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sorry, but i bet no one here is going to give you the answer you're looking for.

it TOTALLY depends on which school you're talking about. national sororities have lots of chapters at colleges across the country and internationally. each individual chapter, because it is on a different campus, might attract a different "type" of girl. for example, sorority ABC at Univ. of Michigan might be known as the richest, most beautiful girls on campus, and be super-exclusive, while the ABC chapter at UT could be known as the fat bookworms, and the chapter might not make cuts during rush. same national sorority, different chapters at different schools, and VERY different reputations.

you didn't tell us where you're going to college, but it won't take you long to figure out the answer for yourself once you're on campus. i'm sure any upperclass fraternity brother would be happy to give you the rundown on who's who among the sororities. you can use this secondhand info to get a basic idea of how the house is seen by the rest of the campus, but don't take others' opinions too seriously. guys are often misinformed about which type of girl gets into certain houses. you'll really have to see for yourself during rush.

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