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We don't have one. I thought I would want one because we are planning long distance, but when it came right down to it, we didn't need one. Our venue is responsible for our ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, cake and flowers. There is also a coordinator on site and she has been working with us since the tour. Plus, there will be an assistant coordinator there on the day of, too. The only other vendors we needed, we met at our tasting or used from the list of recommended vendors given to us by our venue. I know someone who sells wedding invitations and gave us a 40% discount. And as far as negotiating contracts and FI did all of that. He is a lawyer and does that all day, so it was only natural that he took on that role.

I guess it really depends on what your friend is looking for. Does she want a ton of details added to her day? Will she be using many vendors? The coordinator may be helpful with organizing that stuff and making sure everything is prepared.
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