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OP. I think what people are trying to say is we get that you want us to understand that your daughter is gifted. Many Honors Programs at State U attract and recruit these kids. Your daughter's stated IQ at 148 places her in the "gifted" category and even if she were to obtain a few more points and be considered a genius, she would be 2% of the population instead of around 6-8%. So even if she were in the top 2% that means at the average State U there are 100 other "genius" people just like her and 300-400 gifted kids. That is the problem in college. You go from wicked smart in HS to above average in college. But I assure you, someone in that school will be smarter, a better dancer and have a better personality. So approaching recruitment from the humble side of life is important. I know many people in our state's top honors program and I have NO idea what their IQs are (once you start college, HS GPA, test scores, etc are NEVER discussed) but they are brilliant and each have unique talents that make them who they are. But what is even more awesome about them is they are humble and enjoy being friends a diverse group of people who learn from each other.
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