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I'm probably in the minority but...

I don't think that the article is talking about catering to the black man. I had this same discussion with a friend of mine this weekend because we both have very outgoing and sucessful friends (both men and women) who are single and do not understand why. What I got from the article is that if we put the same passion into our relationships that we put into our education, civil activities, careers, etc. then somehow women will find a balance. My aunt once told me that no matter how much money you make, or how much education you have, you have to let a man be a man. That does not mean to let him walk all over you and to be submissive, but to understand and acknowledge that that is his role.

I also agree with Honeykiss that in this era there is a disproportionate amount of educated, successful black women to black men. The ratio sucks. But when we do find one (a good one I mean, not any 'ole joe of the street), we have to treat him like the strong black man we always preach about.

Just my honest opinion.
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