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Here's what the manual of information (AKA the green book) says - note that the policy from 2007 states that the proper authority shall make the final decision on who to invite

Local Sororities
• Policy (2007), When issuing an invitation to an NPC member group to colonize on a campus for the purpose of
allowing NPC affiliation for a local sorority or interest group, the proper authority shall make the final determination as to which NPC member group is invited to colonize, giving due consideration to the preference of the local sorority or interest group.

• Policy (2003), NPC member groups must inform interest groups, local groups or individuals that formal permission
to pursue extension must be obtained from the proper authority as defined in the Unanimous Agreements,
Agreement on Extension, and that until such permission has been granted, members of NPC fraternities may have
no further contact with the interest group, local group or individuals.
• Each College Panhellenic should have established criteria to be attained in order for a local sorority to become a
member of Panhellenic and have the criteria in the Panhellenic bylaws.
• At such time as the local sorority has qualified for membership, the Panhellenic may consider opening the campus
for extension.
• Policy (1994), That no NPC member group or individual member of an NPC member group may initiate contact
with the members of a local sorority or interest group involved in the affiliation process.
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