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Harvard's Policies Toward GLOs and social clubs

Clemsongirl shared this in the Colonies/Extensions thread, but I'm interested in discussing this in its own thread. What does everyone think?

Originally Posted by clemsongirl
"Harvard Kappa Sigma has decided to go co-education in compliance with the university's new social group requirements and has disaffiliated from the national organization."

I find this interesting. Given the amount of publicity and protest this generated, perhaps students interested in sorority/fraternity membership became less interested in Harvard:

"The new group prepares to recruit members as freshman interest in social groups may be on the decline: A survey distributed to the Class of 2021 by The Crimson found that only 27.6 percent of freshmen respondents said they were “somewhat” or “very interested” in joining fraternities, sororities or final clubs. Roughly 37 percent of the Class of 2020 and 41 percent of the Class of 2019 expressed interest in doing so in previous years of the survey."

And, I found this concerning and obviously more aggressive than the first policy change:

"Though going co-ed will exempt the KS from the current social group policy, the group could still be subject to sanction if the College moves forward with a proposal to ban all social groups from campus. A committee tasked with reevaluating the current policy put forward that recommendation in a preliminary draft this summer, and will release a final report later this month."


If the groups would rather go gender-neutral for progressive and respectful reasons, I can appreciate their self-governance and their right to do so. If these were attempts to placate the administration and save their social organizations from extinction, then it continues to feel like Harvard is being heavy-handed and infringing on students' rights to organize.
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