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Originally Posted by ch612 View Post
There is little to no consolidation in that. It seems very unfair. Initiation should have been postponed. This decision to revoke charter did not happen overnight. The young ladies that got caught up in the web should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Without the collegiate experience you have a weak bond, if you have a bond at all. I am talking about girls that have been members for a few weeks at best. 5 of those weeks they were not even on campus. Common sense should prevail.
Originally Posted by ch612 View Post
I will have to agree to disagree about the collegiate experience being a necessary component of a strong sorority bond, and your comment about obtaining a job was unnecessary and condescending.

Just because "life isn't fair" it does not mean we don't right the wrongs that we can. That is a beautiful part about being a strong woman with an open and compassionate heart.

I don't mean to sound harsh, but just because your daughter is disappointed doesn't mean that the rules of the NPC should be changed. It's unfortunate what happened, but all she can do now is make the best of it.

To imply that her bonds and sisterhood will not mean as much because of this situation is a little presumptuous on your part. Let your daughter vent and cry, and then let her pave her own way. Regardless of the situation, sorority membership is what you make of it. Your daughter is not alone in feeling this way, and if she and her sisters desire to stay friends, socialize, give back to the community, and have a great college experience, then they will.

This is one hurdle in the obstacle course of life. There's no fixing it completely, but your daughter can still find a way to make it better.
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