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Thanks for the kind words, and I completely understand what you both are getting at! I've had the opportunity to attend several conferences in my time and continue to stay active and communicate with sisters across the country after going alum, which I'm 100% grateful for! I didn't mean to belittle membership, but when I was a freshman I was under the impression that active membership was the only worthwhile membership, but I was completely wrong. You are both exactly right in membership being for life, being an active alum member is just as fantastic. What I think I didn't make clear was that going early alum and staying connected is a great option to consider if that's what's best for you (because I didn't realize that going early alum was actually a good option at the time, it honestly felt taboo) instead of staying at a school that isn't good for you just to maintain active membership.

As for my regional comment I made as a freshman, I still defend that to an extent, as I'm from a southern chapter, and there are significantly less of us down here than, say, the northeast. For me, I had no choice but to go early alum if I wanted to stay in state, as (according to the chapter locator on our website, as well as every website of the schools I considered in my transfer process) there is not another collegiate chapter located in my state, and only one in each of my neighboring states. It's a similar issue with primarily southern chapters I've worked with that have only recently expand North, definitely not just an ASA thing at all. I've celebrated the founding of new chapters in neighboring states, so we are definitely growing down here, I didn't mean to deny that, but I've met several other sisters (in various sororities) facing this same issue upon contemplating transferring, so it isn't a non-issue.

I simply meant to create a platform for conflicted members to find advice or hear other member's stories. I love ASA with all my heart, but this was a tough experience that I'd hate others to struggle with or feel alone in like I did. I truly appreciate everyone who loves the organization enough to defend it, but I truly mean no harm, promise!

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