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So we still haven't moved past Moynihan. We're still not looking at the the rates of imprisonment, death, and denied access to health and education that systematically wipe out the "supply" of Black men. Instead we still prefer to blame Black women's personal behavior. We're still saying that Black women work too much, go to school too much, and take care of themselves too much, as if there has EVER been someone else to do these things for us. We're still ignoring the fact that Black women are doing what they have to do to take care of their children, because in most cases we are all they've got. Black women didn't wake up one morning and say "I don't need a man", they looked at centuries of history which told them that they didn't have the luxury of waiting for someone to support them.

Yes, there are certain Biblical standards and qualities about marriage and gender roles. And guess what? ALL RACES BREAK THEM. Black women are no further from the standard than any other women. Futhermore, I do take Paul's words to heart, but lets not forget that Proverbs 31 is about a wife who works her tail off to provide what her family needs!
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