple of fraternity friends... "BADGER BADGER BADGER BADGER MUSHROOM MUSHROOOM......" from this site .

Also in conjuction with a couple other people..."WTF mate?" from this site

Buy the ticket, take the ride!
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Old 09-23-2004, 11:40 AM
velouria velouria is offline
GreekChat Member
Join Date: Aug 2004
Posts: 103
Originally posted by PhoenixAzul
In conjunction with a couple of fraternity friends... "BADGER BADGER BADGER BADGER MUSHROOM MUSHROOOM......" from this site .

best site ever. I say Badger in response to anything cute or funny, specifically animals.
have you seen ? It's even better.
a sssssssssssnnaaaaakkkkeeee.
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