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This is just northern me talking (as someone with friends who are southern school sorority alumnae).

I think that in alot of social circles in the south, it's not so much outright and blatant coaching as it is just inherent. Girls aren't neccessarily groomed to be ABC (e. g. mom quizzing daughter on how to best impress the ABCs at recruitment beginning at age 3 and continuing through senior year). It is just assumed that they will be, because that's just the way it is.

Mary Sue is born in Anytown, AL. Her mom and grandma are both ABCs from Anytown University. Sister was ABC chapter president at Anytown. Therefore, Mary Sue will be an ABC at Anytown.

No one has tell her that she'll be ABC at Anytown or prepare her for the recruitment process. She has been hearing about ABC and recruitment since she could remember, so by the time senior year comes, it's all just routine. That's just the way things have always gone in Mary Sue's family.

Now, the problem arises when the Anytown ABCs have more than quota worth of Mary Sue's going through. Often, a Mary Sue who doesn't get invited back to her ABC is going to drop out. Because well, why would she be anything else? Of course, she could very well be happy in any other of her remaining choices, but that would mean breaking the tradition of ABC in the family.

[I used family as an example here, but same is true for certain regions, high schools, etc. It is sometimes inherent that girls from XY HS join these chapters]
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