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So that's a loaded as hell question. There are three opinions which matter. 1) your organization; 2) your state and local law enforcement and should something go awry, 3) the FIPG.

Is it hazing if as part of the scavenger hunt, I require you to bring me the charter off of the wall of some sorority house? Probably so since that scavenger hunt is asking you to commit burglary and larceny. If I'm asking you to take a picture of the place the original chapter house stood twenty years ago? Probably not if you're asking state and local law enforcement.

If you're asking the FIPG, which is likely your chapter's liability insurance carrier, hazing is defined as:

Any*actions*taken*or*situation*created,*intentiona lly,*whether*on*or*off*fraternity*premises,*to*pro duce*or*that*
causes*mental*or*physical*discomfort,*embarrassmen t,*harassment,*or*ridicule.**Such*activities*may*i nclude*
but*are*not*limited*to*the*following:*use*of*alcoh ol;*paddling*in*any*form;*creation*of*excessive*fa tigue;*
physical*and*psychological*shocks;*quests,*treasur e*hunts,*scavenger*hunts,*road*trips*or*any*other*such*
activities*carried*on*outside*or*inside*of*the*con fines*of*the*chapter*house;*kidnappings,*whether*b y*pledges,*
associate/new*members*or*active*members;*wearing*of*public*a pparel*which*is*conspicuous*and*not*
normally*in*good*taste;*engaging*in*public*stunts* and*buffoonery;*morally*degrading*or*humiliating*g ames*
and*activities;*and*any*other*such*activities*that *are*not*consistent*with*academic*achievement,*fra ternal*law,*
ritual*or*policy,*or*the*regulations*and*policies* of*the*educational*institution,*or*applicable*stat e*law.
So if the FIPG includes scavenger hunts as against policy, then it's very likely against your organization's policy as well and thus, hazing in the opinions of one of the three groups which matter.
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