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Originally Posted by pshsx1 View Post
See, this is what people are talking about when they don't want to use GC b/c everyone has a can't-do attitude.

She didn't use perfect english, but I 100% understood what she said. It wasn't illegible babble. Also, their website text is very well worded.

Maybe It's the Detroit-area locals that I know too well, but they've all used the argument that they have a more intimate brother/sisterhood and the smaller financial obligations as high selling points. Hell, SigEp had the lowest men's dues when I was a Freshman and we sold the shit out of that.

I think it's great that OPX started as a local, uniquely designed for Wayne State, but understands that change and growth is great and they're ready for bigger and better without losing sight of their roots.

Thanks pshsx1! I feel some people on this site just like to nitpick. To go with your first sentence is greekchat closing I see their trying to gather $7,000. Also, is SigEp from Lawrence tech.?
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