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I know it can be really hard to have an exec position when you are having trouble with an advisor. I've been there. But if you have any desire to stick it out, it can be really rewarding. I am currently in my second term on exec after a really hard first term in a different position.

However, if you really feel like is severely damaging your mental health, it might be good to take a break. I've had a few friends who had to leave their position for that reason, and ultimately, it was the best choice for each of them. What I suggest is this- now that the semester is over, take the time to speak with your advisor on your own. Express your concerns, and ask her for advice. If speaking to your specific advisor makes you uncomfortable, reach out to the chapter advisor. It's possible that things will calm down this summer. That's what happened to me.

You can learn a lot from a position that challenges you. Really tough offices can be the most rewarding. Remember that position I mentioned earlier that was really taxing on my grades and mental health? Once I reached out for help, I was able to start doing a much better job, and our chapter won an award for most improvement in that area. Things can and do get better.
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