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Look not to mention...if a chapter's WORST form of hazing is scavenger hunt type activities, I'm not sure that's the chapter you have to worry about. For many chapters, their worst forms of hazing are far more dangerous. "Bows and toes", forced drinking, even violence. By splitting hairs over minutiae of the more mundane world of hazing ("is it hazing to require pledges wear an embarrassing t-shirt, oh the horror!"), I think it just ignores the elephant in the room that while somebody's walking around in a Care Bears t-shirt or whatever, somebody else is hanging upside down from the ceiling and having empty beer cans chucked at them.

Sometimes I think the disconnect with nationals and the chapters themselves comes from nationals looking at the trees instead of the forest, if not looking at the twigs, whereas the kids are doing something else entirely. "I don't know if we're putting enough focus on community service in membership selection, how can we help chapters balance community service against grades and involvement when making their decisions?" type discussions, when it's obvious many of the chapters main concern is a desperate race to bid hot blondes and/or "face" guys.
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