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Wash U's paper, Student Life, is historically not exactly 'Greek friendly'. While there are a few Greeks here and there who write for the paper (I know of one currently who is a DG...but she writes for the Sports Section) it's not too often it happens.

Also remember it's a student paper...since when does a student paper at ANY school ever have the facts 100% correct???

Not that I'm defending them (or my alma mater)...I'm just stating a point.

And yes, the silence rules have relaxed. If I have things correct, PNMs can talk to any sorority women about recruitment--but it must be 'Panhellenic' in nature (e.g. a sorority woman can tell a PNMs about certain social events like Formal and Semi-Formal, and tell a PNM about where their specific chapter had theirs--but they must also mention that each sorority has a Formal and a Semi-Formal as well). Before--PNMs could only really ask their Rho Chis (now called Gamma Chis) about Greek Life related matters.
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