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Dear Troll

Seems to be the seasons for trolls. Here are stock answers to troll questions:

1. Should I drop my sorority/fraternity
How can we know? We don't know you. Usually you are a newbie to these boards so we have no idea how to answer you. If you are thinking about dropping, DROP!

2. Does your sorority/fraternity/school haze?
Automatic answer: NO. It is illegal to haze so why would anyone on this board admit to doing it? Remember whatever you write today will still be available on the internet by the time you become a great-grandparent.

3. I belong to ABC sorority/fraternity. I was initiated last week but can't remember what the handshake/secret motto/ritual means. Someone please tell me!
Are you out of your mind? Do you really think people are going to post answers to ritual on a public board? It obviously does not mean much to you if you want someone to publicly tell you the answers to your questions. We don't know you. What proof do we have that you are a real member, not just a troll?

4. I am interested in joining ABC fraternity/sorority. Will some one please write me a recommendation. I really want to be an ABC. I have wanted this since I was old enough to talk but I don't know anyone in ABC so don't know who to ask.
You don't know anyone in the house? How do you know that this is the house you want to join? Would you set your best friend up with a stranger walking down the street? Then why do you think anyone would be willing to write a recommendation to an absolutely total stranger? Get off the computer and find a friend or relative who knows you to write the recommendation for you.

5.I am absolutely gorgeous, with top grades attending a top ranked school. I really want to join a top tier house. Why did they all drop me?
How would anyone on the board know? We don't know you, we don't know the active members in the houses who are extending bids. Could it be that you went to each house so full of yourself that no one could stand you? Just because you are oh so beautiful and won every beauty pageant your mother entered you into since you were born, that does not mean that those in the house can't see through your high and mighty attitude. None of us are sitting in membership selection sessions where your name is discussed. What goes on in membership selection remains in membership selection.

6. I joined ABC sorority. I am transferring to another school in which my sorority is not on the campus. Can I go through rush and join another house?
Every woman who joins an NPC chapter is told more than once that once you are initiated, you are ineligible to join another house. Clean the wax out of your ears during your new member meeting so that you learn about your house and know the rules for joining. They are in place to protect every house and ever member. Don't ask people on the boards to tell you how to circumvent the rules!


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