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The article was interesting to say the least. However, the reason why I am single is because I have not been out that much. I do not socialize like I should so. My lack of dating is my fault, not the man.

I disagree with your title. Black women do not scare off black men. Contrary to popular belief, our successful black men started dating white women because they cannot find a sister in their inner circle. Of course, we know this is a bunch of BS. Our black men who are not that successful date white women because of the slave mentality of yesteryear. The slave master used to rape the black women when his wife refuse to have sex with them. So in a sense the black men are trying to get back what was taking from them by using the white women.

I do not have problem with interracial relationship. Oh, let me rephrase that I do have a problem with interracial relationship when a black man who exclusively dates black women when he was not successful, then starts dating white women when he becomes successful. Those black men disgust me.
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