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Originally Posted by JLCo View Post
As it relates here I would be referring to hazing- or what I have heard about hazing. Please keep in mind that I had no interest in joining a sorority- so please be patient with my ignorance on the matter. I am primarily basing my assumptions on what I have heard or read on the media.

She gave me a specific example of what she considers a waste of time yesterday. She is very impatient that the student resource time designed to help students get their homework done has been turned into counseling sessions by their school guidance counselors. She was told that she needed to draw a poster about bullying during this time after they had a presentation. She told me she did not compelte the poster. Instead she pulled out her homework and completed her homework.
FWIW, I think she's right and the guidance counselor is a moron. Unless the poster was for a grade, that counselor was interfering with time allocated for homework. I'd be more concerned if she was given an assignment for a grade and blew it off because she decided she simply didn't want to do it.
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