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Advice Needed

Hello there everyone. Couple things. I know it sounds crazy, but I'm a junior considering pledging a fraternity. Long story short, i received a bid last semester as a sophomore and turned it down. Few months later, i regret it. If i were a year younger, i wouldn't hesitate, but for obvious reasons I'm wondering if it's even worth it. I've considered that it would still be an advantage after i graduate. Things like scholarship, brotherhood, intramurals etc are also things that keep me interested, but i debate whether having those things for a year and a half would be worth the hell of pledgeship. I may, however, still be at school for another semester and possibly a 5th year altogether. But that's something that i still do not know.
Now, i still have very little knowledge of how the greek system works, so bear with me. My first question is: is there any way i can begin pledge right now by myself at a fraternity? Since fraternities at our school normally don't start until October, and i am now a junior? If i started that late, i wouldn't get initiated until probably Feb. Or is this something that just does not happen in greek pledgeship? Finally, this leads into my second question, which is a little bit simpler. If this doesn't work out, and i would have to wait until October, would it be worth it? and by the way if you're still reading, thank you. I need honest thoughts...
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