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And what is the best thing for any PNM reading to take away from this thread?

Originally Posted by UFgirl View Post
Hey guys! I just got back from getting my invitations and I got less than I thought I would The good thing though is that the invites I got back were all at chapters that I felt comfortable in, and would definetly accept a bid from any of them. I got invited back to Phi Mu, Alpha Chi Omega, Chi Omega, and Sigma Kappa. Round two starts today and continues on thursday (wednesday is the first day of school so there's no rush events) and then there will be more cuts. I'll post later on at night about how round two went! talk to you guys later!!
She had a quick moment of being sad about not getting a full schedule, but fundamentally, she wasn't sad about the invites she didn't get. She was happy about the invites she did get. Have your moment, dust yourself off, and move on.
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