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Originally Posted by ari115 View Post
Do sororities take into account your major when looking at GPA? I'm a sophomore biology major and I have to say the upper level math, chemistry & biology classes I'm taking are significantly harder than a lot of other majors. I have gotten ONE C on my transcript and I have 3.23. The rest are all A's and B's. I'm working really hard and I get good grades but I know my GPA is still mediocre.
I'm sorry, but this whole "I'm in a more difficult major than you" thing annoys me. I was an engineering major to start, and I realized that calculus wasn't something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I graduated with a Poli Sci degree with a focus on law. I wrote so many papers as an undergrad, including a 60-page study on politics, the media, and the effect that each has on each other. Meanwhile, I knew Engineering and Math majors who couldn't spell or write to save their life. But their GPA should be weighted more heavily because they're in a "difficult" major? Please.

I know that part of this is a product of high school students not being advised adequately and ending up in majors they were never meant to be in, but to argue that certain people should get a pass because of their major is ridiculous.
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