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She attended both preference parties and her heart still belonged to only one. She just knew this was where she was supposed to be without a doubt. So, here is mistake number two for her....

She suicided. She only wrote down the one and only sorority.

I asked her, if she thought this was the best decision and she said yes, she could only see herself with them. I wished her luck and told her that her Dad, brother and I would be driving down to see her on bid day. She would get a call on bid day if she had been released. So, we start on our way and each time my phone would ring, I just knew it would be "the dreaded call" from her. We made it to her town and decided to eat since it would be a little time before we could see her. As we were eating and the time was drawing closer to when the "phone call time" would be over. I breathed a sigh of relief and was enjoying my food. We were just about to head out, when she called and told me she had been released from recruitment. She wasn’t crying, but she was upset. She just couldn’t believe that she had been so wrong about her feelings for them and their feelings for her. I asked what she wanted to do and she said, just come get me out of here.

So, after we picked her up and start heading out of town, she said she didn’t want to talk about it, she just wanted to get some ice cream. I could tell she was upset and disappointed. I felt terrible as well, since I had talked her into going through recruitment and seeing her upset.

As we were driving down the road, her phone rang. I heard her talking and told the person that yes, she could come and hang out. She told her Dad to turn the car around that she was going to hang out with the sorority that she had always ranked last. The one she couldn’t see herself in. I told her as we were driving back, that they must really see something in her and to give them a chance.

When we arrived they were all still out celebrating in the place where the pledges run too. All of the sororities were still out there. She went over to the one sorority that had called her and they hugged her and told her they couldn’t believe that she didn’t come running out with the other’s. And they would like to offer her a bid. She had tears streaming down her face as she said yes.

The yes, was not out of love for them, it was a yes of chance. Yes, I will give it my best to get to know all of you. Yes, I will be open minded and open hearted to see if we belong together. Yes, I would like to give you the chance that I didn’t give you during recruitment.
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