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Originally Posted by GeorgiaGreek View Post
UGA has the no touching rule as well. You aren't even supposed to shake hands when introducing yourself to a PNM/active. They usually won't fine you for it, or if, say, an active sees a PNM she's related to and gives her a quick hug, but that active will probably have a Gamma Chi tailing her for the rest of the party if that happens.
Now I have the image of an active *married* to a PNM (Not in Georgia, I know...) and causing the Gamma Chi's head to explode when they see them greet each other...

(Note, I have *no* idea if any of the NPC sororities would consider a woman who is married to a sister as being a legacy or not)

(In my co-ed service fraternity, I saw a situation where the faculty advisor's wife was taking classes at the college and decided to pledge the fraternity, *that* was interesting.)
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