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Originally Posted by andthen View Post
Ok we get that you're upset, but many alumnae members that are still active sorority members long after graduation will completely disagree with your point about without the collegiate experience you have a weak bond, if you have a bond at all. Unless you've done a survey of every alumnae member you shouldn't be generalizing. I can tell you that many of the ladies I know probably have stronger bonds with their alumnae chapter sisters, then they had with their own collegiate chapter sisters.

Unfortunately life isn't fair. I hope you won't be calling human resources if your daughter doesn't get the job that she was "dreaming about".
I will have to agree to disagree about the collegiate experience being a necessary component of a strong sorority bond, and your comment about obtaining a job was unnecessary and condescending.

Just because "life isn't fair" it does not mean we don't right the wrongs that we can. That is a beautiful part about being a strong woman with an open and compassionate heart.

On another note. I am sorry if I confused threads.