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Originally Posted by yoderja View Post
Hello there everyone. Couple things. I know it sounds crazy, but I'm a junior considering pledging a fraternity. Long story short, i received a bid last semester as a sophomore and turned it down. Few months later, i regret it. If i were a year younger, i wouldn't hesitate, but for obvious reasons I'm wondering if it's even worth it. I've considered that it would still be an advantage after i graduate. Things like scholarship, brotherhood, intramurals etc are also things that keep me interested, but i debate whether having those things for a year and a half would be worth the hell of pledgeship. I may, however, still be at school for another semester and possibly a 5th year altogether. But that's something that i still do not know.
Now, i still have very little knowledge of how the greek system works, so bear with me. My first question is: is there any way i can begin pledge right now by myself at a fraternity? Since fraternities at our school normally don't start until October, and i am now a junior? If i started that late, i wouldn't get initiated until probably Feb. Or is this something that just does not happen in greek pledgeship? Finally, this leads into my second question, which is a little bit simpler. If this doesn't work out, and i would have to wait until October, would it be worth it? and by the way if you're still reading, thank you. I need honest thoughts...
Okay, I don't know where you are, but I have a few guesses based on your statement that fraternities don't start until October. I really doubt any chapter is going to let you have your own pledge class. That said, I'm not certain what makes you think you wouldn't be initiated until February. Many fraternities have national restrictions on how long pledgeship can be. In fact, many have done away with pledging entirely.

I'm guessing that, being a junior who rushed before, you have some idea of which chapters interest you. You should spend some time on their national websites and get an idea of how they educate their new members. Of course, none of them allow pledgeship to be hell, but I think you will find some differences among them.

Is it worth it for a year and a half? Well, a website full of Greeks is probably going to tell you yes.
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