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Originally posted by BirthaBlue4
We have a thrift "chain" called Value Village. The one offa Route 198 in Laurel is GREAT! They have allllllllll kinds of stuff. I once found this REALLY nice blue and gold picture frame, metal, really heavy with little "diamonds". It looked expensive, but was only $6 (EASILY $20-30+ at a real store).

One thing that disturbed me....they were selling PANTIES. They had them hung up individually on hangers. I'm sorry, I'm not wearing used drawls, especially these days. If I can't afford anything else, I'll buy some underwear. I don't even like to buy loose underwear (in a bin), people been running their hands all over them and what not. Eww.
It's so funny that you mention this place, I went to it just yesterday for the first time. A friend was in RI from DC and wanted to check out the one there, although it went by the name Savers (but the same company). It was very well organized, but I didn't find much. Just an Express shirt from a few years ago that I have in other colors and a great yellow knit sweater from the Gap or Old Navy, I forget.

I was totally skeeved out by the underwear too, although it was all hanging in this store, so it was a little better.
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