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Originally Posted by JourneyGal View Post
Hi again everyone.

I can TOTALLY assure you that this org is serving a need not met. It's primarily for women in interracial relationships. Is that racist? Not really, because it's also open to the women who support them. I can't really get into it much, but please trust that I'm not another wanna be founder who just wants to create something to have something to do.

Someone asked how my NPHC sisters feel about this. I've not yet shared this with any of them. Primarily because I've found myself somewhat dismayed at the sheer and utter disdain within my own org, for the work and importance of other orgs. I am not here to knock my org, and for that reason, I won't name it, but I'm saddened by the inter-racism, elitist attitutudes, and the notion that there "really are only TWO AA sororities that matter, you know", nonsense that I've had to deal with. It was shocking when I crossed, and even worse now that I'm an adult. There are some Sorors who are close to me, who I will eventually share this with, but for the most part, I'm steering clear of sharing this with the whole chapter. I do, thankfully, have women within my org that I can seek help from with this possible sorority formation.

Any further advice would be much appreciated!

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