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On the dress front:

Well, my brother is now happily married to a wonderful girl. The dress I bought in Scotland was great...cost me 60 GBP though . I was all set to wear it to the wedding, until mom and I were at Macy's getting her makeup (i've turned her into a Benefit girl!). While I waited for her to show up, I walked to the Clearance rack in the better dresses section, and found this:

Except in an emerald green. In my size. And it fit like a dream. I'm such a fabric fanatic, and I adore silk, it felt sooo nice.

The tag said it was on clearance for $99, down from $160, and there was another 15% because I had a coupon. I still probably couldn't afford it. So for kicks, I scanned it under the price checker....$32. $32, less the 15%, and then less $15 and some change because of a return I had...I got it for $17! A silk dress, normally $160, for 17. Take that macy's!

I wore the dress I got in Scotland for the rehearsal dinner and the green dress for the wedding itself.

And I saw that Oscar de la Renta pink dress w/ the circles on the clearance a few days later, for about $50, but not in my size.
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