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So, what has happened since that life changing night?

Well, it wasn’t wonderful in the beginning. For the first couple of weeks, she still had doubts, but she attended every event, went to lunch and dinners with them and tried her very best to be open minded. I directed her here, and had her search all the stories about the girls who wanted to drop out or quit.

Almost as if a light had been switched on, so did her love for this sorority. Gone were the discussions about quitting and it in its place were talks about all the fun times she was having with her pledge class and her sisters.

She was elected as the Pledge Class President. And as a new member she was elected Secretary. She was also selected as Most Outstanding Freshman. And she has just finished recruitment on the other side this year and they had the largest pledge class on campus.

She has sisters she loves, she fights with, she rescues, that rescues her, that cry on her shoulder, that she runs to when she is upset, that she celebrates with, that keep her in line, that she mothers, that she lives with, that she could never see being without for the rest of her life.

As far as the other sorority that she thought had her heart, she sees now that she would not have been happy there. That she is right where is supposed to be and yes, this proud and happy Momma is thankful that she is blooming right where God planted her.
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