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KKG at Santa Clara University?

Rumor has it that KKG is colonizing Santa Clara University next fall. Anyone know anything about this? Our Greek System has undergone major changes in the past two years, and this would be a huge victory for all SCU Greeks.

The Greek system was kicked off of campus last spring by the University President, but we have managed to survive without campus support, and due to the hard work and dedication of the GLO's here, membership numbers have actually nearly doubled.
As such, The two sororities here, Delta Gamma and Alpha Phi, are at around 160 girls each, and still, the sororities must turn away nearly 100 girls a year because they just can't take that many. Clearly there is room (and a need) for a third sorority, which is where Kappa supposedly comes in. Anybody know anything about this?

Just waiting and hoping...
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