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She's the best person to respond to this thread. I know her. She knows her stuff.

Originally Posted by kchaptergphib View Post
I attended Minnesota, and volunteer at Wisconsin. I wish I could give more up-to-date info on the U, but it's been over a decade since I lived there
My impression of recruitment at the U, albeit back in the day, is that because people knew it wasn't as competitive as a Southern or Indiana rush, women thought they could get into whatever chapter they wanted. This is not. true. Many chapters are quite selective, and all certainly make cuts. However, a personable, level-headed, open-minded PNM who's looking for the place she feels comfortable should do just fine. I doubt things have changed that much since I've been there.
Wisconsin is much the same, although (I would argue) more geographically diverse. Much of the advice for MN would apply at WI, too. We certainly receive reference letters, but probably only on ~15% of PNMs. They can't hurt, but I wouldn't bother getting them from anyone who doesn't know the young woman quite well. I think it's always great for PNMs to meet alumnae sorority women, practice conversation skills, hear about Greek Life, etc., but as far as references go, I get the most out of ones written by someone who actually has known the woman for several years and knows how to actually write a good recommendation. *But that's just me and my preferences.*
In the end, neither is overly competitive as a campus, but that doesn't mean it won't be extremely difficult to get into a handful of chapters. But, again, as goes for most schools and recruitments, a personable, level-headed, open-minded PNM who's looking for a place she feels comfortable should end up with a home on Bid Day.
Good luck to both these ladies. Great campuses, and great Greek systems. They'll have a blast wherever they end up!
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