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You do make some valid points (espicially about letting a man be a man. ). I guess I have problems with articles like this because they usually claim that we are "too busy" to take care of our man or want to always run things......and I just don't believe that is the majority of the cases....

To all:

In my relationship now, I do agree that sometimes you have to let a man win a battle, in order to win the war ...or in other words......COMPROMISE. However, this article makes it seem like that we as women are the only ones that must do that. Currently now, I attend grad school and work full-time, so yes, I am one of those women that is soo busy and unable to spend every available moment in my man's face. However, my man UNDERSTANDS that this is a temporary sacrifice. If anything, it has strengthened our relationship because the QUALITY time that we spend together is wonderful .

This article (and others like it) just feed into the black women "ball-busting, take no stuff, Shanaynay oh no you di' it, " stereotypes (which is the same stereotypes that most brothas use to justify why they do not date black women).

I don't know, maybe it just rubs my the wrong way.....I feel sometimes we as black women have the burden of the entire world on our shoulders and just can't win for losing. If its not one thing (sexism, racism, "good" hair, "bad" hair, light, dark, single moms, etc.), its another.

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is to try to please everyone."

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