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Standing Up To Bullies As A Kid Prepared Me To Challenge Hazing as a NM & Initiate

I think there is a lot of confusion around hazing, partly because we (alumni and people who work in Greek Life) do a poor job defining it and because it's difficult to discuss openly given current fraternity/sorority policies and state laws and regulations.

The age-old question, "Is a scavenger hunt hazing?" should have an obvious answer, "no," but sometimes we get so concerned with where things may go that we cut them off at the source.

One thing I think contributes to legitimate hazing (humiliation, assault, battery, coercion, etc.) is hierarchy, and so this was written to reflect on my experiences standing up to bullies as a kid, knowing my worth as a new member and consistently asking the chapter to consider alternatives to treating our new members like house boys.

Feel free to share your thoughts:

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