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I didn't get my first choice. I got my second, but I can't imagine my life now as anything else. I met my maid of honor, two bridesmaids, and many other close friends through my sorority; these women were there for me through dealing with anxiety, falling in love, struggling with school my senior year, and my first job. They honestly are there for both my highs and lows. I could have easily shut down after not getting my first choice. I instead decided to give it my best, and you truly get out what you put in. I was able to hold an exec position and a couple of committee chair positions, met an amazing woman who became my little, and I'm able to give back as an alumnae now. I am so very proud to be a Pi Phi, and I don't know if I would have that same pride and experience if I would have been in another chapter on my campus - looking back, I definitely made the wrong choice in recruitment. I chose for silly, 19 year old reasons, and instead, got what I needed - somewhere where I was at home.
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