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Originally Posted by psusue View Post
Maybe this is kind of a far out idea but it kind of looks to me like a Phi Mu Delta badge converted into a Phi Mu Alpha one. Like they took out the middle stone and redid the enamel (it kind of looks to me, when you look close, that there is a small indent in the middle of the Sinfonia 'S' like where a jewel would be). No idea why they'd do all that and leave the delta intact, unless they tried to change it and it didn't go so well (i.e. they meant to add the little legs to make the delta into an 'A' and it failed).
interesting thought, but I kind of doubt it. I think there are some size differences, and you'd have to redo the whole outer triangle as well. Our badge has 18 stones, while the Phi Mu Delta badge has 15, so you can't just replace some pearls with garnets. And I agree with AOII Angel -- the Phi and the Mu Look different as well. Ours have no serifs.

Other idea was that maybe it was a brother of Phi Mu Alpha and Phi Mu Delta and he wanted to combine the two badges to represent both of his organizations. No idea if that would even be okay with either organization, but it does make for quite a unique piece.
That would not be okay with us. At all. As in

But again, it doesn't seem likely. Based on the inscription, this belonged to someone at the University of Washington. Phi Mu Delta has never had a chapter there -- they've only had a few western chapters period.

All that said, it's about as reasonable as any explanation I've been able to come up with.
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