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Originally posted by mgold
I saw my letters (sigma alpha) on Saved by the Bell the College Years a couple years ago. The only problem was that the show used the letters for a frat that Screech was rushing but it was still fun to see!
I think I saw that episode! He didn't get in, though... but Zack did.

And on one of the old Family ties episodes Alex is trying to get into "the" frat, "Alpha Phi Epsilon"... I happened to be on the phone with the guy I was seeing, who was Sig Ep, and when I said it, he even thought I said "Sigma Phi Epsilon"... I think they changed it just enough so that it wasn't a real fraternity, but wanted it to sound like Sig Ep.

If you look at the very beginning of Sorority Life, they flash Delta Gamma, but it's really quick, I was surprised I noticed. They flash another one with Gamma on the end (I think it's Kappa Kappa Gamma but it always flashes too quickly).
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