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Originally Posted by DrPhil View Post
Sieadah, ree-Xi had a very good post and you lashed out at her. Perhaps you were on the defense-offense because other posters put you on the defense-offense. You really need to breathe and re-read ree-Xi's post, starting with the question of how a GLO "uniquely" founded to address the needs of a specific school could fit elsewhere. To put this into perspective, many of our GLOs were not founded as locals and were not founded to address the needs of a specific school. We were founded to address the needs of a population that exists at different schools, different cities, and different states (and, for some GLOs, different countries). This makes expansion more apparent because the mission and purpose(s) of the GLOs were never focused on one school.

I doubt the bolded is the case.

I understand your posts very well and there was nothing Earth shattering about your errors. But it would not hurt to proofread and edit when your message is an introduction to your GLO. The same goes for GLO websites and GLO email communication. The occasional error is not the same as constant errors.
I didn't lashed out on her. I was letting her know why I said what I said on the site. I thought this form was for local orgs. or people who want to start one. Anyway i'm proud of what I have accomplish and my members.
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