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Hey Guys! I want to start a local sorority

Hi there! My name's Jess. I am someone who disaffiliated from a sorority as the organization was not what I thought it was. I am looking to create a new local sorority in my area as I joining this forum in order to find out more about how to do so.
The universities in my areas do not recognize sororities or fraternities so I need to figure out how to start one without the help of student advisors. We are also not looking to be affiliated nationally or internationally as that would make dues astronomical.
Please let me know if you have any suggestions <3
(The girls and I have already written up our constitution, bylaws, decided on dues, finalized rituals, etc. We're just wondering if there are any more forms we need to write up, if we need to be recognized by the province, etc.)
Thanks for your help!
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